30 Stunning Reddish Brown Hair Colors You’ll Want to Try

reddish brown hair

Reddish brown hair is a gorgeous color that ranges from light to dark. Whether you’re looking for a new color to try or want to enhance your natural reddish brown hair, there are many shades to choose from.

From auburn to copper, there are endless possibilities regarding reddish brown hair. And whether you prefer a natural look or something more dramatic, there’s a shade of reddish brown hair out there for you.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge and try something new, scroll through this gallery of stunning reddish brown hair colors.

1. Gorgeous Curls


This hair color in warm tones that will reveal your perfect curls will be your favorite.

2. Fancy Red Brown Color For Black Divas


The long hair, parted in the middle, is completed with perfect makeup, creating the diva style. Red-brown hair color is one of the exquisite styles for assertive women.

3. Chocolate Red Long Waves


The softer and more radiant brown tone of chocolate hair color and red reflections is a superb option for your long hair.

4. Stylish Lob


This stylish lob is one of the options to consider if you want to give a more modern touch to the lob cut and warm your style.

5. Shines On Long Waves


You can gain perfect dimensions by adding red tones not directly to your hair but also as a sparkle.

6. Larger Waves


The waves, which are created at wider distances, will make your hair appear more intense than it is, revealing its exquisite color.

7. Red Brown For Older Ages


The color red and brown is both timeless and ageless! The color you choose with your excellent haircut will give your look a new twist.

8. Layered Cut


A free layered cut makes a fantastic coupling with red-brown for unique styles, producing a remarkable and far from the boring look!

9. For Light Skin Girls


A great color that will highlight the beauty of light-skinned women; the dark tint will draw attention to your gorgeous facial features.

10. Soft Waves


The attractiveness of the red-brown color adds a new depth to a romantic and sophisticated style with soft waves.

11. Dark Tones


This hairstyle is ideal for women who enjoy darker tones and want to have a brilliant hair color without losing their brunette style.

12. Brownish Red For Autumn Style


This hair color, which includes warm and spicy autumn tones, shows itself wonderfully on long hair.

13. Perfect Makeover


This makeover from a dull and faded blonde to a bold and vivid reddish brown deserves praise.

14. Dreamy Waves With Balayage


The red-brown hue is one of the balayage alternatives that you should not ignore.

15. Red Brown Balayage


This hair coloring, where the red sparkles will enrich your look, will add an exquisite vibe to your style.

16. Shiny Waves


This warm balayage, obtained with chestnut color and red glitters, makes you admire it by increasing the feminine look.

17. Light Red Radiance On Brown Hair


The vivid red balayage you’ll apply to your dark hair will enhance your look and bring attention to you.

18. Chocolate Red Bob


The bob haircut fascinates with its appearance, dimensioned with its brown tone with red reflections. Also, the haircut’s simplicity of styling makes it a highly appealing style for you.

19. Copper Red Brown


The noble brown color paired with copper tones creates an admirable beauty.

20. Natural Look


The bright red shimmers, which go well with brown hair, give your hair a natural look, such as sunlight in a beautiful summer.

21. Brown Hair With Red Undertone Updo


Dark hair is one of the most crucial factors in revealing flashy eye makeup. An attractive updo completes this look, in which the reddish brown hair color highlights the beauty of your eyes.

22. Retro Waves


The long-ranged large waves, known as retro waves, evoke an old Hollywood mood, referencing Rita Hayworth’s iconic red-brown hairstyle.

23. Rich Mid-Length


The perfect look of a simple and elegant style is achieved with this red-brown hair. This great style is easy to manage with medium hair, making it even more attractive.

24. Curtain Bang Cut


With curtain bangs, you can combine the popular haircut of recent times with the popular color of this year.

25. Exclusive Waves


With sophisticated hair waves, you can achieve a romantic look. The excellent red-brown hair color is one of the warmest toned complements to this style.

26. Face Framing


Face framing coloring is one of the popular styles of the 2020s. This coloring style goes perfectly with the red-brown hair color, making this style even more modern.

27. Feminine Stance


These feminine tones and styles will be the right choice if you are looking for a bold and more attractive look.

28. Daily Red Brown


This hair color, a short, and a t-shirt. You don’t need anything else for a stylish casual look!

29. Softest Red Brown


With its soft transition red-brown color, you will add a warm difference to your style.

30. Shiny Red Brown Bob


You obtain an irresistible look to see when you add graceful waves and red-brown color to the bob haircut!

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