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30 Beautiful Red Hair Color Ideas

Red hair is a hair color choice that attracts the most attention, sometimes attractive and sometimes cute. The red tone you choose will give you a completely distinct, perfect, and stylish look, depending on your style. We’ve put together an excellent list to help you choose your favorite shade of red and the hairstyle to go with it.

The right red hair color and hairstyle ideas can take your look from fine to fierce in a matter of minutes. Some of the most famous redheads in Hollywood include Christina Hendricks, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone. and Scarlett Johansson. Here are 30 gorgeous red hairstyles for women to try.

Blonde & Red Combo

A strawberry-blonde tone and a vibrant red are the perfect combination and contrast, creating a distinctive look. It will be a popular choice among assertive ladies.

Blonde & red is a bright and eye-catching color. It can help you stand out from the crowd and make others notice what you’ve got going on inside. This combination works especially well on women who want a modern but confident style look. That’s because red protects and shows off the woman’s curves whereas blonds do not. If you already have natural strawberry brown hair, go for a lighter shade to balance out your natural color and match with other jewelry and accessories. Or go crazy with bright red extensions to stand out even more!

Burgundy Waves

Burgundy, one of the noblest shades of this red, shows its exquisite color much more prominently on perfectly long wavy hair.

Burgundy waves will do wonders for your hair. The texture and thickness create the right look for relaxed, slightly shapeless hair that is voluminous but thin. The waves look great on dark hair, too. If you happen to have fine or medium hair, using the burgundy wave will create waves that will look natural on that texture.


Vivid Red Highlights

You won’t be able to take your gaze away from this vibrant, delectable crimson shade. Bright red, which is better for white-skinned ladies, will produce a beautiful color palette on your face, especially if your eyes are colored.

Sweet Tone Of Red

This hair color, which is one of the sweetest shades of red, is a fantastic choice. You must trust your hair to a professional hair stylist for this transformation; the end result will wow you.


Dark Red Hair Tone – Merlot

This majestic dark hair tone, which combines burgundy and dark brown shades, is an amazing choice for women with cool undertones.

If you have dark hair and are looking for a fashion statement it is definitely time for dark red hair tone with a Merlot twist! This dark red hair tone is stunning on its own and adds a unique edge to your overall look without being overpowering or looking like your hair has been powdered. Dark red hair can also be applied by using a styling product with a darker statement shade in it to create a more distinguished look for your hair.

Black To Orange

You can add color to your hair without losing your natural dark hair color. This bright red and orange tone promises a very fresh look.

Black to orange hair color is a great way to mix up your look and spice up your life. This hair color looks good on both men and women. The texture of this hair provides a sense of strength and stamina. Black on orange can make you appear intimidating but it can also make you look cute and confident when you put your hair up in a bun or pull it back in a ponytail.


Face Framing with Layered Red Color

You can use scarlet with slightly more modern techniques. Face-framing is one of the most popular hair coloring styles that has been on the rise lately. Red is a terrific color to use in your hair for this year’s fashion trend.

Hot Straight Red

The vibrant and fascinating appearance of this red tone, which will suit women of all skin tones, draws attention. The little curls you’ll add to the ends of your straight hair will elevate the look.


Cherry Long Red Hair

One of the most important elements of your strong style will be this vivid, assertive, and attractive red color. A fantastic pick for women who are self-assured, strong, and bold.

Red Highlights

If you want to make changes while preserving the natural color of your hair, this hair coloring is for you. This style, which was popular in the 90s, is revived when the blonde highlighting application, which is frequently preferred in the summer months, is made using red. And looks perfect.


Light Copper

This haircut is perfect for ladies with warm undertones and is a great illustration of the light copper tones. The coloring technique, which demonstrates the technique’s perfection on straight long hair, is a versatile option for all seasons.

Classic Red Updo

This magnificent red tone, which complements Updo’s nobility, appears to be the epitome of elegance.

Updo’s feminine appeal is further backed up by Classic Red Updo’s style, which has become more refined over time. It features neutral tones which are perfect for everyday wear and creativity. Classic Red Updo can be worn with any outfit and will never leave you feeling out of place, whether you choose to wear a suit or raw legging. For more daring looks, you can also opt for Updo in camel color or navy blue.


