30 Gorgeous Ponytail Hairstyles

The ponytail hairstyle is one of the joker hairstyles that can be used in a variety of contexts and events, including everyday life, the gym, business meetings, and so on.

Ponytail comes in a variety of forms. You can either develop your own look with little details or pick one of the perfect models from our list.

With a ponytail in the style that best suits your face and hair type, you’ll have a basic but attractive hairdo.

Do you like to put up your hair? If you do, you will love these 30 gorgeous ponytail hairstyles. They are all very different and will fit any taste or occasion.

Tight High And Braided

One of the ways to use Afro braids in a different but delightful way is this awesome hairstyle. An exquisite choice to reflect the strong spirit of self-confident women.

Romantic Ponytail

You can achieve eye-catching looks by completing this soft and romantic hairstyle with ribbons in soft tones.


Messy Blonde

Because of its natural volume, the messy ponytail makes your face appear smaller. You can use a scarf or ribbon to match this messy charming style.

Modern Style

Bringing a modern touch to the ponytail style, this model suits the honey blonde hair color very well. Once you have completed this perfect style, all you have to do is fix it with hairspray.


Mohawk Style Ponytail

Isn’t it fantastic to transform a ponytail hairstyle into a unique and rebellious look? With a ponytail, the free style of the mohawk looks great.

Voluminous Ponytail

The fluffy ponytail will make your face look longer thanks to the extra volume given to the top of your hair. It is a very cute and saving hairstyle, especially for women with full cheeks.


Low Curly Ponytail

A ponytail is one of the simplest ways to style your curly hair effortlessly.

Natural Curls

Natural curls are one of those hairstyles that look great but are difficult to cope with from time to time. Thanks to this hairstyle, you can restrain them and also have an attractive appearance. All you need is a hair tie, hairspray and a comb.


Textured And Voluminous

This voluminous and nostalgic style will suit your wedding day! The simple ponytail model can turn into a perfect bridal hairstyle.

Bubble Braid Ponytail

Bubble braids are one of the easy-to-make yet awesome-looking hairstyles that you can adapt to a style that is both sporty and chic. Create multiple bubbles with the rubber bands that you will use, and fix with hair spray.


Pastel Ponytail

You can use the ponytail style to emphasize pastel-colored hair.

Braided Ponytail

You can highlight the attractiveness of your face and have a dazzling beauty with your braids by gathering the entirely braided hair in the form of a ponytail.


Elegant Ponytail

As a complement to an elegant style, gather your hair tightly and spray it. Add romantic waves to your ponytail. So, your elegant, glamorous yet simple style is ready.

Braided Tiara Ponytail

By braiding your hair in the form of a crown, you can make a different touch to the ponytail style. We were amazed by this brilliant idea.


Candy Ponytail

How about a real Bratz or Barbie doll style? Bubble braids shaped with colorful hair elastics create a very cute look.

High Waved Ponytail

The ponytail model, tightly gathered from above, offers a striking look by adding stylish waves. High waved ponytail, will make your face look thinner and longer.


Cute Ponytail With Ribbon

Layered hair adds movement to the ponytail style. With the added side bangs and big ribbon, this style looks pretty cute.

Extra Long Ponytail

Extra long, extra stylish! If you want your long hair not to cover your face, but to reveal the beauty of your face, this hairstyle looks perfect!


Ponytail With Pearl

You can have an admirable style by decorating your ponytail hair with elegant pearls.

Braided Red Low Ponytail

Start by braiding your hair loosely in a French braid, braid it up to the nape, then gather it in a low ponytail style. Here is your effortless yet glamorous hairstyle ready.


Half Ponytail

You can achieve a fashionable look by half-updoing your ponytail. This hairstyle, which has recently been spotted on a number of celebrities, is both fashionable and simple to achieve!

Messy Pony In Autumn Colors

When you carry the impressive tones of autumn to your hair and complete it with a messy ponytail; You will look charming with your exquisite style.


Chic Pony With Bangs

High ponytail and cute bangs are a great duo!

Long Blonde Ponytail

The low ponytail, shaped with soft waves, looks stunning with blonde, as well as any color.


Long, Red And Voluminpus

Extra low ponytail made by adding volume will be one of the number one hairstyles in your special events!

Twisted Ponytail

You can take the low ponytail hairstyle much further by adding subtle twists to your hair.


Soft Ponytail With Side Bangs

After the ponytail is gathered with the hair elastic, it is hidden with the hair, creating a natural and impressive look.

Sleek And Low

Sleek low ponytail fascinates by fixing with hairspray, creating a radiant look.


Extra Blonde Ponytail

With the ponytail model, you may add a practical and lively style to your quite long hair.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail creates a unique hairstyle with the hair elastic hidden by the hair itself. Hair gathered from the extra top; a perfect alternative to reveal the beauty of your face.

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