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30 Box Braids with Beads to Try In 2022 

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


African braids have become one of the most popular hairstyles in recent years. The ease of use and beauty of box braid, on the other hand, is admired by all who see it.

When hair beads are added to this useful and attractive style, it takes on a more sophisticated and classy vibe. 

The beads are picked entirely according to your taste and to show your individuality, whether you choose your favorite color or the color that best matches your outfit. 

We have different styles of gorgeous box braids with beads on our list for you to choose from.

Small Box Braids with Beads  

Small size braids that will make fine hair look more voluminous are complemented with beads, giving a trendy and fresh look for women with fine hair.

Beaded Updo 

Beaded braids are sure to catch your interest; have a look at this gorgeous updo! It’s a pretty tough style to resist.

Striking Red Braids with Beads  

The red hair’s stunning and feminine stance elevates the beaded box braid style to greater levels.

Silver Braids 

You will be amazed by the silver glitter beads that will provide a perfect contrast with your dark hair braids!

Long And Big Boxes 

If you can’t give up on long hair, one of the styles that long hair suits best is beaded box braids.

Beaded Bob 

Hair braided in a modern bob style will swing majestically over your shoulders!

For Little Girls 

The transparent colored beads will effortlessly blend nicely with any school outfit for little girls.

X-Large Box Braids with Beads 

Extra large parted hair will win your heart with its shorter braiding time and different appearance. Also, the white beads added to the dark hair create an interesting contrast.

Beaded Butt Length Braids 

Combining your hair with red reflections with natural tones such as wood beads creates a  complementary look.

Teen Braids 

Young girls will feel confident with these exquisite beaded braids during one of the periods when looking good is most important!

Traditional Look 

If you want a more traditional and whole look, hair shawls decorated with cultural patterns; It will add a sophisticated touch to your style with the traditional tying method.

One Sided Beaded Braids 

Box braids look great when adorned with beads, and awe-inspiring when used in a one-sided style!

Gorgeous Pink Box Braids 

A style you can’t get enough of is created when vibrant and gorgeously pink colored box braids are embellished with shiny silver beads.

Beaded Bangs 

Hair braided in the form of bangs and beads will emphasize the beauty of your face in a very stylish way!

Half And Half Colors 

Half and half coloring, which is perhaps the most modern and striking hair coloring process, can be applied to the box braid style very easily thanks to the colorful hair extensions.

Red Ombre For Spring Break Style 

For young girls, a fascinating red ombre with beaded box braids is the perfect hairdo suggestion for spring break!

Asymmetric Cut 

Beauty does not always require symmetry. Your braids, which are adorned with asymmetrical haircuts and beads, will announce a distinct and stunning look!

Vibrant Red Beaded Braids 

The vibrant red color, which contrasts beautifully with the darker skin tone, draws attention to the hair, necessitating a high level of skill during the production process.

Fuchsia Box Braids 

This hairstyle looks great with box braids and can be achieved without using chemicals by using fuchsia hair extensions.

Big Box Braids With Red Curly Ends 

This hairstyle, which includes pieces from different styles, includes goddess, box, and beaded braid styles. Just looks great…

Red & Brunette Braids 

These two assertive colors meet in one style. Moreover, this style is very assertive on its own!

Green Neon Beads 

This alternative glows with neon green beads and is perfect for women who prefer to try new styles and make bold decisions.

Jumbo Box Braids With Beads 

Hair adorned with small beads in contrast to jumbo braids will be a very useful and stylish alternative for women with thick and dense hair.

Colorful Beads 

Why would you limit yourself to a single color? Here are the hair beads that create a colorful and eye-catching look.

Burnt Orange  

Burnt orange, one of the most remarkable examples of recent times, is definitely one of our recommendations in beaded box braid style. Look at that modern and unique look with these orange braids

Chic Ponytail 

The ponytail, which is even left with bangs from the braids, offers both a sporty and stylish look.

One Sided Red Braids 

While the one-sided red braids stylishly reveal your favorite part of your face, the beads catch the eye.

For Little Kids 

Awesome braids decorated with beads look great on little kids! You can create a favorite look for your child with the beads selected from their favorite colors.

Shiny Blonde 

Luminous blonde, box braids, beads. What else could you need for a perfect style?

Large Size Box Braids With Beads 

When finished with clear beads, large braids hint at how stunning the traditional style can be.

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