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30 Pop Smoke Braid Hairstyle Ideas to Copy Now

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Recently, braids are again among the rising stars in a remarkable way. There are many styles of braids, one of the most striking of them is pop smoke braids. These gorgeous braids that are both protective and stylish were inspired by the distinct style of famous rapper Pop Smoke. Braids, which will suit everyone, create great looks by adapting to any hair type and style with ease. This cool style is formed by completing the hair that is divided into the middle with feed in braids.

Pop Smoke braids, one of the star styles of the 2020s, are frequently preferred by both women and men and are growing in popularity. Our list has been produced to inspire you with examples of Pop Smoke braids in 30 distinct haircuts and styles.

Stylish Pop Smoke

The hair, which is split in half in the middle, progresses in braids. Braids will be the most popular hairstyle for remarkable women, as the sleeker version of the classic pop smoke look.


Pop Smoke With Zigzag

Want to spice up the Pop Smoke look a little more? The look obtained by separating the hair in the form of Zigzag is much more professional and interesting!


Blondie Pop Smoke

Do you have a hairdo that doesn’t go well with blonde tones? No way!


Large Pop Smoke

Pop smoke braids are both incredibly trendy and quite easy to apply if you have difficulties styling your thick hair.


Red Ombre

The feminine attitude will be supported by red reflections, which will refresh your style! The hue, which has been adapted as ombre, will wonderfully complement your Pop Smoke braids.


Pop Smoke Braids For Little Girls

This is the perfect look for little girls! Pop smoke braids is one of the possibilities to consider if you’re seeking for a practical and beautiful models for little princesses.


Neat Braids

Neat braids create a great look with the help of professional hands! This rich and elaborate style will be a great choice for women who care about their appearance.


Fancy Style

Your fancy style will be finished by this Pop Smoke braids, which is embellished with metallic hair accessories; just looks perfect.


Designed Style

Extra angles equals more style! These curved braids take a long time to construct since they demand extra attention, but the end result is well worth it.



Stylish stitches, stylish look. You will fall under the spell of Pop Smoke braids with these awesome stitches.


Curvy Pop Smoke

With its distinctive appearance, curvy braided hair provides a style that will appeal to women of all ages.


8 Pop Smoke

This hairstyle, which is made with eight braids instead of the traditional four, is advised for ladies who have thicker and more frequent hair.


Copper Ombre

Copper tones are very lovely in ombre! Copper tones look well on all skin tones, which is a perfect way to make Pop Smoke braids even more fascinating.


For Older Ages

A great example that proves that this style suits women of all ages!


Box Pop Smoke

Classic box braids are combined with the Pop Smoke style to create this one-of-a-kind look.


Fine Braids

Don’t be hesitant to try Pop Smoke braids if you have fine hair. You should definitely take a look at this example, which shows that this style may also be used with fine braids.


Extra Long Braids

Your gorgeous look will be completed with extra long braids. You don’t need to have very long hair for this style; With hair extensions, you can get it both very easily and very quickly!


Half Up, Half Down

Pop Smoke braids don’t have to be in the same way all the time. This simple style will keep your hair out of your face’s way while also bringing out the attractiveness of your face.


Medium & Small

With medium and small braids, you may create extra large styles! For this amazing style, you’ll need to make a selection first, and then seek professional assistance!


Red Bombshell

Both stunning and eye-catching! Red Pop Smoke is on the must-try list.


Styled Baby Hair

The style, supported by shaped baby hair, creates even more professional looks.


Mommy-Daughter Combined

With Pop Smoke fashion, the mommy daughter combine looks fantastic. You’ll have a trendy and practical style with your daughter if you utilize distinctive and eye-catching braids.


Purple Sparkles

Purple sparkles are a delightful change to Pop Smoke braids!


Pink Smoke

Braided hair decorated with pink beads turns into a great style for your little princess!


Halo Style

A beautiful approach is to gather the braids towards the back of your head in a halo style. This style, which is both different and appealing to all ages, has become one of our favorites.


Bronze Ends

Who can say no to a stunning hairstyle that fits all seasons with bronze sparkles?


For Thick Hair

Thick hair creates a rich look by creating more distinctive braids.


Fire Smoke

These braids offer effortless beauty and are also suitable with the Pop Smoke look.


12 Strands For Pop Smoke

Pop Smoke braids, which are made in 12 strand versions after the 4 and 8 versions, are one of the bombshell styles of this year.


Medium Size Red

Medium size red Pop Smoke braids offer you more than what you are looking for! This cool, feminine and stylish look is for you.


If you are looking for a protective and stylish hairstyle, then you should definitely try Pop Smoke braids! This style is perfect for any hair type and can be adapted to any style. With our list of 30 Pop Smoke braid hairstyle ideas, you are sure to find the perfect look for you!

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