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25 Jet Black Hair Color Ideas for Women

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


The classic color such as this jet black is one of the most repeated hair colors, mainly because there are quite a several women with black as their natural hair color. As a result of its intense pigment, jet black hair color is often underappreciated, possibly scaring away color novices.

The richest, darkest tone of black is featured in jet black hair. The much more popular and coveted hair color in the world is the ideal background for any hairdo you can imagine.

Below are some jet black hair color ideas for women for you to check out. Now scroll away!

1. Glossy Jet Black Hair

Showcase your gorgeous jet-black hair with this straight, long hairstyle. Have the people use your hair as a mirror because that’s how glossy this hairstyle is! You will surely be as attractive and prepared for the compliments! 

2. Half-Up Half-Down Jet Black Long Hair

Now, this is a half-up half-down hairstyle you need to covet immediately! As if the jet-black colored hair strands weren’t enough, the styling and the pronounced edges make the whole look more gorgeously stunning!

3. Wavy Long Jet Black Hair

Show off your fabulous waves along with the long, jet-black hair goodness with this look right here before you! The waves are so perfectly styled, enough to complement the dark-as-night color of the locks!

4. Straight Jet Black Hair with Edges

We can all agree on one thing. And that’s the fact that any hairstyle with edges makes it look from 100 to 1000! That’s the case with this hairstyle. The straight, jet-black hair is even upgraded with the addition of these stunning edges!

5. Long Straight Jet Black Hair

Someone might mistake you for being part of the Addams Family if you don this hairstyle! The lengthy, straight, jet-black hair goodness is perfect if you want that elegant, celebrity-approved hairstyle for your locks! 

6. Curly Jet Black Hair with Edges

If we have hairstyles for straight-haired women, for sure expect us to have hairstyles for curly-haired ladies as well. The messy curls on this look give it a lot more volume and dimension, which we all love to have on our hair!

7. Wavy Jet Black Hair with Middle Part

This dark-hued hairstyle is one thing that appears so stunningly gorgeous. It frames the face incredibly well, and the middle part also helps that cause! Try out these waves to obtain an immediate face-framing effect and give it more substance.

8. Jet Black Bob Cut

We have jet-black hairstyles for long-haired ladies. So, it’s expected that we have something for short-haired women, too. And we are here to deliver! Check out this jet-black, wavy bob cut! The lone braid also adds a nice touch to the whole look!

9. Jet Black Long Braids

Talk about beauty with a purpose! The refinement and the class that this look exudes are just so exceptional! These jet-black braids are a statement look, and let us not forget that this is a protective hairstyle for all curly-haired women!

10. Layered Straight Jet Black Hair

Achieve that doll-like appearance with this layered, jet-black look! Let’s talk about those layers, though! They are on fire! And they serve the purpose of bringing dimension to those dark-hued straight locks!

11. Textured Wavy Long Jet Black Hair

If you look closely, the textured cuts on this particular hairstyle took out the bulk from the look and made it more into a multi-dimensional jet-black hairstyle! Don’t even mention the waves in this look. All these details put together are fire!

12. Jet Black Hair on a Ponytail

The sleekness and class this edgy low ponytail give are so fascinatingly gorgeous. The jet-black-hued hair is put together into this look, and bouncy waves are added to the hairstyle. Peek at those edges, though! So fab! 

13. Lengthy Textured Straight Jet Black Hair

Now that’s the length we are talking about! The details on this hairstyle are such a fantastic thing to look at. The face-framing textured cuts on the front portion help bring out your face more, while the straight, jet-black colored strands serve as a great background for these!

14. Jet Black Hair on a Bun

We all know by this time what beauty jet-black hair gives but put it all up into a bun? That’s a gorgeous hairstyle to rock! This look deserves an award for this is so sleek and a genius way to style up your jet-black hued locks!

15. Wavy Medium-Length Jet Black Hair

We talked about long and short hairstyle looks, but we haven’t spoken about medium-length hairstyles yet. The waves on this specific jet-black hairstyle give the look substance and bring out the dark black hue more! And we are here to cover all scopes, so here you go!

16. Long Retro Style Jet Black Hair

Are you familiar with that pronounced bounce and wave? Probably you will be because this is a retro-inspired jet-black hairstyle! The waves for sure give a different dimension to the dark black-hued tresses.

17. Jet Black Updo

This look’s messy vibe is unique, thanks to the exposed panel money pieces in the front portion of the hair. This updo is perfect if you are looking for that messy but classy soul for your look.

18. Jet Black Hair with Summer Waves

The waves on this jet-black look give it a summery vibe which is ultimately perfect for this season. This look is also at an ideal length, so it is manageable and, at the same time, utterly stunning! Go dark for the summer because why not, right?

19. Jet Black Hair with Braid and Edges

This is what we meant when we said attention to detail and refinement! Where do we even start with this look? The long, jet-black hair is an excellent base for the lone fishtail braid on the side and the pinned-up hair up top. Those edges are fire, as well!

20. Layered Long Jet Black Hair

The layers on this specific hairstyle are definitely on another level! It has face-framing, wavy pieces up front, and the layers from the side throughout the back make it seem like the look is multi-dimensional.

21. Jet Black Hair with Curtain Bangs

What better way to don the classic jet-black color than this curtain bangs moment? The medium-length look is one of the fantastic ways to rock jet-black hair, and the curtain bangs add depth to the look and face-framing aspects!

22. Jet Black Hair with Silver Highlights

The silver highlights on this jet-black look give it a beautiful and mesmerizing contrast! The half-up hairdo is equally stunning as well, and we can guarantee you that once you don this look, you’d be a spectacle!

23. Long Tight Curly Jet Black Hair

The curl pattern on this look is so mesmerizing! The hairstyle gives us a wet look, tight-curled hair moment which we are all willing to gape at! The middle part and the length also serve as great details to this look!

24. Jet Black Pixie

If we have short hair, then for sure, we have a shorter version of that! Here we have a jet-black pixie cut that exudes such a different edge and class at the same time. There is a side-swept bangs moment going on as well as nape-length rogue pieces at the back. So very much in style! 

25. Jet Black Blunt Bob

You are deemed lucky if you have rich, natural-colored hair such as this! If you are not blessed with this dark-hued hair, then there are always hair dyes to help us! Indeed, this blunt bob cut is a perfect way to style your jet-black hair! 

And there you have it, beautiful ladies! We have shown you our compiled jet black hair ideas. We hope you got inspiration on how to do this classic hue. Let us know which of these styles you are going to wear!

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