30 Romantic Hairstyles With Gorgeous Braids

Hair braids are one of those magical finishing touches that can change even the most basic hairstyle. Many of the hairstyles we know can be transformed into a fairy-tale look by adding a romantic braid touch. We’ve compiled a good selection of excellent hairstyles to assist you in making your decision. Here are 30 gorgeous braided hairstyles for a romantic look.

Half Up Half Down

Braids added to the classic half-up, half-down hairstyle give it a more amazing look and make it suitable for a variety of occasions.

Loose Braids

Loose braids, which may or may not require the use of a hairpin, give you a romantic and sporty look. It’s a practical and stylish option that you can use to the gym or to a wedding.


Huge Updo

For ladies with thick and long hair, these full big hair braids are a stunning option. Seasonal flowers can be used to add to the style’s charm.

Designed Braids

If you want to try something different from the classic braid, check out this perfect braid style. With the help of a professional hairstylist, you may get flawless results.


One Side Braid On Two Side Colored

It is actually not very difficult to achieve this fairy-tale look. Two different coloring techniques are very popular lately, you can choose any two colors you want and have a remarkable hair color. In this style, different coloring is decorated with one-sided braid.

Fairy Multiple Braids

Who doesn’t love a mermaid? Having mermaid hair is both romantic and fairytale-like. This mermaid hair is completed with long and ocean-colored exquisite hair extensions.


Ballet Braided Bun

With a scrunchie and double braids, you may get this exquisite appearance. This elegant style, which has a ballerina feel to it, will look great on you.

Floral Long Braid

Beginning with two braids, combined with one big braid, this long braid is adorned with gorgeous flowers for a stunning look.


Hidden Braid

Soft and elegant. A flawlessly braided braid hidden in the middle of the ponytail model creates a special and striking look to a classic hairstyle.

Floral Two Strand

When massive two-strand braids are decorated with fresh flowers, it creates an attractive style. A two-strand braid can be done in either a Dutch or a fishtail style.


Braid Halo

With a little addition to long and free hair, you can achieve a variety of different and exquisite styles. This halo braid style is one of the easiest and most unique braid styles available, and it’s one you should certainly try!

Fluffy Fishtail

Fluffy braids are a style that can help women with thin hair by making your hair look like it is too much. It’s also a hairstyle that draws attention to itself because of its romantic and elegant appeal.


Loose Romantic Fishtail

The loose and large fishtail braid is the perfect choice for women with long hair. You will create exquisite styles with this romantic hairstyle.

Big Loose Two Strands

The larger the braid, the more exotic the style. While two-strand braids are attractive in and of themselves, this huge mod looks fantastic.


Braided Tiarra Updo

This stylish look is also the choice of the most popular name of recent times, Anna Taylor Joy. For special occasions, this romantic and beautiful hairstyle is ideal and gorgeous.

Messy Braided Updo

This beautiful braided updo, which would look great on you at your wedding, is suited for women of all hair types.


Twisted Braid

One of the more challenging but attractive options is twisted and complex braiding. A stunning model for your wedding or special events that you can choose with confidence.

Floral Volumnious Top

This fluffy and large hair braid looks exquisite. You may need to use hair extensions for this hairstyle.


Messy One Sided

One-sided hairstyles come in a variety of styles and are quite popular. This messy, braided look is highly fashionable.

Asymmetrical Braid

Have you ever tried asymmetric braids? You may enhance this romantic look by adding flowers, and you can show off your beautiful hairstyle.


Pinky Extra Two Strand

Big pink braids are just stunning! If you want to feel like the main character in a fairy tale, this is an excellent pick.

Loose Half Braid

A beautiful hairstyle is created when large braids from both sides of your hair meet in the center. Furthermore, you may create this stunning look at home by yourself.


Braid With Curls Combo

You need to curl your hair before this amazing hairstyle. Curls and braids come together beautifully to produce an outstanding hairdo that combines two beauties.

Extra Loose Braid

Whether your hair is tied or open, a mysterious, romantic, and exquisite hairstyle is generated with this extra loose look. This hairdo, which is commonly used for bridal hair, is highly fashionable.


Low Braided Chignon

Chignon is a very noble and elegant hairstyle that is preferred by everyone. The chignon, which is created with a braid, has a very stylish stance.

One Sided Large Braid

One of the most gorgeous romantic hairstyles is this lovely braid that stretches to one side of your face and is embellished with flowers.


Indian Style

Traditional Indian style is an exquisite choice for hair because of its mysterious and romantic mood. Enjoy your flawless appearance by accessorizing your extra-long hair with genuine items.

Large Braid With Hair Jewelry

With the help of experienced hands, wide braids decorated with hair jewels create an amazing


Boho Style

With stunning braids, you can enhance the comfortable and unique attitude of your Bohemian style.

Messy Braids

The casual and stylish aesthetic of the half up half down hairstyle fashioned with
loosely fishtail braids impresses.

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