30 Best Pixie Haircuts – Creatively Charming Short Hairstyles

Pixie haircuts are very charming and imaginative because of their different style of short hairstyles as well as the variety of shaved-hair pixie cuts. Pixie haircuts are loved by many young women as well as older ladies that want to stay stylish and modern.

The pixie haircut is a very easy-care choice that can easily adapt to either a feminine or masculine style. We have prepared a list that will make it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best among many options. Here are the top pixie haircuts to see this year.

These adorable pixie haircuts will help you master the short-haired life. Let your scalps be the canvas on which you paint your unique style statement.

Choppy Pixie

Many celebrities, including Twiggy, Audrey Hepburn, and Anne Hathaway, favored the choppy pixie. The fact that it produces both an elegant and an athletic style is one of the reasons why this model is so popular.

Short Pixie With Design Haircut

On your head, you can have any geometric shape and distinctive design you wish!


Rihanna Pixie

Rihanna wore this haircut so well that it has become known as the Rihanna Pixie by stylists. This classic cut will look great on you.

Colorful Assymetric Pixie

With this haircut and color, all eyes will be on you. Colors can be chosen in harmony or in contrast.


Blonde Pixie With Undercut

This layered haircut will give your hair a unique look. Furthermore, it is so simple to use that you will be unable to give up its convenience.

Short Layered Purple Pixie

Purple is one of the most popular colors in the 2020s. For a dramatic look, combine this popular color with a daring pixie cut.


Long Pixie Swept Side

Princess Charlene of Monaco has had this graceful hairstyle for many years. You won’t be able to stop having this haircut, which gives you a very modern look while also being quite feminine.

Long Messy Pixie

If your hair is thin, this cut can help you achieve a voluminous look while also adding charm.


Layered Pixie With Side Swept Bang

This style, which will be the most popular choice for oval faces, will provide you with effortless elegance.

Pink Pixie With Longer Top

It’s a haircut that combines a pixie cut with the ability to shape your bangs whatever you like.


Sleek Side Parted Pixie

You can have a fascinating look by highlighting your make-up and facial characteristics with this attractive hairstyle.

Soft Textured Pixie

While this haircut has a very cute aesthetic, it will be a lifesaver for straight hair.


Pixie With Long Curled Bang

It’s impossible not to admire this beautiful haircut while your curls spill over your face.

Natural Curly Pink Pixie

When natural curls are already super cute, imagine these are pink? Women of all ages will like this haircut.


Hollywood Waved Pixie

This model will draw all eyes to you if you wish to have a unique look.

Mohawk Pixie

You can freely display the wildness of the Mohawk style in a pixie haircut!


Layered Orange Pixie

Orange hair is a great choice for all seasons, you can get an attractive style with a combo with pixie cut.

Cosmic Colors On Natural Silver Pixie

You can combine your natural silver hair with striking colors.


Sharp-Cut Pixie

The cut will bring out the beauty of your face while providing a very feminine style.

Feathered Long on Top Pixie

Jennifer Lawrence’s go-to hairdo is a joker haircut that can fit both on the red carpet and in the gym.


Short Pixie With Natural Curls

Lupita Nyong’o has been using this haircut for years, and she always looks great. This haircut, which reveals the structure of your face, gives you a unique appearance.

Punk Pixie

You’ll be unable to resist the punk style pixie cuts that will complete your wild look.


Pixie Bowl

This cut, which highlights all the beauty of Charlize Theron, will give you a distinct vibe.

Brunette Layered Voluminious Pixie

With this cool cut, you’re ready the moment you get out of bed!


Side Swept Voluminious Pixie

This pixie style will bring your attractiveness to the front by combining with the blonde
shade, giving you a very modern look.

Contrast Colored Undercut Pixie

If the glamour of the pixie cut isn’t enough for you, this color choice will help you stand out even more.


Long Pixie With Heart Shaved

Carrying a heart on your head is so sweet and so unique!

Straight Long Pixie With Purple Highlights

Despite the popularity of purple, you can use it in other ways if you don’t want to color it totally. When you use it as a highlight, you might have a whole different look.


Long Assymetric Brunette Pixie

There are no words to express the elegance of this hairstyle, which combines the glamour of brown hair with another exquisite haircut, the pixie.

Kris Jenner Pixie

Kris Jenner has had the same hairdo since we first saw her. We never got bored with this look! Because it is impossible to get bored with Pixie cut. This pixie, which is associated with her, is highly recommended.


The hottest short hairstyles for pixie cuts are here. From angular bobs to flattering fringes and versatile updos, we’ve rounded up the best pixie haircuts for women in 2021 that will totally transform your look.

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