30 Short Brown Hair Ideas to Copy

short brown hair

Short brown haircuts can be the foundation for girly and adorable styles and sassy and dazzling ones.

This short hairstyle may be the ideal one for brunettes because it takes stress off your tresses and adds just about the right amount of interest to go with brown hair.

A short brown haircut can give you the pizzazz you want, regardless of whether you decide to go for the daring, short brown hairstyle you’ve been coveting for ages or eventually add those wonderfully airy bangs to your distinctive bob.

But we know that there are so many different styles that it may be confusing. To make an impact and remain in style, we have compiled a list of short brown hairstyles for you to copy!

1. Blunt Short Brown Bob with Bangs


Short blunt haircuts are among the trendiest bob styles this season, as evidenced by the likes of well-known celebrities. Wear yours sleek for a stunning, attention-grabbing finish or with waves for a warmer, more carefree look for summertime.

2. Straight Brown Lob


A very adaptable hairstyle is the shoulder bob with a center part. It has a sophisticated appearance that is ideal for any event. Only ladies with oval and long features look best with a center part. Try out a side part if you have a round-shaped face. 

3. Shoulder-Length Brown Bob


This shoulder-length bob is the ideal way to flaunt your smooth, groomed strands while embracing the ultra-bouncy, voluminous hair trend that is still popular. The brown color on this look completes the whole ensemble!

4. Dark Brown Bob with Curtain Bangs


Do you mind if we take a moment to pause in memory of these flawlessly soft curtain bangs? Add them to any short brown haircut to achieve the kind of carefree style that would divert the audience’s attention! 

5. Wavy Short Brown Hair


Showcase your glossy brown color with gentle waves for a messy but refined wavy bob for the ideal everyday wear! Thanks to the wavy texture, your hair will seem fuller and display any accents or delicate balayage tones.

6. Ear-Length Brown Bob Cut with Dark Roots


Are you seeking to distinguish against other trendsetters with a distinctive short style? Consider this stylish ear-length bob with dark hair. The side-parted brown hair has a fantastic texture and sensual asymmetry, giving this a lean, complete look.

7. Brown Pixie Cut


Short hair staples like pixie cuts have been around forever, and it’s easy to understand why when they look this beautiful! This is already a popular trend this year; take advantage of it! So why are you still waiting? Have this pixie cut right away to be on trend.

8. Voluminous Brown Bob


Who doesn’t want volume on their hair, right? Try this side-swept look to give your short brown hairstyle volume and movement. With such a side part, you can immediately make it appear like you have bouncier hair by giving your base more lifting.

9. Light Brown Chin-Length Hair


This stylish bob’s slight imbalance is complemented with a pronounced side part, and the chin-length flick maintains the style gorgeously chic and feminine. Of course, thanks to the light brown hue, this look is a must-try!

10. Honey Brown Short Hair


The hair is dyed with a honey brown tint. The hair displayed here has a smooth and delicate texture. Also, it falls just above the shoulders and is short in length. The sides of the hair are perfectly parted. The hair strands are kept sleek and straight all the way through. We just described to you a perfect short brown look!

11. Wavy Dark Brown Short Hair


Which perfect way to flaunt your natural waves with a stylish, wavy, voluminous lob cut, which everyone is starting to embrace? It is the height of coolness, in our opinion. The dark brown hue also gives a little oomph to add a whole look!

12. Medium Brown Short Hair


Short brown haircuts will always be in style. It almost always appears its finest in practically any attire and situation. You can elegantly wear this brown hairstyle with both casual and formal dresses. The hair is parted loosely in the middle and is short to the shoulders.

13. Brown Bob with Full Bangs


Let’s face it: when French ladies initiate a trend, we can’t resist but imitate it. They are famed for always looking well put. İt means that the French girl bob should be on your watch! To ensure you get all the recognition, go for the French-girl hairstyle with bangs and finish your ensemble with a beret and a red lip!

14. Brown Pixie with Bangs


All you require to update your appearance and follow the trendiest hair trend is a brown pixie cut. Your face will be balanced with full bangs, giving you a more feminine and charming image. Additionally, you can highlight your strands with a light brown color to give them shine and sparkle.

