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30 Royal Blue Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Feel Like a Queen

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


If you are looking for a unique and attractive style for you in 2022, royal blue hair color will offer you much more than what you are looking for. This dark and bright blue tone looks very noble like its name. The color that suits every hairstyle is on our list with 30 various styles to inspire you.

Whether masculine or feminine, sporty or businesswoman style, there is a royal blue hairstyle for you. This exquisite color, which can keep up with every style, is now on our list to fascinate you.

Extra Long Royal Blue Hair

With extra long hair, this extra gorgeous hair color will look fantastic. Even the most basic hairstyles will look sophisticated and remarkable thanks to this glamorous look.

Ashy Silver Hair With Royal Ends

Royal blue hair color isn’t just for one-time use; it’s also one of the hair colors that looks stunning when combined with other hues. The cold, ashy color tones that will balance this color will elevate your style a step.


Although some women find medium-length hair to be boring, it is functional and attractive when done in a variety of styles. It may also be the furthest from boring style with this royal blue color!

Royal Bob

The royal blue bob haircut will provide a bright and fresh look to your face, while keeping the eyes on you.

Royal Blue Messy Bob

If you like the bob style’s hair size but don’t want to be too classic, the royal blue messy bob is for you. Both distinct and modern look is available for this stunning hairstyle.

Vintage Vibes

Reminiscent of Farrah Fawcett’s cool haircut in the 70s, this shag model perfectly combines both vintage and modern.

Royal Blue Face Framing

The royal blue color that you will only add to your face framing hair will give your style a mystical vibe.

Peek-a-boo Royal Blue

Royal blue creates the perfect peek-a-boo moment. This trendy hue will complement your natural hair color perfectly.

Royal Transformation

It’s always easier to go from blonde to blue than it is to go from dark hair. This transfer, however, must be done with the assistance of experienced hands in order to achieve a wonderful finish. This is an excellent example of a royal transformation.

Long And Curly Ends

Curls applied to the ends of long hair provide a lot of movement. This hairdo is one step ahead thanks to the brightness of the royal blue color.

Royal Ombre

The ombre effect created with the royal blue color is one-of-a-kind. With this look, there’s no chance you’ll be forgotten!

Masculine Style

Every style can benefit from royal blue hair color! This masculine style will be admired, and the royal blue tones will make it even more remarkable.

Royal Blue Balayage

If you only think of blonde when you think of balayage, this is a stunning example that will make you reconsider. We don’t even need to remark how beautiful the contrast between black and royal blue is.

Royal Blue Highlights

Royal blue highlights should be on your list if you want to create a dramatic change to your naturally dark hair.

Dark To Light

This style looks great, starting with the purple-blue color of your hair roots and progressing to the royal blue color at the ends.

Half And Half Hair

Half and half hair is one of the most fashionable hair colors of this year. Doing this trend hair coloring process with one of the popular colors, royal blue, makes your style extremely attractive.

Layered Royal Blue

The fresh stance that the layered haircut brings to your hair integrates with the royal blue shine.

Intense Waves

It’s impossible to avoid a stunning look with wavy hair! The combination of gleaming hair and the vitality of the royal blue color produces stunning effects.

Royal Blue Ends

As summer approaches, a legendary coloring method that brings the beach to your hair.

Beach Waves

This shimmery hair color completes the intriguing look with beach wavy hair.

Straight And Mid-Length

For ladies who don’t want to take chances with their haircuts, straight and medium hair is one of the best possibilities. With an expressive color, the risk-free haircut is a fantastic match!

Natural Roots

You can get amazing results without using chemicals on your natural hair roots. One of the best examples of this is what you’re looking at right now!

Royal Blue On Dark

For some hues, a dark base is excellent. The royal blue hair is without a doubt one of the best.

With Bangs

For the royal blue color to create a great frame for your face, bangs will be a great choice.

Royal Blue Bantu Knots

Bantu knots are one of the traditional African hairstyles that attract attention with their sportiness and attractiveness. This stunning hairstyle pairs well with one of the striking colors, royal blue.

Soft Waves

Light waves are a great way to achieve a quick and attractive look. The style, which sticks out thanks to the vivid royal blue color’s forceful stance, quickly became one of our favorites.

Shiny Royal

Brighter, more stylish! Although royal blue is a bright color by itself, it becomes dazzling with dark hair.

Messy Blue

The soft layered bob is styled messy, creating a free and fast style with gorgeous royal blue color.

Blue Box Braids

Box braids, one of the most striking examples of African style, create a striking and magnificent look with this rich royal blue color.

Short Half Up Half Down

With a youthful half up half down style that completes the sporty vibe, royal blue, which is close to denim tones, captures the eye.

Whether you want to go for a bold and dramatic look or a more subtle and elegant one, royal blue hair color is definitely a great option. If you have dark hair, you can opt for a darker shade of royal blue, while those with lighter hair can go for a lighter shade. Either way, you are sure to look absolutely stunning.

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