The Complete Guide to SNS Nails and How to Achieve Them

SNS Nails are the kind of nails that you see posed by top models, celebrities, or nail stylists on their social media. Getting your hands on this look is one long-term investment because you don’t …

SNS nail

SNS Nails are the kind of nails that you see posed by top models, celebrities, or nail stylists on their social media. Getting your hands on this look is one long-term investment because you don’t have to keep visiting a salon for it. However, to be able to copy SNS Nails at home requires nails that are strong enough to withstand this amount of detail added on to them. Whether your nails are short or long they can still be engineered into your daily nail routine.

What is SNS Nail?

SNS Nails is a powder dipping system for both genders. The powder comes in different colors and can be applied using pre-designed designs or customized ones; it is quick and easy to use, and it does not require any UV lights or special lamps for curing.

For people that want to get acrylic nails but can’t or don’t want to go to a salon, this is an excellent alternative.

How do SNS Nails Work?

Before applying artificial nails, your nails are prepped and primed in the same way as it is for an acrylic manicure. When you want to add extra length, we add tips in the same way it would be done with acrylics.

A base coat is applied, which the nail is then dipped into a colored powder. This process is done several times to increase stability and durability.

You don’t need to cure or set nails under a UV light. You won’t need any paint because the building blocks are already colored and dry straight away.

Natural Looking SNS Nails

What are the Benefits of SNS Nails?

  • Improving your manicures by applying a clear coat to seal in the design and durability of your manicure,
  • Having your fingernails look like you just had them done at a nail salon,
  • Making it easier for you to do things with your hands such as type on a keyboard or use a cell phone because using SNS Nails will strengthen the tissue in your finger.

Is SNS nails bad for your nails?

SNS isn’t bad for your nails. Nail care professionals often recommend fashionistas to use SNS as it is not as damaging as other nail treatments like gel manicures. SNS gives a more natural look and one can easily change the color and pattern with regular topcoats. 

The powders used in this process are rich in nutrients and do not damage nails. There is no UV or harsh light used for this process and no chemicals that can dry out your skin.

Nails tend to grow stronger when they are exposed to sunlight, so it is important to wear sunscreen when you step out of your house for long periods.

To keep your nails healthy, you should avoid rough work such as scrubbing dishes or using cleaning supplies. Keep your nails away from direct contact with chemicals such as dish soap or bleach.

SNS Nail with flowers

What does SNS Stand for Nails?

SNS nails are also known as the ‘Signature Nail System’ and use a hole-in-the-cap system.

SNS nails are not only popular among women but also celebrities like Michelle Obama.

Is SNS Better Than Gel?

SNS can be used as a replacement for gel, but it is better than it. It is not as thick as gel, but thicker than acrylic.

It has been shown that SNS lasts much longer than gel and does not cause any extra damage to the nail bed, unlike acrylics. It also has the extra strength and length to your nails that many people desire.

How Long do SNS Nails Last?

The average lifespan of an SNS nail is two to three weeks. The length of time it takes for your nails to grow out depends on the thickness and length of your natural nails.

The service involves applying acrylic powder onto the client’s natural nail bed then painting on layers of gel or acrylic paint, which can last up to two weeks before requiring removal.

Are SNS Nails Your Real Nails?

A lot of people are questioning whether or not SNS nails are real nails. Some people believe that SNS nails are fake and the only way to get a natural look is through acrylics and gel nails. Other people believe that they can get a more natural-looking nail with SNS nails because it is softer than acrylics and gel. 

The question of whether or not SNS nails are real will never be answered because there isn’t one answer.

Some people want their nail to look like the nail where it is short and stubby while others want to have long, natural-looking fingers. The texture of each person’s nails will determine which type of nails they prefer: hard or soft, natural-looking or long, and well-manicured nails.

Colorful SNS Nails

How do You get SNS Nails Off?

The removal process starts with sanding off the gel top shine on all 10 nails. This is a process that can take a bit of time and patience on first-timers. Next, you can use foil or soak your fingers in acetone for 10 minutes.

Can You Paint Over SNS Nails?

We recommend waiting at least three days for your nails to completely dry before painting them with regular nail polish. This is important because the powder may soften the new manicure and cause it to chip or peel off.

How Much do SNS Nails Cost?

The cost of SNS nails will depend on where you go to have them done. The price ranges from $45-$75 for a full set, depending on who you go to and what they include.

Pros And Cons of SNS Nails

The pros and cons of SNS nails are that they are easy to apply and come in different colors. They are also longer than regular manicures, which can be beneficial for people with longer nails. The cons include the fact that when replacing the nail you have to remove the entire layer, which can sometimes be costly.