30 Turquoise Hair Color Ideas That Will Stand Out

Turquoise color, which attracts attention with its brightness and uniqueness, will make you become one of the unforgettable with your style. Bright colors that will illuminate your face create a fresh and eye-catching look. Among the bright colors, turquoise is one of the bombshell choices of this year.

If you want to add some ocean tones to your hair, you should definitely give turquoise a chance! Furthermore, when combined with other hues, this gleaming tint creates stunning effects.

To help you get ideas, we’ve compiled a list of 30 turquoise hair colors in 30 various hair type and styles.

Turquoise Waves

The bright turquoise color creates a perfect pairing with romantic and light hair waves.

Turquoise Waves

Beach Vibes With Turquoise Face Framing

With its face framing turquoise color, your natural brown hair provides a lovely style reminiscent of the beach. This hairstyle is ideal for women who cherish their natural beauty but can’t get enough of the sparkling turquoise hue!


Blondie Turquoise

You’ll gain a new perspective on the blonde game with the turquoise color you’ll add to the under and ends of your blonde hair!


Long And Gorgeous

The turquoise color of long, slightly wavy hair catches the eye.


Watermelon Sugar

Watermelon sugar is a hair color that lives up to its name! We strongly advise you to consider this hairstyle if you enjoy wearing a vivid and unique color palette in your hair.


Turquoise Rainbow

Your turquoise hair with bright rainbow tones will draw everyone’s attention to you!


Purple Ends

This hair coloring, which combines mermaid colors in a hairstyle, reflects the young girl in you wonderfully.


Deep Bangs

The bangs, which are created by separating from deeper, are a lifesaver for women with open foreheads, and their turquoise hue makes them utterly unique!


Aqua Colors

This perfect color that will drag you into the depths of a clear sea creates a modern and impressive look with its short haircut.



Even if they do not visit the Maldives, anybody who views a photograph of the Maldives cannot forget the color of the sea. You’ll be reminded of that great color here, and you’ll admire the style achieved by combining green and turquoise hair color in a wonderful style!


Smooth Turquoise Waves

Long, turquoise hair that has been carefully styled is more than enough to create an amazing look!


Mermaid Vibes

The mermaid vibe will be brought to life in the most spectacular way by turquoise with a sweet lilac color applied to the front of your hair.


Peek-a-boo Turquoise

You’ll have a great peek-a-boo moment with the turquoise peek-a-boo! This method of hair dyeing is becoming increasingly popular. It looks fantastic with the blonde ponytail, either.


Turquoise Frames

With a touch of turquoise, your naturally colored and sporty cut hair will take on a whole new look. This hairstyle is ideal for women who want to try something new but don’t want to take any risks.


Turquoise Highlights For Depth

Bob cut hair tinted blue gains depth with the bright turquoise color and gives your hair a fascinating ocean aspect.


Darker Roots

If you like hair with more depth and a more natural appearance, you might reconsider coloring with dark roots. For ladies of all styles, dark roots that balance the shine of the turquoise color are an option.


Turquoise And Green Ends

The colors turquoise and green complement each other perfectly! This pair may be used for a variety of hair coloring techniques, but one of our favorites was the light green combination put to the ends of this turquoise hair!


Natural Ways For A Turquoise Hair

This choice is for you if you want to a little difference to long, healthy, and natural hair but are having problems deciding. This hair, which has a natural and beautiful beach vibe, is tough not to admire.


Turquoise Balayage

When it comes to balayage, it is possible to combine many interesting colors, but turquoise balayage on brown is definitely unique!


Summer Vibes With Turquoise

This color palette, the brightness of turquoise, and the hairstyle for bright summer colors wowed us!


Light Auburn And Turquoise

After blonde tones, light auburn is one of the most popular light hair colors. A fresh and modern look is generated when this popular color is mixed with the distinctive turquoise.


Masculine Pixie

One of the best things about the turquoise color is that it goes with any style! Turquoise, which is appropriate for both feminine and masculine styles, is also excellent for the masculine pixie with this fantastic cut.


Turquoise Lob

The modern stance of the lob cut becomes fascinating with the brightness of the turquoise color. For a more natural-looking style, you can start your hair roots from darker blue tones and work your way up to turquoise.


Shiny Shades

If you admire the sparkling colors of the sea, you will love the wonderful harmony of blue, turquoise and green.


Cool Bangs

The thick bangs cut is a great alternative, particularly for women with thick, bushy hair. Turquoise- colored hair framing your face will make you look gorgeous.


Turquoise Punk

If you want to make punk style more crazy and fun, you should definitely consider this awesome hairstyle!


Dark Mermaid

If you want to experience a mermaid vibe without giving up your dark hair, the turquoise color will come to your aid!


Dark Blue, Purple And Magnificent Turquoise

Adding depth and movement to your hair is not only possible with haircuts, but also with hair coloring. You can have more angled and eye-catching turquoise hair with dark blue and purple colors.


Blunt Cut Turquoise

In every hairstyle, the blunt cut is a haircut that draws attention. With its turquoise color, this modern cut, which is more noticeable in the hair that ends over your shoulders, elevates your style to a new level.


Turquoise Shines On Blue

Turquoise sparkles added on long and blue hair will lock eyes on you in every environment you enterwith your style.


If you are looking for a gorgeous, unique hair color that is trending right now, you really can’t go wrong with turquoise. This shade of blue is a bold choice that always attracts attention, so it may not be the best option if you normally want to blend in or go unnoticed. All that being said, if you love a bold look, are looking for something different and will still be happy with turquoise even when it’s time to return to the salon, then this could be the perfect choice for you.

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