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30 Easy And Simple Hairstyles For Girls

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Having perfect hairstyles is every girl’s dream. When we see most hairstyles, we are amazed, but then give up because of thinking that it is not easy. This list is prepared of perfect hairstyles that you can apply quite easily.

We’ve gathered a collection of hairstyles that you can use according to your mood; simple, easy, remarkable, and unique. These simple yet effective hairstyles are perfect for girls who don’t have time or expertise in styling their hair.

1. Less Braid, More Ribbon


Want to make a simple ponytail even more eye-catching? Gather your hair with a hair elastic, and twist the formed ponytail on itself for a twist. Tie it with the ribbon of your choice in color to match your outfits, and your perfect hairstyle is ready.

2. Easy Hairpins


You can differentiate your big waves by using hairpins, which have been very fashionable recently. It is one of the most simple hairstyles for girls but looks fantastic.

3. Floral Ponytail


Anyone can do a low ponytail because it is such a basic hairstyle. It takes a few little flowers to make this simple hairstyle even more striking. This elegant and romantic look was one of our favorites.

4. Cozy Bun


Your hair, which you collect with a scrunchie or hair elastics, create a cute hair bun, promising an easy, cozy, and sweet look.

5. High Braids


With multicolored hair extensions or hair tinsels, this trendy style, which you may achieve by braiding a high ponytail, can give you a distinctive and stunning look.

6. Hair Claw Style


Hair claws are one of the best hairpins for styling your hair simply and quickly. Bella Hadid’s hair claw updos, which we’ve seen in many posts recently, have gotten much attention. This hairdo is one of the easy hairstyles for girls rapidly gaining popularity.

7. Double Knots


With its cute and unique appeal, the double knot is a hairstyle that goes well with both romantic dresses and attractive crops. Part your hair in half, form an upward knot, and fix it with hairpins; your gorgeous style is ready!

8. Twisted Low Bun


This option will be one of your energetic style’s hairdos, as it is one of the easiest.

9. Waved Bob


A trendy bob cut is a great option if you are tired of managing your naturally wavy hair and haven’t enough time. One of the most critical things about effortless style, this haircut gives you a fresh appearance.

10. Loose Ponytail


You can turn this casual ponytail into a charmingly romantic hairstyle with a huge bow clip. This hairdo is quite stunning, especially when combined with vintage-style fluffy-skirted skirts.

11. Loose Waves


Hair stylers allow you to achieve a flawless and easy hairstyle in minutes without doing anything else. Because hair irons can cause heat damage to your hair, it’s good to use hair care oils for protection.

12. One Sided Braid Updo


You can combine the wide braid you will make on the favorite part of your face with a low bun at the back of your head for an easy updo that looks very elegant.

13. Half Up Half Down With Double Buns


This simple and cute hairdo will become your favorite; all you have to do is part your hair in the center, curl and fix a part of it. This Boho look is one of the most popular at summer festivals.

14. Crown Halo Braid Updo


After braiding your hair, fix it with bobby pins around your head for a stunning look. This lovely and romantic hairstyle is also perfect for weddings.

15. Mid Length Flip Out


After dying a striking color, you can have stunning hair even if you don’t style it. One of our favorites, you can achieve this sweet strawberry color by combing your hair outward while drying.

16. One Sided Wavy Bob


This eye-catching hairstyle will be enough to give your bob hair large waves; comb one side of your hair back and fix it with big stone hairpins. With this perfect look, you can attend to any special occasion, and it will only take a few minutes to do your hair.

17. Hairbands


Headbands are convenient accessories that you can use for an attractive style. The large waves you’ll give your hair and using a hairband will take a few minutes to get this look.

18. Half Up Half Down With Braids


You may achieve an effortless hairstyle with an attractive look by changing to the classic half up, half down hairdo. Braid part of your hair and let the other half fall freely down your shoulders to complete your exquisite style.

19. Twisted Half Up


Twist your hair without extra processing and fasten it with an elegant hairpin. That’s all it takes for a simple yet sleek look.

20. Multiple Hairpins


This fascinating hairstyle is effortless to achieve. Distribute it to waves using a volumizing mousse with your fingertips or a comb. Separate your hair deeply to one side and decorate it with multiple hairpins to get the fantastic look you’ve created.

21. Simple Lob


After the perfect coloring procedure suitable for your skin tone, the lob haircut, also known as the shoulder-length version of the bob cut, gives a beautiful hairstyle option that does not require additional processing.

22. Pixie Bob


A legendary simple hairstyle for girls with straight hair. It is known as the pixie bob because the hairstyle falls between a pixie cut and a bob cut. To be ready after this perfect haircut, all you have to do is get out of bed.

23. Volumed Updo


This perfect style is as simple to make as it looks great. Part some of the fronts of your hair, volumize the rest with a comb, and make a ponytail from above. Loosely braid the separated hair and attach it to the ponytail. Here’s your stunning hair, ready for any big occasion.

24. Voluminous Half Up


This unique style is one of the best options for busy girls. You can achieve this look by fluffing the top of your voluminous hair and gathering it.

25. Double Ponytail


A comb and two hair elastics are all you need for this energetic, fresh, and youthful look.

26. Bantu Knots


This hairstyle, which originates from the people of South Africa, is both unique and exciting because of its distinctive feature. Part your hair, twist, and fix it. Your simple yet attractive style is ready.

27. Little Braids


With little braids added in front of your hair, you may create a unique and simple style. Following the models on Instagram, we’ve recently seen various versions of this hairdo.

28. Low Bun With Scarf


To make a simple bun unique, you can use the scarf in a suitable color for your outfit as a hair accessory.

29. Boho Style Long Hair


Hailey Bieber’s hairstyle a few months ago has become incredibly popular. The hair, completed with two tiny braids after dividing your hair in the middle, is effortless and stylish.

30. Loose Braids


You can get a perfect and easy-to-make style by making a large and loose braid on one side of your wavy bob-cut hair and fixing it with hair spray.

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