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28 Ear Length Bob Haircuts To Try This Season

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Since the dawn of time, the ear-length bob has revolutionized the fashion world. Despite its daunting appearance, this cropped hairstyle is a staple for a purpose. Going ear-length is instantly eye-catching and concentrates all emphasis on your face; also, there is far less hair to manage. Rest confident that ear-length bob haircuts are a stylish, simple, and adaptable style that will improve your appearance.

If you’re concerned that it won’t look good on your face, do not be. Regardless of your facial shape, it’s a cut that looks good on everyone.

We have come up with ear-length bob haircuts to try this season for you to take a look at. 

1. Tri-colored Ear-length Bob Cut


This look is perfect for women who have a fun and colorful personality. Through this look, you can reflect on your character. Just take a look at this bob’s stunning pink, blue and purple combination! Surely this is going to take your attention from one glance!

2. Layered Brown Bob


One look at this hairstyle, and you’d immediately know that this is the definition of edge and class! The brown hue on this ear-length bob cut gives a different and lighter vibe. The layered haircut also helps to bring out a gorgeous shape and texture!

3. Textured Bob Cut on Natural Hair


This season, a rich brown bob cut is ideal for you. You may jazz up your brunette hair by doing this. We adore the hair’s texture throughout to give it that stunning shape. Rest assured that this look is an eye-catcher!

4. Dark Brown Bob Cut


There are times when we desire something basic, like smooth, wavy hair for our hairstyle. This specific hairstyle makes it look like you have voluminous hair since it is only at ear’s length. Your hair would look bouncy and wavy with this gorgeous look!

5. Honey Blonde Bob Cut


This honey blonde bob cut is both bold and delicate at the same time. This is what makes them the most frequently chosen color. You need to use light-colored highlights and tiered layers in the back to provide aesthetic appeal and depth.

6. Ear-Length Angled Bob Cut


You know what they say; it’s all just about the angles! You won’t need to put in a lot of work in the early hours to appear presentable and get set for an efficient day ahead! This lovely combination of deep brown and an ear-length bob is elegant and stylish.

7. Ear-Length Bob with Side Bangs


Check out this adorable ear-length bob! A trendy cut is created by the gorgeous shape and side bangs. The layers on the cut are what gave us this stunning shape and this sleek vibe! The brown hue completes the aesthetic!

8. Micro Bangs on Angled Ear-Length Bob


Add micro bangs to the mix for more edge and sleekness on your ear-length bob cut! This makes the whole look more captivating. Preferable if you want a laid-back, at the same time edgy hairstyle to rock!

9. Side Swept Bob for Fine Hair


Lack of substance in the hair is a characteristic of fine hair. Using a part and styled haircuts is one of the most acceptable ways to make short bobs look fuller. This side-swept bob is one great example to look at for a subtle yet stunning look.

10. Ear-Length Bob with Big Curls


Despite the flux of straight bobs, curls also look fantastic in a bob. The key is to emphasize angles. The large curls in this particular style give the hair a fuller, thicker appearance. Now, who would not want volume, right?

11. Caramel Brown Bob


This caramel-colored bob cut is so luscious you can eat it straight away! In addition to the stunning color, the styling, and the cut made this look the definition of sophistication! Perfect for the summer is what this look is!

12. A-Line Bob Cut


Want something different but don’t want anything that will take a lot of work? Check out this adorable, low-maintenance blonde A-line bob! It’s the ideal balance of straightforward and fashionable, with straight blonde hair that starts at ear-length and is further angled to the chin!

13. Ear-Length Bob with Golden Highlights


The angled, straight cut and some vivid golden blonde highlights give the bob a very modern twist. We can say that this hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, may it be work or personal related! 

14. White Ear-Length Bob


If you are among women with naturally gray or white hair, this bob hairstyle would look good for you. It doesn’t mean that even though you don’t have melanin in your hair, you also won’t have a sense of style. This ear-length bob would be the perfect example of that!

15. Ear-Length Bob for Straight Hair


If you have fine, straight hair, cutting it shorter is ideal. Cut the hair near your face shorter for a layered effect to emphasize your features. Bobs perform exceptionally well in this case for people with more delicate hair.

16. Tousled Ear-Length Bob


This one is for you if you enjoy having your hair in a messy, tousled style. To add more volume, you might backcomb your waves at the bottom of your hair. You’ll look amazing in the end with this tousled bob!

17. Blonde and Black Bob


An ear-length bob is easy to maintain and is never out of style. And any woman, regardless of age, may wear it! Straight hair and a black-to-blonde ombre preserve the appearance of sleekness for the workplace. The impression is edgier with the additional black hair on the bottom!

18. Layered Chocolate Bob Cut


The best approach to adding depth to fine hair is through layers. The chocolate hue further enhances the entire lovely vibe! This bob haircut demonstrates how the components work harmoniously to keep the length while enhancing bounce.

19. Brushed Edgy Ear-Length Bob


We can guarantee that this hairdo is perfect for you if you enjoy an edgy and sleek look! With the aid of a brush and a blow dryer, create magnificent and elegant goodness in your hair. This hairstyle is perfect with the light brown color since it is stylish and gorgeous. The roots are darker, which helps to frame your face. 

20. Straight Bob on Black Hair


Black hair can be styled in a variety of ways with short bobs. Regardless of fabulous hair, you can change to shorter hair regardless of texture. You can achieve a fuller impression by keeping your hair to your ear and getting shorter as you approach closer to the nape.

21. Round Brown Bob


Aside from the color and length, the shape is what made us stare at this gorgeous, majestic bob! The added highlights also contribute to the look’s sophisticated vibe. You can never go wrong with brown. 

22. Ear-Length Bob for Curly Hair


If you have naturally curly hair, fret not because curls can also be styled beautifully with an ear-length bob! Let us all embrace nature’s gift, and we say rock that curls with confidence and glam!

23. Voluminous Bob


This cropped ear-length bob makes it seems like you have full, voluminous hair, and we all rave for it! The cutting style and a little teasing and parting also do the trick! 

24. Sleek Accessorized Ear-Length Bob


This ear-length bob looks like it came from the future. The added accessory ultimately even contributes to the chicness of the whole look! A very avant-garde, futuristic look is what we have here before you! 

25. Gray and Black Bob


With some color added, this bob cut looks fantastic. When applied to a base of black hair, the frosty, stunning gray stands out. This is an excellent method to wear your preferred color while remaining fashionable.

26. Mid-Parted Ear-Length Bob


With this short bob cut, you would undoubtedly wow everyone. The front pieces include jagged and sharp cuts that add to the sleek appearance. Give your hairstyle a distinct parting for a raw, sharp look.

27. Ear-Length French Bob


 In this particular look, we have an ear-length French bob, which is usually shorter than the typical chin-length bob we’ve seen recently. It is highly fashionable and sophisticated, and it has an edgy vibe to it.

28. Green and Black Ear-Length Bob 


An excellent approach to spice up your brown hair is to add a dash of color. Think of a gorgeous gradient from green to brown. Keep your tips brown and gradually dye them green as you get closer to the roots.

And there you have it, lovely folks! Ear length bob haircuts to try this season that you should not skip. We hope you got enough inspiration for your next salon trip. Let us know which one of these looks would you be willing to rock! 

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