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30 Neon Green Hair Color Ideas to Stand Out

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


If you want to make a statement with your hair color, going neon green is a great way to do it. Neon green is an attention-grabbing color that will make you stand out from the crowd.

Whether you want to go all-out with a neon green hair color or add a few neon green highlights, there are many ways to wear this trend.

If you’re looking for some neon green hair color ideas, read on for some inspiration.

Neon Lime Green Hair

When it comes to green hair color, there are endless possibilities. You can go bold with a bright color, or opt for something more subtle. neon lime green is a great option if you’re looking for something that will really stand out.

Neon Green Pixie

This vibrant hue looks fantastic with this short haircut. It alludes to powerful and feminine vibes simultaneously with this pixie cut.

Neon Green Bob with Blue Ends

Try this neon green and neon blue color combination if you’re looking for something different. The bob cut makes this color combination appear stunning, and the two colors appear to be made for each other. It’ll appear as if you’ve dipped your hair in a brilliant blue pool.

Shaggy Cut with Neon Green Bangs  

E-girl hair color is all the rage right now, and this electrifying neon green look is a fabulous way to join in.

Multi-colored Neon  

If you want neon green hair but can’t resist adding multiple other bright colors, this style is for you! It starts with purple at the top of the hair, followed by bright pink and an intense blue in the middle, and of course, the show’s highlight, the striking neon green, ends. You’d be turning heads and necks while rocking this color.

Long Neon Green Hair with Neon Blue Highlights

To achieve this style, start by dying your hair a deep blue color. Then, streak the sides of your hair closest to your face neon green, and the streaks in front will stand out.

Mountain Dew Neon Hair

Everyone would be craving an ice-cold mountain dew drink while looking at this hair. Indeed a look for all ages!

Neon Green Curly Bob with Bangs

Combine your trendy, elegant bob with similarly modern hair color. Neon green hair color will look stunning on a light hair base and show off your carefree side!

Neon Green and Black Color Block on Long Hair

These hues are a blend of black and green. If you want to stick with your dark tones on your long hair but want a little something, this is your style.

Neon Green Baby Mullet

If a sweet and subtly strong vibe is what you’re going for, try these baby mullet look infused with this very striking neon green color.

Short Hair with Neon Green Color Block

Don’t want to go all out with neon green hair? With a stripe of vibrant colors, start tiny yet savvy. This will allow you to show off your bold nature while remaining in the secured zone.

Shaggy Neon Green with Pink Ends

Choose two colors, neon green, and neon pink, for this appearance, and dye the ends of your hair with the bright pink hue. Rock this color combo with a shaggy look. This is a design that most youngsters will appreciate.

Neon Green Ombre Lob

Try this approach if you want your hair to have three colors instead of just two: black near the top, a darker shade of green in the middle, and a brilliant neon green at the bottom. It may be challenging to execute the three colors, but the result is stunning.

Vertical Electric Half-Neon Green Half-Neon Blue

Another design that allows you to color one half of your head one color and the other half a different color is this one. Use neon green and neon blue as a color combo for this appearance. You will never be sorry you did it!

Split Neon Green and Purple Bob

Use equal neon green and purple parts to give your hair a unique look. You can use any shade of these two hues, but the two colors appear best together in many respects.

Medium Length Neon Green and Purple Color Block

These two colors work well together. Dye your hair a neon green color first, then add bright purple dashes throughout. People may need to wear a hat around you because you’ll have such a striking appearance!

Long Neon Green Hair

There are no terrible shades of green, so try dying your hair with the same shade of neon green all over. Sport your long straight hair with this color and exude attractiveness!

Neon Green Mullet

A very eye-catching appearance is what this look is going for. All elements seem to be working together perfectly- the layers, the neon green strikes, and the stunningly dark accents!

Neon Green Long Bob

An artistically colored long bob is the best way to show neon green hair hues. With this appearance, you’ll turn heads.

Fluorescent Neon Pixie

When rocked with a pixie cut, this neon green look is edgy and chic.

Long Wavy Neon Green Hair

This electric color is a bright, dramatic neon green tone that will catch your eye. This vibrant green color is a genuine head-turner, thanks to yellow highlights, dark details, and wavy texture.

Shaved Neon Green Mohawk

Are you the bold and daring type of woman? Try this look! And why stop there when you can dye it to a striking green and elevate the already daring look!

Medium Length Neon Green with Neon Blue Base

Don’t want either very short or long hair? Settle for this medium-length cut, and what better color combo should you choose other than this electrifying neon blue at the top and vivid neon green hair at the ends.

Neon Green and Yellow Combo on Short Hair

When you color part of your hair any shade of green and the remainder a bright yellow, it will be a stunning hairstyle. The combination of yellow and green streaks is gorgeous, especially this neon green tone.

Neon Green on Short Tight Curls

This is for all the curly babes out there. Choose this color to complement the tight curls and let your hair be bouncy and bright.

Neon Green Layered Bob

This color combo is already a bomb, but with this angled and layered bob? İt’s sending us to the moon!

Neon Green and Black on Twists

A stylish yet protective look that alludes to coolness and style.

Neon Green Bob with Bangs

A very Anna Wintour-inspired look is what we have here. With the electric neon green color added, it’s good to go on the high fashion cover!

Neon Green and Black 

This is a fantastic color combo. It transitions from dark to light. It is a lovely shade of green. It has a dramatic effect because of the green part at the top of the hair. A Billie Eilish green hair look.

Blonde to Neon Green Look

A blonde to green color combination is a lot of fun. It looks fantastic on women who have naturally light hair. You’ll need a talented stylist and a little patience,e and you’re all set to rock!

There’s never been a better moment to experiment with green hair than now, with a slew of high-quality neon green dyes on the market. You’ll see the wonders that life with bright green hair can bring.

Maintaining lustrous locks requires effort, but the rewards are incredible and always worth having!

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