15. Brown Short Retro Updo Hair


Did you think you had already seen every bob haircut there was? Well, reconsider. Take more notice of the two-toned brown in this ensemble! This retro-inspired updo hairstyle will tick all your retro hair checkboxes thanks to its smooth, frizz-free finish and flicked-out strands.

16. Peanut Butter Highlights


Now, this look is for the books, we can say! The volume and style of this look are just out of this world! The dark brown hair strands serve as the base for the glossy light brown highlights that are complemented beautifully!

17. Short Brown Textured Pixie


Twirling your gorgeous pixie a little will provide dimension and texture while showcasing your lustrous dark brown color. İn addition to being low maintenance, the hair’s deep brown shade makes the whole ensemble pop! 

18. Dark Brown Hair with Light Brown Highlights


Nowadays days, this haircut is quite fashionable. For just a relaxed or event look, this hairdo is incredibly clean and stylish. The hair is colored with lovely light brown highlights and cut short until it reaches the shoulders.

19. Chocolate Brown Precision Bob

One of the trendiest bob hairstyles for this year is a short, blunt, precision cut. However, if you want to give your haircut more volume, you should choose a round bob, which is ideal for women with thin strands. For a dramatic finish that commands attention, style it straight and sleek. 

20. Short Caramel Brown Hair


Wavy brown hair is already beautiful, but caramel highlights will contribute to making them more eye-catching. Wear your hair with a side part to give your lovely wavy bob uplift and natural flow.

21. Warm Brown Balayage on Short Hair


Please marvel at this stylish short brown hairstyle! So chic and distinctive! It appears edgy and fashionable with hair that reaches the shoulders, but a lovely golden-brown highlight gives it a delicate and charming appearance.

22. Side-Swept Short Brown Hair


Stylishly cut short hair looks good on everyone. The side of the head is where it is sharply separated. The hair is left short until it reaches the chin. In comparison, the side bangs are kept shorter. The whole hairdo is left laidback and casual, which we all love!

23. Short Layered Brown Hair


The layered portion on this hairstyle is so fabulous! Also, the subdued brown hue on the hair is subtle yet so gorgeously stunning! This is a look that you should sport, especially this season!

24. Layered Almond Brown Bob


If your hair is naturally fine, do you feel you can’t just pull off short hairstyles? Rethink that now! The advantages of this textured, jagged bob will appeal to those with flat, fine hair, and you won’t need to stress about it dragging down your appearance.

25. Dark Brown Highlights on Short Hair


In this day and age, hairstyle is frequently dyed with a dark brown hue. For people who want their hair to look soft and subtle, this hairstyle is suitable and ideal! Both long and short hair lengths look lovely with it.

26. Loose Wavy Short Brown Hair


The appearance is more ethereal and beautiful with loose waves. The hair is kept in an even length till the neck, and the haircut is kept short. The front and end strands of the hair are colored brown, while the remaining strands are dyed black. Just the ends of the hair are given the soft waves. You can achieve both a casual and an exquisite look with this style.

27. Glossy Light Brown Blunt Bob


Do you share our passion for a fantastic short brown bob? Perhaps consider this chic, glossy, short, blunt hairdo, which particularly suits girls with fine hair well. Offer your dark hair a clean and sleek texture to give the appearance of extra volume.

28. Brown Lowlights on Short Brown Hair


This short bob is flawless! This wavy cut is perfect for showcasing your silky, brown hair, which is still in style thanks to the super-duper wavy hair trend. To give this look depth and complexity, adorn your head with intense brown lowlights.

29. Brown Ombre Highlights on Short Hair


The brown hue in this look starts as a dark brown from the roots, and the middle seamlessly flows to the ends; we have a honey-colored brown that’s just so fabulously gorgeous! The waves on this bob make it appear voluminous.

30. Multi-Dimensional Dark Choco Short Brown Hair


Ought to give your short, dark brown hair more volume and dimensions? To achieve this carefree look, add curtain bangs to your bob! This cut, boosted at the roots to create the appearance of fuller, more voluminous hair, looks excellent on women of all hair types.

You have arrived at the end of this article, ladies! Those are our compiled short brown hair ideas, and we sincerely hope you got enough inspiration for your next trip to the hair salon!

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.