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30 Burgundy Hair Colors That Will Make You Fall In Love With Burgundy

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Ready to try dark colored hair? If you are tired of the classic blonde, auburn, ginger, brown tones and you are looking for something different, burgundy is the perfect alternative. Burgundy is a deep red, a noble color that is also called wine red. This color perfect blend of purple, red, blue and black tones. It is a cooler tone of red. With this hair color, you can achieve a classic or modern look.

Burgundy is also a color that complements a wide range of skin tones. It will be an outstanding and striking choice for you, whether you have dark or light skin tones. We’ve put together a list of great options for this hue that you may pair with great haircuts.

Burgundy Long Waves

This excellent color will complement your long wavy hair well if you want to enhance its strikingness even more.

Merlot Ends

You can use the noble merlot color in the perfect way, which is the result of a dark brown and purple blend, on the ends of your naturally dark hair.

Long Straight Burgundy

A noble touch to long straight hair is one of the best choices for women who want a difference.

Vibrant Mid-Length

One of the vibrant shades of Burgundy, this shade is also called red wine. It provides an eye-catching look for your medium length hair.

Merlot Lights

If you don’t want to go entirely burgundy with your hair, these highlights will enough. Burgundy sparkles dazzle for a feminine and confident look.

Cherry Burgundy

This gorgeous hair color, created with a blend of red and purple tones, enhances the beauty of your classic cut hair.

Natural Roots, Big Waves

Without touching your natural hair roots, you can colorize with the perfection of burgundy color. Remember that it is always better for your hair health not to have chemical treatment on your natural hair roots.

Burgundy Balayage

When compared to traditional blonde balayage, burgundy balayage has a more natural appearance. This is a fantastic way to give your black hair a different vibe.

Brown Blended

Red color mixed with rich brown tones creates a natural and noble color. Thanks to this color, no extra action is required to draw attention to your hair.

Cherry Highlights

The shine of the cherry tone, which appears with the dominating red hue, amazes.

Coiled Burgundy Pixie

For curly hair, a coiled pixie is a striking choice. With the color Burgundy, this excellent haircut offers an interesting and distinctive look.

Burgundy Curls

This wonderful color, which highlights the perfection of curly hair, is one of the best examples of dark red.

Cherry Burgundy on Bob

With the bangs, the modern bob cut provides a distinctive appearance. You may emphasize your current bob hairdo even more with the Burgundy hue.

Burgundy and Red Shades

You can get an unforgettable style by mixing your Burgundy hair with striking bright red tones. This color, which will suit especially white-skinned women, looks eye-catching.

Vibrant Burgundy Balayage

This balayage made with reddish-burgundy color will brighten your naturally soft wavy hair perfectly.

Purple Burgundy

For women who don’t want to give up their dark hair, the noble burgundy hue made with a very dark purple is a perfect option. The style, which incorporates both modern and nostalgic elements, shines brightly.

Burgundy Braids

While the high ponytail with braids is perfect on its own; creates an even more striking style with its burgundy color.

Chocolate Burgundy Ends

The combination of red and chocolate brown provides a natural-looking hairstyle. This hue, which gives your hair the appearance of having lightened spontaneously at the end of a relaxing beach day, is ideal for women who value naturalness.

Asymmetric Pixie

With its feminine attitude, the asymmetrical pixie cut is a stunning hairdo. It also goes well with the Burgundy color’s nobility.

Natural Highlights

Burgundy color, dominated by dark cherry tones, is a great alternative for women who prefer natural sparkles.

Natural Burgundy

This color tone, which shines especially under the sunlight, has the perfect stance for your dark hair preference.

Burgundy With Natural Dark Roots

You can have the wonderful stance of the burgundy color without losing your natural hair color tone. This coloring is a very nice choice to add a different vibe to your shortcut hair.

Burgundy Box Braids

Large box braids are one of the most eye-catching Afro braid styles. With the Burgundy hue, you can show off your braids to their full potential.

Half Up With Double Ponytail

A double ponytail can give your curly hair a sporty and energetic look. The burgundy color will help to brighten up this hairstyle.

Natural Chopped Bob

Natural chopped bob haircut with burgundy color is exactly an autumn hairstyle. If you want to attract attention with your hair in autumn, we definitely recommend this hairstyle.

Burgundy Cornrow Braids

The stylish look of cornrow braids goes a few steps further with the burgundy color.

Burgundy Pixie Bob

Inspired by both bob and pixie haircuts, this hairstyle looks enchanting with its purple-dominated burgundy.

Thin Burgundy Hair

Thin hair is often prejudiced for coloring processes. Your fine hair, on the other hand, is ideal for a burgundy hue. The rich burgundy color of this stunning hairstyle with bangs will amaze.

Dark Burgundy

The dark burgundy hair color looks exquisite with its perfect stance and nobility.

Fuchsia Balayage on Burgundy

Balayage in fuchsia over Burgundy looks modern, unique, and excellent. With your hairstyle, this youthful hue will wow.

Burgundy hair color would be an ideal choice for those looking for a unique looking hair color. You can make sure that it will look great on you with the help of these tips and tricks . If you want to be different from the other girls, give your hair color a burgundy hue.

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