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28 Enchanting Middle Part Ponytails to Discover Your Next Love

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


The middle-parted ponytail is a popular hairstyle among women because it is simple, beautiful, and trendy. This hairstyle, which is frequently seen on celebrities on the red carpet, is one of the most practical hairdos for women in everyday situations.

Furthermore, the thinning effect created by the hair divided in the middle will be an additional reason to choose!

Here are distinct middle-part ponytail hairstyles you can use anywhere, from the red carpet to the gym.

1. With Little Braids

Adding some braids makes the hairstyle more fun and stylish!


2. Gorgeous Black Style

One of the classic middle-part ponytail styles, this elegant hairstyle is widely used by black women and looks great on them. The hair always looks fashionable and sophisticated, especially with the long and thin side bangs.


2. Sleek Ponytail

Shiny and tight ponytails increase the feminine appearance when shaped with baby hair. When it is completed with bright and dark makeup, you will have an irresistible look!


3. Extra Romantic Low Ponytail

With minimal waves and a done ponytail, extra low creates a romantic style. We are confident that you will like using this hairstyle on special occasions, especially as wedding hair.


4. With Stylish Braids

Perfect styles on hair separated in the middle can be used to produce eye-catching styles. The ponytail with braids will win your admiration with its sporty and appealing appearance.


5. Cornrow Lines

Perfect hairstyles with a middle part can be used to create eye-catching looks. The ponytail with braids will capture your admiration with its sporty and charming style.


6. Fancy High Ponytail

On exceptional events, this bold and rich style will draw attention to you. Furthermore, you can replicate this look at home! Long side bangs are divided into two in the middle, making a face look thin and long, and it is also a reason for the preference for chubby cheeks.


7. Long Middle Part Ponytail

One ponytail style that works well with long hair is the middle parted ponytail. Our favorite hairstyle is one that, with its bright and tight stance, reveals the attractiveness of your face gracefully.


8. Simple Ponytail

You may enhance elegance by minimizing the work! This incredibly simple and effortless middle part ponytail is one of the living proofs.


9. Low And Wet Look

Wet-looking hair is especially common on the red carpet, with the different hairstyles that are frequently preferred by famous names. The shimmering wet look, which makes even the simplest hair shine brightly and strikingly, is perfectly harmonious with the middle part’s low ponytail.


10. Bronze And Braided

It’s beautiful to try long hair with a middle part ponytail, and it’s entirely different beauty to mix it with bronze and gorgeous braids!


11. Soft Ponytail

A middle part ponytail with thick side bangs in softly waved formation; creates a terrific look that adapts to you in any condition


12. Feminine Style

In the hairstyle, where only the long side bangs are separated in the middle, the rest of the hair is textured, and a backward ponytail is made. This feminine and voluminous look is especially perfect for middle-aged women.


13. Bubble Ponytail

If you want to give your middle-parted ponytail a different and interesting stance, how about trying the bubble ponytail? Bubble braids, both simple and spectacular, can be used in various styles, including sports, trendy, daily, and special occasions.


14. Long And Curly

Who doesn’t like their hair to be long and curly? The straightened top of the hair is divided into the middle, giving it an elegant and magnificent appearance.


15. Straight And Sleek Hair

In the form of a middle part ponytail, straight and black hair is at its most impressive version!


16. High And Messy

Symmetry and care are not required for a beautiful appearance! This messy middle part ponytail will prove otherwise to you.


17. Only Side Bangs Middle Part

Only the side bangs are separated from the middle, and it will take on a completely different style with simple bubbles. Bubbles can be made with rubber bands easily. It takes less time, and more style!


18. Low Ponytail

The low ponytail model, divided from the middle, looks simple and impressive with natural brown hair. You may add even more softness to the look by curling your long side bangs with a hair styler.


19. Honey Shades

Honey-colored hair complements honey-colored eyes perfectly. Hairstyles that are rich can help you show off this harmony even more. We strongly advise you to try this haircut on wavy hair!


20. For Short Hair

The middle part ponytail, which is one of the great options for women with short hair, is effortless, simple, and elegant.


21. High Brunette

Your natural brown hair will look great with this exquisite style! Extra high ponytails are especially recommended for women with round or square face shapes.


22. Voluminous Middle-Part Ponytail

This hairstyle, as well as any other, looks great with voluminous hair! If you’re looking for a stunning hairdo, this option will save you money and time because it can be done at home!


23. Braided Ponytail

Braiding tightly gathered hair with a ponytail parted in the middle is also a stylish alternative. Dark eye makeup to bring attention to your eyes, especially on women with colored eyes, will be fascinating.


24. Short And Wavy High Ponytail

Having short hair is not a disadvantage for the ponytail! There is no more attractive way to show off your curls!


25. Textured Ponytail with Short Side Bangs

Starting at the level of your eyes, layered cut side bangs cascade down your face. The low ponytail beautifully completes the hairstyle, which attracts attention to your eyes thanks to chic bangs.


26. Ponytail with Blonde Highlights

Blonde glitter will add even more glitz to this classic and attractive model.


27. Dark And Straight

The bangs that extend up to the chin will give your face a pleasant form. Try it with a middle-part ponytail on your long and dark hair; you will love it.


28. 60s Vibes

The 60s’ fluffy and middle-part ponytails return in 2022, and you’ll love them! This is also a fantastic option for medium hairstyles.


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