30 Straight Blonde Hairstyles That’ll Make You Want to Go Blonde

straight blonde hair

If you want to add shine to your hair, make a fresh touch to your style, and give your style a sweet softness or a feminine stance; there is a straight blonde hairstyle for you.

If you want to have remarkable look; choose the one that suits you from dozens of different blonde tones. When you use it with straight hair, which is one of the most useful hairstyles, you will have a wonderful glam that you will absolutely love.

Straight hair is easy to maintain and adapt to a variety of styles; making it highly appealing. It is obvious that blonde tones do not need to be praised at all!

Perfect combos with various blonde tones and straight hairstyles are included in the list we’ve compiled for you. With gorgeous hairstyles, our list will inspire you and strengthen your desire to go blonde.

Barbie Ponytail

Straight hair is far more versatile in terms of styling. With long straight blonde hair, this exquisite ponytail is one of the most fashionable options.


Long Blonde Balayage

You can go even brighter than the sparkle with balayage between blonde tones!


Blonde Lob Style For Mid-Aged Women

The blonde lob will add an elegant glow to the face. Thanks to this young and fresh style, the styles of middle-aged women will be the perfect touch!


Baby Lights

If you are in search of natural hair color like sunlight on a beautiful summer day, you will love this baby light treatment!


Perfect Ombre

This hairdo has everything you can think of when it comes to the flawless ombre. After a remarkable bleaching process, blonde in icy and ashy tones is obtained, creating a fascinating look.


Blonde Bob

Gold glitters are included in this warm-toned blonde. Along with the bob haircut that ends just below your face, these sparkles will light up your face.


Elegant Updo

You can achieve a very elegant updo with your straight and blonde hair. The style that is fixed with hairspray and gets a smooth appearance; will also be a great bridal hairstyle option for your wedding day!


Pearl Blonde

The blonde color, which does not contain any warm tones, is very cold and close to white color. This color is called pearl blonde, and it will bring the elegance of pearl to your hair.


Soft Platinum Bob With Bangs

This cold and soft platinum color will be a perfect alternative for you, especially if you have colored eyes. This color will highlight the attractiveness of your eyes while also giving your face an elegant sheen.


Mid Parted Long Blonde

This ashy blonde tint will give you very natural and beautiful hair color. Additionally, you will not require any further styling because of this great hue. Just blonde and straight hair.


Long Layered Cut

Thanks to the long layered cut, your hair will gain a great movement and look thicker! For women with thin and less hair, this haircut will be both useful and very stylish.


Cool Tones Of Blonde Bob

The blonde bob will be admired for being both modern and stylish. Moreover, with these icy tones of blonde, the bob haircut will gain an even fresher look.


Blonde Pixie

The appealing effect is achieved when the pixie cut, which boldly reveals the attractiveness of your face, is paired with the fresh stance of blonde hair color.


Asymmetric Lob

Beauty is not always symmetry. The perfect stance of the asymmetrical lob haircut will be the most vivid proof of this.


Long Blonde With Cute Ribbon

The black velvet ribbon, which will create a full contrast to the cold and almost white blonde color of your hair, gives a vintage vibe; while creating an elegant style.


Slightly Layered Cut

Hair layers added to the hair shaped as face framing from the side of your face; It will give your hair the perfect angle.


Ash Blonde

This ashy, cool-toned blonde with no warm undertones is one of the most difficult to accomplish. The assistance of a professional stylist is required for this professional appearance! It will be difficult to give up this hair color after you have obtained this flawless look.


Short Side Bangs

Side bangs cut at the level of your eyes will bring out the beauty of your eyes. Blonde will be an excellent color choice for this style.


Long With Natural Roots

Hair that retains your dark hair roots and is colored with a cold blonde color after a certain point; results in a color that is more suited to your face. One of the most popular techniques for a smoother transition rather than a sharp appearance is to use darker hair roots.


Warmer Blonde

Hair color, which includes auburn and blonde tones, is the right option for women who want to use blonde in softer and warmer tones.


Layered Bob

A bob cut isn’t just about straight and short haircuts. Layers added to a haircut can complete your style by creating looks that are more vibrant and specific to your hair type.


Cold Blonde Mid-Length

Your hair is colored with cold blonde color by leaving your dark hair roots in their natural tones; It will create a hairstyle that you will fall in love with the low-maintenance and rich look provided by the mid-length cut.


Long Curtain Bangs

Long and warm blondes and curtain bangs that will accentuate the beauty of your face will create the perfect pair.


With Hair Shawl

Hair shawls are perfect for adding a simple yet stylish touch to your look! Shawls, which will make a difference in your blonde hair, are a versatile alternative that can be worn in both casual and formal settings, such as coffee time with friends or business meetings.


Ice Blonde With No Risks

If you prefer not to take risks and like to be both basic and attractive, here is an example to consider.


Platinum Dynamic Cut

The hair will seem more dynamic with added layers and chopped ends. Hair that ends at your chin; will increase the range of motion.


Ashy And Curtain Bangs

The ashy blonde color, which has green undertones, does not include any orange! With this color of hair, curtain bangs, one of the most popular haircut styles in recent years, appear stunning.


Blunt Cut

It is very easy to get a more modern and fresh look with a straight, called a blunt haircut! We loved the wonderful style that the blonde color created with the blunt cut!


Warmth Tones

You’ll adore this hair color if you prefer warm tones. With the hair that is given movement with the curtain bang style, you will have a stunning look without any effort.



Intense highlights will be applied to your dark hair, giving your face a beautiful glow; your hairstyle will become your favorite part!

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