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36 Caramel Honey Balayage Hair Ideas for 2022

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Blonde balayage is a hair coloring technique that works for any season and style. Caramel honey balayage, on the other hand, will appeal to those seeking a more modern and warm toned balayage. This balayage tone is one of the hairstyles to try in 2022, as it will perfectly fit your skin with warm undertones and if you have skin with cold undertones it will create a stunning contrast.

If you are looking for a more assertive, eye-catching, more modern balayage and you cannot give up blonde tones; This hairstyle, which you should definitely try, is totally awe-inspiring!

The caramel balayage examples we’ve assembled in 30 different haircuts and styles are sure to please. Here are 30 Caramel Honey Balayage Hair Ideas to get you started.

Perfect Mid-Length

There is no better choice of warmer tones and a modern blonde shade for your mid-length hair! We can’t think of a more attractive color than the balayage made with caramel honey color on your dark hair!


Caramel balayage hair in warm tones to match your light brown hair, exactly a bombshell!

Face Framing Extra Long

A modest amount of caramel honey balayage for extra-long hair is a great choice for women who don’t want to give up their naturalness. With this hair coloring, you will achieve a shimmering style without departing from your natural tones.

Warm Caramel Balayage

Caramel honey balayage, which focuses on the ends of your hair, provides a lovely look by emulating the ombre effect.

Honey Blonde Balayage

A balayage technique in a honey blonde color is perfect for lightening up brunette locks for a sun-kissed style that will make you stand out.

Honey Blonde Balayage

Caramel Honey Blonde Highlights

A sweet and light caramel honey blonde is perfect for those who want something a little different, but still natural-looking.

Caramel Honey Blonde Highlights

Chic One

Your warm-toned hair will match perfectly with warm-toned make-up, helping you achieve an unforgettable first look.

Caramel Blonde Balayage

This soft caramel balayage is perfect for lightening dark hair without making it too blonde.

Caramel Blonde Balayage

Soft Waves

Few hairstyles will showcase a beautiful hair color more stylishly than soft waves!

Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage

This is a great example of how balayage can take dark brown hair to a light, honey blonde shade.

Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage

For Mid-Ages

Caramel balayage hair color impresses with its perfect stance, creating a classy and noble haircut for middle-aged women.

Highlights At The End

One of the most beautiful hairstyles you can get without losing your hair’s natural tone is caramel- honey tones deepening towards the ends.

Caramel Honey Foilyage

Foilyage, which will add an elegant depth to your hair, is one of the wonderful versions of caramel honey color.

Caramel-Based Honey Color

This caramel honey-colored balayage, which is dominated by caramel tones, has warm tones that will warm the hearts of those who see it!

Honey Highlight Caramel Blonde

A delicious mix of honey and caramel highlights turned into one gorgeous balayage style.

Honey Highlight Caramel Blonde

Natural Roots

One of the trending methods is to leave your dark hair tones in your hair roots and gain depth.

Sun Kissed

The sun kissed style will be beautifully displayed with caramel honey balayage, which provides a natural look as if it has been lightened by the sun on a gorgeous beach in summer.

Caramel Copper Balayage

A gorgeous mix of deep copper and warm caramel gives this mane a beautiful autumnal vibe.

Caramel Copper Balayage

Trimmed Cut

The natural and voluminous effect is enhanced by trimming the ends of the hair; while caramel and honey tones shine.

Waves On Hair Ends

The waves created to the ends of the hair will add depth to the balayage effect and make your hair appear thicker and fuller!

On Brunette Base

If you want to add an exciting difference to your dark brown hair, blonde balayage in caramel and honey tones is a great choice!

Messy Bob

While your short hair in the bob cut reflects the modern hairstyle, caramel and honey color increase this modernity!

Natural Wavy

One of the most eye-catching tones for balayage is caramel honey, which is dominated by golden tones. This color is one of our favorites, since it will appeal to ladies of all ages.

Dreamy Long

Caramel honey-colored balayage applied to extra-long hair with bright pigments creates one of the most exquisite styles with the movement it adds to your hair.

Dark Balayage

Especially caramel honey balayage applied as face framing will be a remarkable change for women with long and dark hair.

Honey, Honey, Honey!

Outstanding blonde style has the magnificent honey color expresses the fascination of warm tones.

Curly Ends

With the warm tones of caramel honey hue, the curls you’ll generate on your hair ends, which will add a romantic ambiance to your hair, seem even more amazing. Hair curls, which are simple to achieve with a hair styler, create a simple but attractive look.

Face Framing Balayage

Face framing coloring is a hair coloring technique that has become increasingly popular in 2021. This stunning coloring appears to become more popularity in 2022 as well. The hair color is remarkable, thanks to the caramel honey balayage.

Perfect Shines

Honey and caramel colored balayage will add a perfect shine to your straight hair. This hairstyle can fit any style; specially when combined with a stylish blazer, it creates a great businesswoman style.

Dark Roots

The balayage process, which will add depth to your dark and thin hair, looks very modern in caramel and honey colors.

Natural Curly

Dimensional curly hair looks even more stylish thanks to caramel and honey colored balayage!


Big waves made to the hair make the hair look more voluminous; It will provide you with both a useful and stylish look.

Blondie Blonde

Caramel honey balayage, which is characterized by vibrant blonde tones, will give your style a new life.

Long Curtain Bangs

This hairstyle, which perfectly combines the curtain bang trend and the classy stance of balayage; a dreamy choice for young girls.

Wavy Bob

The large curls that shaped bob hair add volume and create a gorgeous hairstyle. Balayage in caramel and honey tones adds shine to your hair, creating an image that will not be forgotten by those who see it!


The hair that is parted in the middle makes the face look longer, creating a style that suits round-faced women very well! Also, honey and caramel balayage provides a fresh touch to this classic hairstyle.

If you’re looking for a way to update your hair, or just want to try something new, you might be considering a caramel honey balayage. This idea is perfect for light brown and blonde hair.

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