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28 Most Feminine Pixie Cuts to Try in 2022

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


We’ve rounded up the most feminine pixie cuts to inspire your next chop. From classic crops to edgy undercuts, these short hairstyles will have you looking and feeling your best.

Pixie haircuts are an excellent option for women who want to experiment with shorter hair without making a drastic change. You can style them in various ways to create different looks, and they’re easy to maintain.

If you’re considering a pixie cut, look at these styles to help you decide which one is right for you.

1. Flowy Pixie Cut


This pixie-cut hairstyle that we have here is the look that will do wonders for you! Aside from the gorgeous balayage coating the hair, the look has flowy parts towards the front portion of the face. İt exudes femme energy, and we love it!

2. Short Pink Pixie Cut


İf this pixie cut doesn’t scream fatal feminine energy to you, then we don’t know what will! The gorgeous, cropped pixie has been dyed pink throughout. İn addition, we have stunning finger coils that bring the whole look together!

3. Full Platinum Pixie


When we say we are obsessed with this look, we mean it! Just one glance at this platinum hairstyle will surely make you regret your hair choices. The full-on shape of this pixie makes it suitable for women of any age.

4. Accessorized Pixie


Well, nothing makes a pixie or any other hairstyle more feminine than adorning it with fabulous hair accessories, such as in this photo. The already gorgeous pixie is taken up to another femme level by putting a lone gorgeous hairclip amongst the locks. So stunning!

5. Side-Swept Brown Pixie


This look we have right here is the epitome of a femme-fatal look! The soft brown hues covering the locks are a delight, and we cannot stop looking at this look! What a pixie hairstyle!

6. Cropped Blonde Pixie


The blonde locks are styled in this short, cropped manner and exude the right amount of femininity and edge that we all love! We cannot deny that blonde always feels right. More so, in this cropped pixie hairstyle that we have before you!

7. Pixie Cut with Bangs


Pair this look with a million-dollar smile, and you’d be set for good! The pixie hairstyle we have right here is achieved by dying the hair with this gorgeous blonde, and on top of that, we have the bangs draped over the look, which is suitable for added personality!

8. Side-Swept Pixie


As we all know, deep within every girl is a desire to go blonde. So why not answer that desire and have this stunning pixie hairstyle? Aside from the gorgeous hue, the tresses are swept to the side for that feminine look full of glam!

9. Jet-Black Pixie Cut


This pixie hairstyle is perfect if you are thinking of darkening your short hair! This look has the perfect balance of edginess and glam and is ideal for any event or occasion! Pair this with a bold makeup look, and you are good!

10. Brown Side-Swept Pixie


The look we have before you is perfect for women of all ages. Thanks to the brown hue encompassing this and the side-swept genius styling. İt also makes for an ultimately feminine look you need to covet!

11. Textured Pixie Cut


Thanks to this hairstyle’s lovely textures, the look is given a charming and feminine shade that you would undoubtedly love for your next significant hair adventure. Go and grab this look now! What are you waiting for?

12. Glossy Choppy Pixie


You can still slay a feminine pixie even with a dark tone! This look has a glossy texture which helps to draw the attention of onlookers. Add to that the choppy front parts, and you have a look that you will for sure adore!

13. Edgy Pixie


Who told you that you could not be edgy if you were donning a feminine look? By showing you this hairstyle, we are proving it otherwise! The femme energy oozes from this look, but alongside that, the edginess and the class!

14. Soft Pixie Cut


This is a look that will be perfect for any occasion and any time of the year. That’s due to the soft and subtle waves of the pixie. İt helps to bring out the light to the face and draws attention. Accessorize with some lovely necklace, and you’ll be set!

15. A-Line Pixie Cut


Every face shape can pull off this look. You need to find the right balance in your hair styling. Take, for example, this A-line pixie cut we have here before you. The shape of this cut makes our mouths water with amazement!

16. Natural Gray Pixie Cut


You will have a fantastic way to rock your natural locks by donning this look! Aside from being feminine, this look also adds charm and sweetness. You are in for a sweet treat with the added earrings and necklace as accessories!

17. Tinker Bell Pixie Cut


We’re sure you would want a fairytale-inspired look for your hair, so why not consider this Tinker Bell pixie cut? This look is characterized by the choppy cropped bangs that sit just above the eyebrows. Such a fab look!

18. Pixie with Side Bangs


This is a tribute to the emo-girl era we all had at least once in our hair life. This hairstyle is achieved by dying the hair with a dark hue, preferably a pitch-black one, and styling the bangs to the side. A look for the femme energy lookers!

19. Fine Pixie Cut


This look is for all the fine-haired women who fancy a feminine pixie for themselves! The fine texture of this look is a great launching pad for the stunning pixie hairstyle you see right here!

20. Brushed-Up Pixie


Feminine and cool can be used in one sentence, you know? And those are the perfect words to describe this hairstyle before you! With a blonde hair base, this pixie cut is brushed up to reveal further and highlight your facial features. Feminine and cool, indeed!

21. Platinum Blonde Cropped Pixie


Bring out the light in your eyes with this short, cropped pixie! With a platinum blonde color flowing through the strands, it is genuinely a delight you’d want to enjoy! This hairstyle might be one of the shortest on this list, but it is not the least attractive!

22. Side-Parted Pixie 


We all know what a middle part vibe gives off, but we cannot get enough of the classic side part, and we all know you can’t! This hairstyle is dark-toned, and the focal point of this look is the choppy pieces falling to the front. 

23. Retro Curly Pixie


Of course, we have a look for all the curly-haired beauties out there! This short pixie haircut is a shoutout to the retro 80s vibe, and going vintage is undoubtedly a way to go! The thing that makes our eyes spark is the gorgeous finger coils on the locks!

24. Pastel Lilac Pixie


We are with this look because who doesn’t adore a pastel-hued hairstyle? The femme energy the pastel lilac gives off perfectly juxtaposes the edgy and classy pixie haircut. Such a perfect combo!

25. Pixie with full Bangs


A beautiful haircut such as this look before you is vital to the composition of a flawless style. A pixie cut already gives off fatal feminine energy but add to these full-on bangs moments, and you’ll get a haircut you’d never want to skip!

26. Pixie with Copper Balayage 


Raise your hands for those who fancy a pixie cut with copper balayage highlights! This pixie hairstyle is perfect for any face shape and serves a feminine vibe we all want to covet! We are for sure raising our hands at the moment!

27. Cute Sandy Blonde Pixie


Now, this modern and youthful pixie look we have for you for a little variety. The sandy blonde hue is a good touch on top of excellent pixie styling. This is a hairstyle for your short pixie hair that you would not regret having!

28. Purple Full Pixie


And now, a hairstyle full of color and personality for the grand finale! The out-of-this-world pixie hairstyle is achieved by dying your hair this vibrant purple and styling your pixie into this full-on perfect shape. Go and get this look now!

And those, ladies and gentlemen, are the most feminine pixie cut ideas for you to take inspiration from. Don’t forget to let us know which of these you will do on your beautiful hair!

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