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25 Skunk Stripe Hairstyles for Black Girls

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Skunk stripe hair is currently all over the media, but no one seems to understand what it implies. The newest color craze is this skunk hair trend, which is more than just a strong phrase. All of the hair color guidelines we’ve adhered to over the past ten years that emphasize a gentle and natural mix are abandoned by this dual-tone proclamation. 

Skunk hair is a vivid color-blocking of light and dark colors close to one another. All that you need to learn about the movement, including quirky and trendy inspiration, has been compiled by us in this article.

Changing your appearance into something more refined can be intimidating, but believe us when we say that you’ll need the newest color craze to drastically alter your hair’s style. This style will look astonishingly great on women with color, as it brings out and complement their skin complexion more!

Check out these skunk stripe hairstyles for black girls that you’ll undoubtedly adore! 

1. Platinum Skunk Stripe on Long Black Locs

A stunning set of Bali locs is what we have right here! The thing that makes this look so spectacular, aside from the long, luscious, and meticulous braiding technique, is the skunk stripe on the side of the head. The platinum stripe contrasts beautifully against the jet-black locs!

2. Bright Pink Skunk Stripe on Natural Curly Hair

What better way to embrace your natural hair than by putting this magnificent stripe of pink on your beautiful curls? The skunk pink stripe goes from the side to the front portion of the hair, making it noticeable even from a distance! This bright, hot pink shade goes well when juxtaposed with your tight coils.

3. Blonde Skunk Stripe on Red Curly Hair

This look we have right here might be one with eye-catching personas! This red, curly look is taken to the next level with a blonde skunk stripe from the front down to the middle. For sure, this look is going to be the talk of the town!

4. Strawberries and Chocolates Straight Skunk Stripe Look

The straight tresses are brought up to a higher level by using this frontal skunk stripe trendy technique. The brunette base brings out and complements the berry pink on the front portion beautifully. Such a look! Everyone would crave chocolate-covered strawberries with just one glance at this gorgeous look!

5. Frontal Pink Skunk Stripe on Crimped Long Hair

Crimped mermaid waves are one of the most sought-out trends in the hairstyling world. More so in this summer season as well. But why stop on the waves when you can even up your look with this reddish pink skunk stripe? Such a look you need to consider!

6. Copper Skunk Stripe on Dark Red Hair

This look we have right before you is a one-of-a-kind hairstyle with a lot of depth and dimension. That’s thanks to the skunk stripe goodness that is shown here that displays the perfect juxtaposition of colors that complement each other so well. With the bouncy waves and perfect styling, you have your look!

7. Side Skunk Stripe on Passion Twists

Want to bring your passion twists higher to the next level? Try out this side copper skunk stripe look! Upgrade your half-up hairstyle with a pop of color, such as the look we have right here. The colored twists look incredibly fabulous against the natural-colored base passion twists!

8. Pink and Light Brown Curly Skunk Stripe

Another strawberries-and-chocolate-inspired skunk stripe hairstyle is what we have right here. But this time, it is against messy curly hair! The luscious brown is an excellent base for this pastel skunk stripe look. Open the beach season with this look right here!

9. Blonde Frontal Skunk Stripe on Black Hair

The loosely wavy hairstyle we have right here might be the definition of beautiful contrast! These long locks are one of the looks you need to try this season! Unleash your inner Cruella DeVil with this skunk stripe look we have right here!

10. Skunk Stripe on Knotless Braids

Adorn your long, knotless braids with strands of this blonde skunk stripe! The edges on this particular hairstyle are also emphasized for a full-on fabulous look! If you try this look, your luscious long locks would be guaranteed an eye-catching vibe.

11. Two-toned Skunk Stripe

The skunk stripe hairstyle we have right here is achieved using two galaxy-themed colors in purple and blue. The stripe is placed beautifully in the side portion of the hair to showcase the look even better. Because why not go for one when you can choose two unique colors?

12. Sleek Half-up Half Down Skunk Stripe Hair

You cannot be any sleeker than this skunk stripe hairstyle we have right before your eyes! The brownish copper side skunk stripe is against a base of straight, black-colored locks, so we know that will ultimately stand out!

13. Brown Skunk Stripe Hair

The big, bouncy waves are personified on this brown skunk stripe look! The stunning waves help bring the brown-hued skunk stripe even more and even help frame the face better! In short an all-in-one look!

14. Blonde Skunk Stripe Peekaboo

When you turn around what initially looks to be your concrete hair to show a peek-a-boo opposing color below, you’ll be fooling everyone’s eyes wherever. Choose a half-and-half color scheme, with the more natural of the two hues on top and your bizarre contrary on the lower half.

15. Red Skunk Stripe

This trend will take off like lightning as celebrities have been spotted sporting such a remark in their tresses. This red-colored skunk stripe is the epitome of that! Change the white that has been bleached out for a splash of color to keep the design lively.

16. Skunk Stripe on Wavy Bob

What a look to sport on your short bob! This reddish-orange skunk stripe look is one fabulous way to adorn your bouncy, wavy bob! The big, face-framing waves are a fantastic base to complement the skunk stripe on the front portion of the hair.

17. Platinum Blonde Skunk Stripe on Half-u-Up Black Hair–aRXOwp-/

This stunning half-up skunk stripe hairstyle is made possible by dying the side portion of the hair this icy platinum blonde and letting the natural-colored hair flourish as a base. Upgrade your look to the next level by emphasizing the edges and styling it into this sleek half-up look!

18. Burgundy Skunk Stripe

Where do we even start with this burgundy skunk stripe look? I mean, it all looks just so flawless! From the smooth, bouncy waves to the emphasized edges and, of course, the stunning burgundy skunk stripe along the hair! Such an edgy and eye-catching look!

19. Golden Yellow Skunk Stripe

This pigtail-styled skunk stripe was achieved by dying your locks a beautiful golden yellow in the front portion of the hair. When styled like these pigtails, it will reveal the dazzling color of the stripe and is such a perfect style for any occasion!

20. Fiery Dimensional Skunk Stripe Look

You know what the adage says, go big or go home! That’s why we have here before you fiery red hair with a light orange skunk stripe on the sides. All that on natural, curly locks! The two hues add dimension to the whole look. Unleash your inner flame princess at once!

21. Baby Pink Chunky Skunk Stripe

Here we have a panel skunk stripe look that consists of these baby pink chunks! The dye placement is just so genius, and it instantly made our eyes get drawn over the look! What a look to sport on your hair!

22. Light Copper Skunk Stripe on Ginger Bob

This for sure is one way to sport a bob! The light copper against the ginger hair makes for a great, mesmerizing, dimensional look that looks fabulous on short tresses! The frontal stripe help frame the hair along the fluffy curtain bangs along the front!

23. Hot Pink Skunk Stripe

Get ready for your princess treatment and sport this hot pink skunk stripe hair on black locks! The brightly colored, funky stripe shows up beautifully against the pitch-black base and is one fantastic way to upgrade your straight hair!

24. Yellow Skunk Stripe on a Ponytail

We have here what might be the sleekest skunk stripe hairstyle of them all! This high, elegant ponytail shows a stripe of yellow down the sides, and it cannot be any edgier than this! The rest of the ponytail hair is braided down, and we are a fan!

25. Blue Skunk Stripe on Short Hair

The manner you wear skunk hair color is up to you. Just take this blue skunk stripe on short hair as a bold example. Anybody can recreate this style in their very own way. But remember to work with your natural hair and always keep it in mind.

And there you have it, dear folks! We hope you got enough inspiration for your next salon visit! Out of all these hairstyles, let us know which one you will rock on your hair!

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