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30 Cute Volleyball Hairstyles for Women

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Volleyball is one of the sports that women love to play. However, one of the things that women love the most is to be adorned and stylish! For sporty elegance, we have prepared a perfect list for choosing your favorite among beautiful and special hairstyles.

In our list, there are beautiful hairstyles in which women of all styles will feel comfortable while doing sports and will not compromise on their beauty.
Volleyball includes physical exercises such as jumping, stretching, and running, so you’ll want comfortable and attractive hairstyles. With various options ranging from braids to ponytails, you’ll feel comfortable with both fashionable and dynamic hairstyles.

Simple Ponytail With Scrunchie

We make forceful and strong moves while playing the sport. In these situations, a sturdy buckle is sometimes all that is required. Scrunchie will never make you think about your hair because of its durability and cuteness!


Sporty Ponytail For Curly Hair

Natural curly hair looks gorgeous with any hairstyle. For lucky women with this curly hair, different and braided ponytails are one of the best examples of sporty style.


Bubble Braids

If you’re wondering how to make a simple ponytail more fascinating, the answer is simple: bubble braids! You can customize your hair, which you will complete with rubber bands, either with your favorite colors or with colorful ones.


Pigtails Updo

Pigtails are one of the most dynamic hairstyles, suitable for a stylish and sporty look. The hair, which is formed into an updo following pigtail braids, is a simple alternative for volleyball players who do not want their hair to be uncomfortable.


Accessorized Thick Braids

An easy and thick braid made after a high ponytail creates a sporty and stylish look when decorated with metal rings and accessories.


Big Box Braids

Dynamic and sporty thick Afro braids are called big box braids by create a box-shaped appearance with squarely separated hair.


Gorgeous Locs

Gorgeous locs, which are much more than a hairstyle, present a lifestyle. The hairstyle, which suits active and free-spirited women who play volleyball, is also a reason for preference with its permanence.


Space Buns

The hairstyle, which is both comfortable and sporty, and easy, will lock eyes on you on the volleyball court.


Double Bubble

The hair that is separated from the middle gets a bubble form with the help of rubber bands. It’s that simple to make hair both stylish and unique!


Thick Bob Braids

Afro braids, which last for weeks, will come in handy for busy ladies who don’t have time to take care of their hair. With braids, a bob haircut appears incredibly trendy and elegant.


Ponytail With Braid

This hairdo, which is inspired by the Viking warrior women’s style, will be one of the volleyball court’s star looks.


Messy High Bun

Simple, practical, and fashionable. On the fields, the rapidly created messy bun will be your salvation.


Two Feed In Braids

A unique and useful hairdo is two-fed-in braids with colorful hair extensions. The haircut is suitable for women of all ages and will bring a fashionable touch to volleyball’s dynamic and lively ambiance.


Sporty Braids

Loosely braided hair is complemented by low-space buns, creating one of the best examples of sporty style.


Twisted Ponytail

Do you want to spice up your basic ponytail? That’s why there’s a twisted model! Volleyball’s free spirit is well-suited to the style you may achieve at home.


Blonde Braids

After using rubber bands to form the top of the hair into a bubble shape, the rest of the hair is braided thickly. With the gloss blonde color, these sporty braids look fantastic.


Crown Braids

Crown-shaped braids are stylish and sporty for women who would be uncomfortable with their hair coming in front of them. After braiding the hair, gather it up and fix it with bobby pins!


Low Thick Braids

Women with thick and a lot of hair find it difficult to style. It’s one of the last things you want during active movements, especially if you’re going to play sports, for your hair to get in front of you and cause discomfort. This hairstyle will keep your hair under control while also providing you with comfort when playing volleyball.


Goddess Braids With Baby hairs

Goddess braids on your hair give you a strong and rich style while also boosting your feminine attitude.


Half Up, Half Down

Effortless half up half down looks glamorous and sporty with your favorite color scrunchie.


Low Space buns

Messy gathered hair is a unique and straightforward option, particularly for women with straight hair.


Dutch Braids

Dutch braids, one of the most well-known and popular styles, are also ideal for sporty ladies. With its tight hair gathering and attractive attitude, it is one of our favorites.


Braided Low Bun

African braids are also great for volleyball hair, with their authentic and stylish look. You can use your braids any way you want, including a cute bun!


Knotless Braids

One of the most impressive techniques to deal with thick hair is knotless braids. Furthermore, you may use these chic braids in a ponytail, bun, or half-up, half-down style. Although creating these elegant braids takes a long time, the end result is well worth it.


Messy Braid & Ponytail Combo

Your natural and trendy look on the volleyball court will gain notice with your messy hairstyle!


High Braided Bun

Bun and African braids in different colors… It’s that simple to be the star of the volleyball court!


Volleyball Hair For Natural Curly Hair

A cute bun that will prevent your hair from getting in your way will provide you with all the comfort you need while playing volleyball.


Stylish Blonde Braids

The hairstyle, decorated with braids, is the pioneer of the modern volleyball style with its sporty and stylish look and the radiance of blonde tones.


Sporty Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are a beautiful and trendy hairdo that combines traditional African styling with a practical volleyball hairstyle.


Braided Half Up Half Down

The half-up, half-down hairstyle, with its movement created by braids, is far more stunning. The added benefit of comfort when playing volleyball is a bonus!


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