30 Tomboy Haircuts for Girls

tomboy haircuts for girls

Short hair will be a gift for women who are tired of caring for their long hair or do not fit their style. Short haircuts, on the other hand, come in a variety of styles. Choosing the best suitable one for you can be a time-consuming procedure. We have an excellent option for you: a tomboy haircut.

You can use this masculine haircut in a masculine and sporty style, or in a feminine and attractive style with appropriate make-up and accessories.

This hairstyle, which will win you over with its ease of use and perfect stance, will also allow you to make a wonderful and fresh start for 2022. Here are 30 different tomboy hairstyles that will inspire you.


While the undercut will add an angle to your face, it will give you a charismatic vibe with its masculine style.


Comb Over

Good news for women with an open forehead who wish to try short hair; thanks to this style, you’ll be able to rock the tomboy cut in a stylish way. The hair on top that is left long will be combed towards your forehead and beautifully cover it.


Fire Tomboy

You will be very satisfied with this style if you feel stunning when all eyes are on you! Because of shortcut hair, this bright and dynamic color combination produces a stunning look with healthy appearance of hair.


With Braids

The braid, which adds a feminine flair to the tomboy cut, creates a perfect bridge between the shaved part and the long part of hair.


Free Tomboy

The tomboy cut, which is shaped according to the shape of your face and your taste, will create a wonderful expression of your free spirit in combination with the blonde color.


Mullet Tomboy

This tomboy style with pieces from a Mullet haircut is a great mix of vintage and modern.


Wet Look

A style with a high feminine stance is created by cutting hair longer than pixie. Wet-looking thick hair one of the most charming choice for ladies.


Purple Shades

Purple tones are one of the great choices that will bring out the beauty of your eyes, especially if you have dark eyes. Although the tomboy cut is used with many colors, purple has become one of our favorites.


Layered And Brunette

Layered and dark-cut hair is also dazzling in tomboy style. While your hair looks like it is much more than it is, thanks to the layered cut that adds dimension to your hair; You will enjoy your breathtaking style.


All Bangs

With long bangs that surround your entire head, the all bangs model provides a unique and eye- catching appearance. The stance of the haircut, which is suitable for ladies with long faces since it completely surrounds the face, will be admired.


Amazing Black Style

Black stylists do great work on the pixie cut. Finished with layered or one-way side bangs, the pixie cut is a great choice for confident women.


Wavy Thick Tomboy

The dynamic pixie cut suits women with thick hair. Hair shaped with light waves will be the favorite of young and modern women.


Platinum Tomboy

The pixie cut, which is cut shorter on the sides and left on the top, is one of the most well-known and bold examples of tomboy style.


Edgy Bangs

Bangs that are chopped and prominent draw attention to your eyes and give your style a more feminine feel. This haircut, especially on dark hair, produces stunning effects.


Bronze Shines

Bronze sparkles look fantastic on brunette women! If you want to make a statement with your hair and style, this gorgeous color mixed with this elegant cut is a must-try.


Messy Look

It’s sometimes preferable to be messy than tidy! Messy tomboy is a lifesaver hairstyle for ladies who don’t have much time and want to express themselves with an active and sporty style.


Asian Style Tomboy

Asian stylists have become signatures with excellent haircuts. One of the most striking of these cuts is undoubtedly the tomboy haircut; This haircut, which suits women with straight hair, is dazzling.


Sporty And Balayage

This sporty hairstyle is a perfect match for balayage. Hair combed to one side of your face; it becomes one of the representatives of both stylish and casual style by attracting attention to your preferred part of your face.


Curly And Tomboy

A hairstyle that will disprove the myth that curly hair is unsuitable for short haircuts. With diverse coloring, a hairstyle that has both masculine and feminine features can become even more attractive and unique to you.


Chopped Bronze Balayage

With hair combed towards your face, the chopped cut stands out even more. This haircut will undoubtedly draw attention to you if you combine it with the bronze balayage.


Messy Bangs

With this haircut, you will feel like one of the stars of a vintage french movie! Messy bangs and chopped dark hair will give your style has both a romantic and a retro vibe.


Long Top Curly Pixie

Curly hair, which is left long on the top, creates an irresistible style with the curls falling on your face. This wonderful style is a perfect choice for round-faced ladies.


Asymmetrical Tomboy

Asymmetrical cut gives your face exquisite angles and reveals the beauty in difference. Hair carefully cut according to the shape of your face; one of the highlights of the tomboy style.


Cool Tomboy

Pixie-style haircut, shaped with extra layers; It creates an elegant side bang with the long front part. With this side bang, you can also cover your forehead while create a cool style.


Deep Undercut

Deep undercut is a hairstyle that dazzles with its cool appearance as well as its dramatic haircut. The haircut, which has a punk and rebellious vibe to it, is one of the most striking options for ladies who aren’t scared to stand out.


One Sided

In this hairstyle, which is trimmed fully at an angle to one side of your face, layered cut, and chocolate brown hue, it provides a romantic stance. We strongly advise you to try this haircut, which is suitable for ladies of different ages and styles.


Natural Way

For straight hair, the short pixie cut is a simple and shapeable hairstyle. A terrific choice for ladies who are confident with their facial beauty and want to use their hair natural way.


Chopped Tomboy

This hairstyle is both current and trendy, with straight hair combed forward and trimmed to shape according to your face. It gives you a look like you just stepped off the covers of a magazine!


Layered Blonde Pixie

Ice blonde pixie is one of the most different tomboy styles with its cold undertone color. This haircut and color creates a shining look, especially by revealing the eyes of women with colored eyes.


Blonde Long Top Tomboy

Blonde and straight hair are one of the indispensable hairstyles of the princess of Monaco, Charlene. After witnessing this gorgeous look, it’s difficult not to agree with the princess’ decision!

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