30 Wedding Hairstyles to Spruce Up Your Special Day

Summer is the season for weddings! You had imagined a summer wedding. But have you considered a hairdo that would be suitable for this sultry day? Here are 30 hairstyles that inspire you while you plan your wedding look.

Messy Low Chignon

Both elegant and natural, are the words that come to mind while thinking of this hairstyle. This fashionable style, which will be the first choice of small-faced brides, is also resistant to the humid hot summers.

Hollywood Waves

Why not try something a little more retro? It is very natural for you to want to feel like a star on your special day. It’s one thing to feel like a star, but it’s quite another to feel like a glamorous Hollywood one!


Romantic Updo With Roses

The look of hair covered with flowers is quite lovely and elegant. Although, Rose is a beautiful flower choice when you want to be elegant.

Half Up Half Down Waves

With the help of expert hands, this casual hairstyle can be transformed into a stunning bridal hairdo. When hair accessories are used at your request, it becomes a very fashionable option.


Boho Braids

This style, which has Bohemian and Hippie influences, offers stunning bridal braids.

Classic Low Updo With Accessories

If you believe that classic is always elegant, then this model is for you. You can use this style simple or with any hair accessory you want.


Ultra Low Updo

It’s a particularly useful hairdo for brides with short hair. You don’t need long hair to make a messy bun; with this model gathered beneath your neck, you may make any bun you desire.

Ballerina Bun With Pearl Touch

Two exquisite choices are combined. The ballerina bun, like pearls, is always a must-have for women! This one will offer you an appearance that you will love on your wedding day.


High Volume Updo

For fine hair, high volume styles are a terrific option. The height of your bun should be adjusted to fit the form of your face.

Updo With Colorful Flower Crown

What could be more lovely than wearing a bouquet of multicolored flowers on your head?


Bridal Bob

Short hair is no longer considered unsuitable for a wedding, according to popular opinion. The modernity of the Bob cut can be carried over to your wedding day.

Red Waves With Floral Hairpins

The vivid red hair, along with the right flowery hair item, creates a stunning bridal hairstyle.


Voluminous Waves With Shiny Accessories

This hairdo, which has been around for a long time, is here to stay. This is a bold and stylish pick.

Efortless Elegant Ponytail

Ponytail hair isn’t going to leave you alone on your wedding day! You have a great model without spending hours in the hairdresser’s chair when it’s finished with a hair accessory.


Natural Curls With Flowers

Natural curly hair is a divine gift. You can also use it on your wedding day by combining your gorgeous natural hair with bright hair accessories.

Classic Curls

This style, which is ideal for long, thick hair, will look fantastic on your wedding day with or without any accessories.


Sparkled Ponytail

The ponytail is elevated from everyday to elegant with the addition of a few shining hairpins.

Tied Velvet Ribbon

Velvet ribbon is a fashionable finishing touch that is frequently seen in textiles. How would you like your hair to reflect this elegance? It provides the bride’s hair a really unique and adorable look.


High Updo

The most popular hairstyle for small-faced brides; High Updo. It is also a favorite of summer brides.

Twisted Braids

Braids have grown increasingly popular as bridal hair in recent years. Brides create their unique looks by mixing and matching braid models to their desired hairstyles.


Extra Volumed Low Updo

With the help of experienced hands, this lovely model can be transformed into a very beautiful bridal hairstyle. It would be a good choice for you if you have short and fine hair.

Voluminous Low Chignon

If you have too much hair that you can’t handle, you can stop thinking about what to do. All you have to do now is relax and enjoy your wonderful day while this hairdo takes care of your hair.


Sleek Updo With Gorgeous Headpiece

For bridal hair, headpieces are a terrific option. You should try this hairstyle with a sleek updo if you want to feel like a princess.

Tied With Scarf

Do you want to be both at comfortable and out of the ordinary? You can make advantage of this eye-catching style.


Bridal Hat

You can combine the bridal hat with your wedding dress with both nostalgic and modern choices. There are numerous variations available, ranging from boho to vintage. It is ideal for brides who want to stand out with their unique style.

Side Swept Weaves

With a classic and attractive selection, you can complete the stunning look of your wedding dress.


Afro Curls Updo

Even though it can be tough to adapt an Afro curl to different hairstyles, you can use it on your wedding day! Combine the beauty of your Afro curls with an updo to wow your guests.

Simple Silk Headband

Simple but great. Silk headband integrates with the elegance of the wedding dress.


High Ponytail

The cool variation of the ponytail, the high ponytail, will bring out the attractiveness of your face.

Bridal Mohawk

Is it possible to reconcile the wildness of the Mohawk style with the innocence of the wedding dress? It’ll all come together, and it’ll be stunning!

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