Flame Red With Bangs

This perfect mix of red tones is the result of mixing the bangs with a more vibrant and orange color. This hairstyle, which will suit women with white skin and not small faces, looks both stylish and cute.

Elegant Red

This hair color, which blends red and brown tones, is one of the joker options that can be used by women of all skin tones. Its elegant and trendy look is one of our favorites!

Elegant Red blends subtlety into its universe.Brown and red combine to create a subtle beauty that’s subtle and sophisticated. It’s perfect for the spring-summertime fashion trend. Light-skinned women will get jealous of this dye job on fuller on people of all skin tones. This hair color might make you seem older than you really are because of its age-appropriate coloration. It will make you seem sophisticated, sophisticated and timeless at the same time. Elegant Red will definitely bring a sense of glamour and distinction to your appearance whether you use it for a casual look or an evening out on the town.


Soft Red Shade

This soft, red tone, which also includes copper and cinnamon tones, will suit especially women with colored eyes, with its sporty and naive stance.

The soft red shade works especially well on eyes with colored pupils. This color also suits people who look down on bright colors usually associated with youth and vitality. This subdued color, however, also works well with those who think before they speak and act. Such people often prefer subdued colors to attention-grabbing ones.

Shades Of Copper

This hair color, which has many tones of copper and blonde reflections, is a vibrant and colorful summer pick.

If you go looking for bold color on your hair, copper is often the way to go. This vibrant hair color has many tones of copper and blonde reflections that create focal points and interest something in your hair.


Multiple Shades

Can you imagine a hair color that combines dark, blonde, and red tones? This stunning hair color will take your breath away. With its sporty and comfortable appearance, it is a very practical style.

Copper Lines

This exquisite technique, which seems to have been colored as lines, looked amazing when used with copper, one of the most favorite shades of red.


Copper Waved Bob

Wavy hair completes the bob cut’s modern aesthetic. It has an entirely different style because of the red tone. It’s one of the best hair colors for a bob cut, in our opinion.

Red Velvet Ends

You can create a stunning style by applying the red tones to the ends of your black hair in an excellent transition. The assertive and magnificent appearance will be one step ahead with long and thick hair.


Vivid Red Medium Length

This vibrant red looks exquisite on both wheat-skinned women and porcelain white skinned women. This perfect red is complemented by the modern attitude of the medium haircut.

Auburn Waves

This hairstyle, which is defined as reddish-brown or dark ginger, is used in this technique with its lighter tones. It is impossible not to admire this color, which will perfectly complement the style of women with fair skin.


Copper & Red Blend

This hair color, which has darker colors of copper, auburn, and blonde highlights, is applied with a great technique. Light hair waves brought the style to the fore even more.

Shiny Ginger

One of the most striking and natural colors of red is this magnificent, brilliant ginger color. It’s a stunning option that looks completely natural, especially on women with fair skin and colored eyes.


Copper Balayage

The balayage process with soft copper color gives brown hair an exquisite change. Copper balayage, also known as copper toffee.

This popular technique of styling hair is prosperous for rosy cheekbones, golden tan, messy hair, and smooth hair. The look is gorgeous on any skin tone.

How to choose the right copper balayage solution is crucial and requires some trial and error. Many women experience failure after applying the balayage due to the incorrect technique and lack of attention to detail.

Sunset Tones with Bright Red

You may give your hair the vibrant look of the sunset’s red and yellow tones. This style, which gives women with cold undertones a fresh look, is something to admire.


Classy Red Medium Length

A beautiful hairstyle is created when this red tone, which is close to burgundy, is combined with the classy air of a medium length haircut.

Flame Shades with Red Balayage

This red contains all the tones of a real flame. These flame hues are the perfect type of red; a current and youthful hairstyle pick.


Dark Cherry Red

This magnificent color, which perfectly matches the cherry’s vivid and striking hue, looks stunning on straight and long hair.

Romantic Ginger

When combined with the cute hair accessories, this soft ginger color creates a really romantic look. This color will match you perfectly and seem natural, especially if you have freckles.

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