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Viking Hairstyles for Women

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


There are different opinions of viking hairstyles for women from the information you can find on the internet. However, most of them are concentrated on this one thing: Vikings had a unique way to style their hair. It was not only long but also braided and usually worn in a knot at the top of the head.

Following the success of the Vikings and The Last Kingdom television series, this
mysterious, wild, and charismatic pirate tribe gained a lot of attention. The hairstyles of strong female warriors, in particular, are remarkable.

There is a growing trend of women wearing the Viking hairstyle. Vikings are bold, adventurous and wild — and this extends to their hair too. Their hair can be braided or twisted on the sides and have a wild look to it.

Viking women are perhaps best known for being fierce warriors, for leading the Viking Age armies of Europe and Scandinavia, and for having a strikingly beautiful sense of fashion. I’m here to tell you though that their hair was every bit as unique as their hair fashion sense. If you’re looking to make your hair stand out this weekend my friends, then pay attention. I can show you a thing or two about Viking hairstyles. We’ve put up a list of 30 unique Viking-inspired hairstyles for you to try out.

High Messy Ponytail

Starting this strong look with a few braids will give you a more authentic look. Lagertha has this hairdo a lot in Vikings, and we love it!

Center Parted Half Up Half Down

Center parted hair is a great choice to frame your face and bring out your facial features. You can use that style with different ways such as half up half down, like viking women.

Triple High Braid

Braids can be used to transform simple hairstyles into something unique. Triple braids are one of the most popular options for this.


Messy Hair With Braids

This figure has all the wild, tangled hair and braids that come to mind when you think of a Viking woman.

One Side Shaved

How about combining the rebel style of the Vikings with the most popular color of recent times?

Messy Extra Long Braid

Using metallic accessories to decorate tangled and quite long braids creates a very historical and mysterious look.


Colorful Viking Hairstyle

You can get a more 2000s look by adding color to Viking’s rebel braids.

High Braids With Waves

By adding high braids to your hair, you may make your delicate waves romantic.

Red Waves With Rare Braids

A few braids in your red messy hair will give your casual look a Viking twist.


One Sided Low Ponytail

It is such a lovely model that you may want to use it on your wedding day.

Mohawk Style

With the Mohawk style hair braids combination, you’re ready to fight. You will have this rebellious hairstyle as a result of a small braid on the sides of your hair and a large braid on the top.

One Sided Waves

Effortless, simple, romantic. Their casual look with long hair, which is identified with Vikings women, may be a good choice for you.


Fluffy Hair With Thin Braids

The more you fluff the top of your hair, the more assertive and powerful style you will have is a good suggestion. It fits perfectly with this preference of Viking women.

One Side Shaved With Little Braids

You can add little braids to one side of the shaven model for a more genuine and medieval look. The warrior flair of the Viking women can be enhanced by your everyday rebel look.

Mid-Length Loose Waves

Medium-cut hair was a popular choice among viking women, though that was not always the case. Naturally, the Vikings, who did not forget to add little braids, enhanced their image in this way.


Big Waves

The forceful style is completed by big, long waves. This strong hairstyle is as much our favorite as it is for Viking ladies, regardless of whether they have thick or fine hair.

Cornrow Braided Updo

For careful Viking women, tidying up the rows of Cornrow braids with an updo that kept them out of sight was a convenient option.

Shaved Symbols

It is a fact that with this fascinating haircut, the eyes cannot be removed. Your scalp, covered with Viking symbols, is the most self-assured way to flaunt your rebellious attitude.


Braids With Accessories

Women in Viking times favored braids with metallic or decorative threads as one of their beautiful hair accessories.

Metallic Hearbands

Metallic headbands were chosen for casual hairstyles, whereas aristocratic and wealthy women wore gold headbands. This original hairstyle, which you may try today, is a great way to create a mysterious appearance.

Swept Back Curls

Swept back large curls reveal the beauty of your face, while curls indicate a more delicate style.


Long Thin Half Up Half Down

If your hair is thin, you will not be able to resist the gorgeous viking hairstyles! Metallic crowns are a great way to decorate this half-up, half-down look.

Half Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids with a half-cut look great with wavy hair. You can fluff your hair or keep it messy if you choose.

Extra Low Long Braid

With this hairstyle, you will not go to any trouble to achieve a romantic look.


High Braided Updo

Updos with a lot of volume are a noble choice. However, when it comes to viking hairstyles, don’t forget that they must be braided! This braided hairstyle is one of our favorites.

Big Dutch Braid

Large Dutch braids are combined with mini braids to complement the rebellious style.

Messy Updo Decorated With Tree Branches

At the period, Viking ladies used to get their jewels from nature. The Vikings finished their beautiful looks by combining the perfect aspects of nature with their fashions.


Massive High Braid

The bigger your braid, the greater the expressiveness of your style!

Tangled Half Braid

Tangled braid is half finished, revealing a different and impressive style.

Messy Hair With Side Braid

The messy, natural, rebellious look is of course complete with a side braid, revealing the Viking style.


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