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30 Plum Hair Color Ideas for Stunning Looks

plum hair color

With the re-emergence of dark colored hair, many dark hair color options have started to attract attention. One of the most popular and modern among them is the plum color.

Plum hair is an excellent blend of brown, purple, and red colors. It’s named after the delicious plum fruit’s natural stunning colors. This gorgeous color wins hearts as it suits ladies with both cold and warm skin undertones. Our list of 30 unique suggestions that you can combine with great haircuts and tones to showcase this dark color in the best way that will inspire you.

Frosted Plum

Increasingly popular and a perfect choice for women of all ages, the silver color creates a wonderful blend with plum tones. The color in these cold tones will help the eye color of women with colored eyes to come to the fore even more.

Lavender Plum

The purple tone of lavender color, close to blue, offers a romantic look like a lavender flower.


Fuchsia Plum Highlights

Wouldn’t you like a plum tone that was more alive and exciting? For women with cool undertones, this fuchsia plum color’s brightness and warm tones are balanced with their skin tones.

Blue & Purple Curls

You can create a wonderful color riot with blue and purple colors for your free curls. Vivid colors that are compatible with your dark hair will be the pioneer of an energetic and fresh style.


Elegant Plum

Eggplant plum gets its name from the eggplant’s natural purple tint. With sophisticated haircuts and coloring methods, you may combine this classic noble color with your current style.

Long Plum Balayage

One of the best options you can make in preparation for this winter is to color your long wavy hair with beautiful plum tone.


Purple Plum Mohawk

Purple plum is a hairstyle that is quite out of the ordinary, and it creates an exquisite combo with the Mohawk haircut! Thanks to this unique and bold hair, you will be able to reflect your free and rebellious spirit out in the most wonderful way.

Plum Mahogany

The plum purple combined with the noble and dark red of the Mahogany color is one of the most impressive examples of red hair.


Vibrant Cherry Plum

With the touch of this vibrant color, you will be able to make an exquisite change without touching the roots of your natural dark hair.

Natural Plum

This color, which is one of the most natural plum tones, will give you a hairstyle that attracts the eye and shines in the sunlight.


Plum with Natural Roots

You may give your dark long hair a completely different vibe by adding plum color to the ends of your naturally dark hair. A fascinating style will be enhanced by the coloring process, which will stand out especially in thick hair.

Wavy Plum Lob

It will be enough to wait for a sunlight to reflect on your hair to fascinate those who see it with this wonderful color.


Sweet Plum

With its shimmering plum tone, you can add exquisite warmth to your cold-toned skin.

Violet Plum

The combination of plum tones and dark gray creates a stunning and noble hair color. While any haircut will look great with this hair color, long wavy hair is particularly attractive.


Shiny Plum Waves

This rich plum color is a great choice to complement the nobility and strikingness of your style. Your long hair will dazzle with this shining color.

Plum Straight Bob

Straight cut bob hairstyle creates an exquisite style with this color that will be far from ordinary. Its bright purple color will add a sweet warmth to your face with its warm undertone.


Chocolate Plum

This plum tone is a fantastic blend of warm and classic tones, with chocolate hues dominating. Any season is a good time to wear these shining colors.

Natural Plum Balayage

Your hair will look like it has naturally lightened at the end of a sunny summer with this balayage technique, which will give it a natural shine. A great option for women who don’t want to give up their natural appearance.


Lines of Plum Shades

A modern adaptation of plum and fuchsia tones, this coloring process is an attractive option, especially for young ladies.

Plum Mullet

This wonderful mixture created with mahogany, violet and plum colors creates a perfect pairing with the striking and different vibe of mullet haircut.


Blackberry Plum

With this color, which is one of the great examples of the dark plum tone, you can have one of the radiant purple tones far from the ordinary.

Plum Roots

You can have a unique and quite different hairstyle with modern peach tones that you will add to the ends of your hair with plum roots.


Color Blends

You can use more than one tone of many colors in your hair. Although this sounds very complicated in theory, it produces great results in practice. This hairdo is one of a kind, with blonde, plum, and dark tones.

Plum Purple Balayage

Vivid, purple, young. You have no reason not to try this perfect trio!


Plum Highlights

You can get a modern style by adding plum sparkles to a refreshing haircut.

Red Long Plum Hair

This color tone, which is dominated by red, offers a very warm look. This warm tone, which will suit every skin color, is one of the most vibrant plum varieties.


Natural Brunette Plum

With the shine of this plum color, adding the perfect distinction to your naturally dark hair is far from impossible.

Deep Red Plum

A deep red plum hue is ideal for highlighting any haircut. This natural haircut has given you the perfect look with spectacular deep red plum.


Dark Purple Plum Balayage

Dark purple balayage will give your dark hair an exquisite stance. With the balayage technique, you may create a stunning transformation without losing your natural hair color and with minimal chemical treatment.

Electric Plum

With this shimmering metallic hue, your hair color highlights its striking and eye catching look. This vibrant color that will suit every skin tone looks absolutely perfect.


Plum hair color ideas are more popular than ever before. Their bold, rich tones are a natural fit for the fall and winter months, but their unique appeal can shine year round. As you shop the great number of plum hues available, consider these guidelines to help you find your perfect plum hair color match.

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.