30 Short Hairstyles We Curated From Instagram for Fall 2021

Short hair is one of the hairstyle options that usually attracts attention due to its ease of use and stylish stance. We’ve put together a list of various and trendy short haircuts for you that will show off your sometimes bold, sometimes cute or sometimes attractive sides. Choose a haircut that reflects your personal style or the style you wish to achieve, and get ready for a perfect transformation. Here Are 30 Hairstyles for Short Hair.

Classy Bob

This classy style, which is the most well-known and classic of the bob cut, has a very nostalgic and elegant atmosphere, especially with the inward-curving hair end.

Pink Finger Waves

The retro air of finger waves and the modernity of the pink pixie cut create a perfect hairstyle.


Blonde Beach Waved Bob

Beach waves are named after the calm sea waves that you see from the beach on a perfect summer evening. This hairstyle looks stunning when matched with the lovely blonde colors.

Messy Waved Pixie

A messy and voluminous hairstyle is achieved when the cut is completed by adding a chopped end to the pixie hairstyle. This very practical alternative is also a lifesaver for women with fine hair.


Ear-Length Bob

The bob haircut, which is cut in the blunt end style at ear level, is very modern and stylish. This cut stands out with its youthful and fresh look.

Colored Mohawk Style

This hairstyle is gorgeous and powerful in both its cut and coloring, making it the ideal choice for unleashing your wild side.


Graduated Bob

Graduated bob, one of the classic bob cuts, is a perfect choice for women who do not like to take risks and want an easy use.

Natural Waves On Pixie Cut

If you are tired of taking care of your wavy hair, or you are looking for a difference, this alternative is the perfect choice for you. Its modern and youthful appearance is also extra.


Ocean Blue Bob

You have many options to add a little more soul to the bob cut from you. One of the most eye-catching of these options is the ocean blue bob style. This perfect color is an excellent choice for women with cold skin undertones.

Deep Undercut Pixie

With the deep undercut style, you will definitely get a bold and revealing look.


Layered Lob

The Lob style, which is a slightly longer variation of the bob cut with a layered cut, gives you a sophisticated and attractive appearance. It’s a terrific cut to add flair to your hair if you have fine or less hair.

Platinum Bob

Platinum hair color supports the modern look of the bob cut, bringing the millennial style to the fore.


Long Layered Bob

You can give a unique touch to the bob cut with your long layered haircut.

Angled Bob

This classic haircut came to the fore again after the preference of many famous names such as Victoria Beckham, Keira Knightley, and Charlize Theron. This style, which adds a very modern and youthful atmosphere, is one of our favorites.


Metallic Purple Shortcut

Another of the star colors of this year that you can choose for bob cut is this tone, which consists of the perfect blend of purple and silver shades.

Dimensional Blonde Bob

The dimensional blonde style, with the perfect use of blonde and brown tones, is a perfect choice especially for the summer. We recommend that you consult a professional hair stylist for this exquisite coloring process.


Volumed Pixie

The long pixie with undercut haircut with volume looks extremely good and fascinating in this style. Support your hair with hair spray and styler to achieve this voluminous look.

Shaggy Cut

Shaggy haircut is one of the perfect style elements from the 70s to the present. This haircut, which came to the fore with Meg Ryan’s exquisite style in the 90s; It looks pretty perfect with the 2020s adaptation as well.


Long Pixie

The pixie, which is cut almost equally from every angle, is the right choice for ladies who want simplicity with straight hair.

Stacked Bob

This type of bob, obtained with layered and chopped haircut techniques, is the right choice for fine hair with its voluminous stance.


Punk Pixie

With its asymmetrical and layered cut, this hairstyle will reflect your rebellious and wild side to your style. With its trend color selection, it is a style that is highly unique and noticeable.

Designed Buzz Cuts

Buzz cut is a very bold and striking hairstyle. There is no better haircut choice than a buzz cut to bring out the beauty of your face. When this bold hairstyle is combined with design hair coloring techniques, glamorous options are created.


Natural Curly Pixie

Have you ever considered a pixie cut as an option for showing your natural curls? Curly- haired women are sometimes hesitant to think that short haircuts are nonpractical or unbeseem. This hairdo is here to break all stereotypes!

Face Framing Colored Bob

Face framing coloring process is one of the rising trends of recent times. This trend, which also suits the bob cut, gives a fresh look.


Sunset Colored

The sunset’s beautiful and gorgeous colors will look stunning on your classic bob cut hair. With these color tones, your hair will be dancing on your shoulders, giving you a really stylish and exclusive look.

Asymmetric Chopped Cut With Bangs

Asymmetric chopped cut with bangs is a very cute hairstyle that suits women with oval faces.


Multi-Colored Bob

Using multiple colors is one of the most requested coloring options from hair stylists lately. As you can choose harmonious or contrasting colors; you can also combine meaningful and special colors for you. The multi-colored technique is a great way to personalize your hairstyle.

Pink Undercut Pixie

The pixie cut is finished with cut bangs and is left long at the top for a modern style. One of the color options that we can offer to you is the vibrant pink color, which is highly popular in these days.


Pixie Bob

Inspired by both pixie and bob cuts, this hairstyle is complemented by perfect coloring and creates one of the unforgettable styles. Also, this haircut is perfect for women with oval and small faces.

Natural Silver Pixie

Natural silver hair is one of the most popular hairstyles of recent times. But extending the hair in its natural color can be a bit of an annoying process. Pixie cut, which facilitates this process, is also an exquisite hairstyle with its perfect stance.

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