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30 Butterfly Braids Hairstyles You’ll Fall In Love With

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Generally, there are three styles referred to as Butterfly Braids. One of them, the more traditional butterfly braid, is completed with the braids starting from both sides of your head meeting in a single braid at the neck or chic updo.

Another is the perfect African braiding technique, which creates a real butterfly shape with your hair on your scalp.

The last one is the name given to the hair that is stress-free with the loc style.

The look, which you can add even more spice with hair extensions, is almost essential for an admirable look. You should also note that this great-looking style is also one of the protective hairstyles! In addition, the feed-in method comes to mind when it comes to butterfly braiding.

In this list, you’ll find butterfly braids examples of all three types, so you can pick the one that’s best for you. Here are 30 hairstyles with butterfly braids that you’ll adore.

1. Butterfly Box Braids


The bob hairstyle is trendy and practical, and it looks great with the butterfly braid’s gorgeous vibe.

2. Butterfly-Shaped Braids


The precise and skillful African braiding technique will reflect the butterfly shape wonderfully on your head!

3. Butterfly On Forehead


The butterfly braid stretches elegantly on your forehead and will be the stylish savior of women with open foreheads!

4. Distress Red Sparkles


The braided hair is formed neatly in distress using the feed-in technique. Red sparkles on dark hair offer a feminine touch while making the style stand out.

5. Butterfly, All Over


Butterflies covering all parts of your head will be the number one element of a dynamic and sporty style!

6. Adorned Butterfly


Your hair, strengthened with hair extensions, will wrap around your head and form a halo of the braid. This romantic style; creates a dreamy look when decorated with hair accessories and flowers.

7. Half Up Space Buns


With its fresh and dynamic style, it’s impossible to go unnoticed! Space buns will allow you to create a distinctive look because they are both nostalgic and uncommon.

8. Low Braided Ponytail


Check out this perfect butterfly braid example if you like the ponytail look but want to add some excitement.

9. Butterfly Locs


The hair extensions provide the locs, which are created without stress, a more rich look. It will be an excellent choice for ease of use and aesthetics in the mid-length size.

10. A Romantic Updo


This romantic style will be a terrific choice for you on your special days, with braids starting from the sides of the head and meeting in an attractive updo.

11. Half Updo With Butterfly Locs


This look, which you can achieve with your long and voluminous hair, is one of the most sporty and casual chic options of the butterfly loc style.

12. With Blonde Extensions


A blonde hair extension complements the butterfly form created by your natural and dark hair, creating a stunning look by combining the contrast of dark and blonde with the shape of a butterfly.

13. Fluffy Butterfly Updo


The fluffier, the more spectacular! A flawless updo with butterfly braids will appeal to women who enjoy flashing their hair.

14. Butterfly Braid For Little Girls


This hairstyle, which little girls will love, will become an indispensable style, especially when decorated with colorful hair extensions.

15. Fluffy Butterfly Ponytail


The hair that achieves extra volume and thickness will complete your attractive look in butterfly braid style thanks to hair extensions that will overlap with your natural hair.

16. Knotless Butterfly For Mid-Aged Women


For middle-aged women to give a fresh and youthful look to their styles, you can choose the butterfly braid style! These professional braids will suit you very well and draw attention to you with admires.

17. High Butterfly Braid Ponytail


Butterfly braids have a loose shape and butterfly-like knuckles that add interest to a regular ponytail style.

18. Box Butterfly Locs


When the box-parted hair is completed with butterfly locs, the style that will make you smile will be prepared!

19. Back Butterfly


The butterfly, created on the back of the head with braids and rubber bands, is for women seeking distinctive and creative styles; it is an ageless and flamboyant option for petite princesses.

20. Jumbo Butterfly


This remarkable style offers a jumbo style in jumbo size!

21. Butterfly Braided Updo


When combined with a classy updo, African braids in the shape of a butterfly offer a look that is both sporty and eye-catching.

22. Thick Size Blue Butterfly Braids


The distinctive blue color, along with the style of the butterfly braids, makes a hairdo that draws attention and admiration.

23. Triangle Butterfly Braids


Butterfly braids have an even more unique aesthetic when the hair is separated into triangles before braiding. Allow experienced hairstylists to create this stunning haircut; you will adore the result.

24. Multiple Butterflies


There are several butterflies, not just one! This option will provide a beautiful look and ease of use for ladies with thick hair. However, we must underline that this braid style requires the assistance of a skilled stylist.

25. Small Size Knotless Braids


If your hair is thin and you don’t want to use hair extensions, don’t worry; butterfly braids can still be used for you. With small-size braids, your hair will look much more than they are.

26. Butterflies, Above Of The Head


What could be more fascinating than a butterfly flying directly above your head? This style is excellent for women who aren’t afraid to try new things.

27. Bronze To Dark


Braid dazzling golden towards your forehead; your dark natural hair color is the remaining color. With this unique style, you can make your ombre with butterfly braids.

28. Single And Classy Butterfly Ponytail


This ponytail is far from ordinary and incredibly classy, thanks to the classic loose braiding style of butterfly braids!

29. Bronze Butterfly Locs


Bronze, one of the brightest colors of the Butterfly loc style, will shine in sweet harmony with your perfect skin color!

30. Thick Locs


Even if you don’t have thick hair, hair extensions in the type closest to your hair can give you ideal voluminous butterfly locks.

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