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30 Stunning Soft Locs Hairstyle Ideas

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


Soft loc is an excellent hairstyle with many advantages besides its gorgeous appearance. Soft locs, which are both very trendy and remarkable looks recently, have been compiled for you like different hairstyles in our list.

What are the advantages of soft locs?

First and foremost, it takes far less time to create than other loc styles is a huge bonus, especially for busy ladies.

Thanks to their soft structure, you can easily shape and use them in more than one style.

Due to its distress structure creates a hairstyle that you can use comfortably without weighing on your scalp.

How long can the soft loc style be used?

With proper care, it can be used for 2 to 4 months.

Are soft locs hairstyles protective?

Yes, it also does a fantastic job of protecting your hair! Locs, formed by wrapping your natural hair, provide your hair with the break it needs.

1. Ginger Soft Locs

A perfect style is achieved when the soft and eye-catching structure of the soft loc style is paired with an eye-catching hue similar to itself. Ginger color has a stunning appeal and will match your strong style perfectly.

2. One Sided Beauty

With soft locs, you’ll be able to achieve the great style you’ve always desired in no time. One-sided,a simple and casual style, will become one of your signature styles.

3. Half Up Space Buns

Sporty, eye-catching, and unique. One of the most dynamic styles you can get is half up, half down style soft locs completed as space buns.

4. Mid-Parted Soft Locs

Your long hair, parted in the middle, will elongate your face and add to the thinning effect. One of the best hairstyles for round-faced women, mid-parted soft locs, has become one of our favorites.

5. Boho Style

With Boho-style locs, you can reflect your Bohemian style most stylishly. Moreover, you will get more complicated and striking with the accessories you choose.

6. Soft Locs Ombre

Ombre is one of the most popular hairs coloring treatments, and it goes with any haircut. Every woman’s desire for shiny hair increases as the summer months approach. So, soft loc ombre is a unique and fashionable option.

7. Box Soft Locs

Hair that has been box-parted makes a perfect foundation for a soft loc style. Even in its most basic version, the style, achieved by separating the tufts of hair into a square shape, intrigues.

8. Red Ponytail With Soft Locs

You must try the perfect duo with a fascinating red tone and exquisite soft loc style, especially as a ponytail style!

9. Long Soft Locs

This stylish soft loc style, which will easily fit into every style, will be a perfect option for women who like to use both sporty and stylish styles together.

10. Soft Loc Updo

Because these locs are soft, shaping them will be a joy. With the updo hairstyle, your soft loc style, where you may create unique looks by giving it the form you want, also fascinates.

11. Half Up Half Down Soft Locs For Thick Hair

You can have soft loc style hair that is both soft and stylish without shaping if you have trouble dealing with thick hair.

12. Extra Long Soft Locs

Extra long soft locs offer different styles. This bold look will be the right choice for women who like to style their hair differently.

13. Curly Hair With Soft Locs

Curly hair is one of the best hair types for the soft locs style! The integrated appearance has become a new style proposal for ladies of all ages.

14. Soft Faux Locs

This hairstyle is sure to bring a smile to your face. Long and soft faux locs will give you the style you want, both comfortable and fashionable.

15. Distressed Locs

Distressed locs for more voluminous and cool looks are one of the best examples of soft loc style.

16. Double Ponytails With Soft Locs

With the double ponytail, you can get a nostalgic and charming look. The look, which integrates with the soft locs style, is unique.

17. Pink Locs For Little Girls

Soft loc will be a hairstyle that little girls will be comfortable with. When favorite color hair extensions such as pink are added to this silky locs, cutie style will be ready!

18. Ponytail With Soft Loc Bangs

You can also add a stylish bang to the ponytail you have shaped in a soft loc style.

19. Unique Style With Soft Locs

Your unique style is achieved with soft locs shaped from thin to thick. Your hair, which you can style with hair extensions consisting of your favorite colors, will create a unique look.

20. Bronze Soft Locs

You can give your hair a noble glow by using the bronze color. One of the most stunning soft loc applications is the appearance achieved with faux loc without adding a chemical treatment to dark hair.

21. Stylish Ponytail

You can style the hair that has been shaped with the soft loc style, but the ponytail is one of the most perfect.

22. Blonde Pops

Soft loc style dazzles on dark hair where blonde shimmer loc lines suddenly pop.

23. Finger-Waved Baby Hairs

Adding the finger waved baby hair option to your style, which is both nostalgic and the trend of recent times will elevate your soft loc look.

24. Fuchsia Soft Locs

One of the most excellent advantages of the soft loc style is applying it in the color you want! Fuchsia color looks quite remarkable in soft loc style.

25. Gorgeous High Half Updo

This hairstyle is not to be missed if you are a bold woman with an assertive style who does not shy away from attracting attention.

26. Soft Fancy Locs For Kids

Because of their structure, soft locs are easy to shape. You may do whatever you want with your little princess’s hair, giving it the form she wants.

27. Sporty Ponytail

Young girls with a sporty style can perfectly complement their dynamic looks with a soft loc style.

28. Half And Half Coloring

Why not both if you can’t decide whether it’s dark or blonde? You will love this trend coloring process with a soft loc hairstyle!

29. Long Soft Locs For Stylish Look

This style is unbeatable if you want to seem like a model straight from the cover of a magazine.

30. One Sided Updo

Are you ready to turn heads with a stylish look while elegantly covering your broad forehead? Here it is a soft loc with one sided updo.

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