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28 Pixie Haircuts For Black Women To Try In 2022

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


One of the most common haircuts for ladies is the pixie crop or pixie cut. Black women look good with pixie cuts. You can even use a current hair color with this because it is timeless.

Your dark skin will look fantastic in this hairstyle. Black hair can be a gift and a curse to style, so it’s not always the easiest to manage.

On short locks, this is even more obvious. However, many black women’s pixie hairstyles are available, and we’ll show you the greatest ones!

1. Micro Short Pixie


Consider your search finished if you’ve been looking for the most straightforward short, natural hairstyles for black women. Nothing, after all, will better draw attention to your lovely facial features than this micro pixie cut!

2. Curly Pixie with Subtle Red Highlights


Get a simple curly hairdo by slightly shortening the back portion of the hair, leaving the crown part elevated. Also, put subtle red highlights on the front pieces of the hair for a whole complete look. The amount of interest you attract will surprise you. 

3. Pixie with Enhanced Edges


Who would want to adorn their pixie cuts without enhancing the edges? This super low-maintenance pixie cut with enhanced edges is the answer to your search! This look is perfect as it beautifies and draws everyone’s interest back to your face.

4. Curly Pixie on Black Hair


Natural curls are on our menu for the day! This curly pixie haircut is perfect for you and will ultimately look great on darker complexions! This look is for women who want to embrace their natural hair but also want a low-maintenance look. 

5. Pixie with Shaved Sides


Most black women’s pixie hairstyles will experiment with the structure of the hair. Then take it a step further by adding some shaved lines and other patterns. You can also experiment with the design by adding an undercut to the equation.

7. Pixie for Straight Hair


There are various pixie hairstyle ideas for curly hair; however, occasionally, you might desire to straighten yours entirely. Therefore, we advise that you go for this pixie style, which will look great on both straight and wavy hair.

8. Pixie with Blue Highlights


The clearest example of how highlights may alter your appearance is right here. This stunning pixie cut is adorned with the also stunning blue highlights. Layers and vibrant or even subtle colors do work wonders. İt is amazing! 

9. Side-Swept Pixie


Choose a more extended pixie cut and elegantly style it like this to highlight natural hair even on a short length. Keep the bangs long so you can sweep them to the side effortlessly.

10. Short Red Pixie


You may create a magnificent, eye-catching style by pairing this short pixie cut with gorgeous red color. The stunning pixie cut and the red hue combine to make an eye-catching, neck-turning look that you would not want to skip.

11. Short Pixie Undercut


We’ll continue with this messy pixie with a sharp undercut because, as we all know, there are a lot of styles to choose from. It will result in a highly smooth look and helps give an already bold look more edge.

12. Bright Pink Pixie


Barbie who? This hairstyle gives off a sleek yet playful vibe to the whole look. İn this look, only the top crown part is dyed a fiery hot pink while the rest is still natural hair. Stunning and stupefying, as we say! 

13. Buzz Cut Pixie


Everyone will look great in this short, sleek, buzzcut pixie, but women with round faces will look especially great. This is more than suitable for both formal and informal occasions. It enhances the face contour, cheekbones, and overall facial structure. 

14. Platinum Blonde Pixie with Pink Highlights


Your skin will stand out with this pixie hairstyle. The combination of platinum blonde and pink gives off barbie vibes, and we love it! The pink portion draws all our attention.

15. Long Fringe Pixie Cut with Light Blue Highlights


İn this look, you won’t need to dye all your hair. This style would require you to dye portions of your pixie hair with light blue highlights. İt gives such an ethereal vibe that we are all here for!

16. Layered Pixie Cut on Natural Hair


Get a new trim on your natural hair color if you want a new spin on your short black hair. This hairstyle’s soft, relaxed layers look adorable on ladies with deeper skin tones. 

17. Textured Pixie with Vibrant Highlights


An excellent method to stand out from the crowd is to have stylish black hair with striking colors on top of it. Long bangs accented in vivid hues are worn with this pixie cut, giving the appearance of so much extra pizzazz.

18. Platinum Blonde Pixie


Platinum blonde is a famous experiment among black ladies. Make sure to wear it with a short pixie cut like this practically white bombshell if you also want to give it a go. You will appear chic and sassy with this curly pixie cut, which has short bangs and a tapered back.

19. Brown Pixie Cut


You have the chance to experiment with a new color and shape with black women’s short hair cuts. If you’ve always had curly hair, you might want to show it in this brown catwalk-ready loose style for a while.

20. Fiery Orange Pixie


The crown portion of this hairstyle is what drew all of our attention for sure! This bright fiery orange will take necks off of the crowd. The lovely pixie cut and the orange hue are all you need for a stunning, eye-catching look!

21. Purple Finger Coil Pixie


On naturally curly hair, always the shortest hairstyles look stunning. Look at these finger coil curls, which resemble purple berries, and how great they look dressed in this pixie cut. Those ringlets are just highlighted more by the purple color.

22. Sassy Brown Pixie Undercut


Black women’s short hairstyles can also be daring! This tiered undercut is fantastic, in all honesty. The hair is raised, giving the appearance of a voluminous crown and tidy, symmetrical sides.

23. Burgundy Pixie Cut


This short pixie haircut shines out thanks to the stunning effect of the cropped pixie and the most stunning burgundy highlights. The disjointed waves give the design a playful element. It can be separated anyway you choose, or you can leave it untouched.

24. Pixie with Teal and Purple Highlights


The stunning front teal and blue hues complement the amazing waves well. You may set them with hairspray and appear immaculate all day long!

25. Coiled Pixie Cut


With a pixie cut that highlights natural hair structure, let nature serve as your hairdresser. Bring out the most in your natural hair with this trimmed, tapered pixie cut, whether you have natural coils or loose waves.

26. Pink Crown Pixie Cut


This brilliant pink crown looks stunning with such a warm dark skin tone. The unique haircut adds to the effortlessly cool look, and the other colors alongside it work well together.

27. Finger Waves Pixie


We now offer you this look of a pixie with tousled hair and intricate finger waves. It will result in a highly sleek appearance and helps give an already bold look more edge. 

28. Pixie with Shaved Side


Cutting your hair into this type of pixie cut will be worth it because of the striking gorgeousness the shaved sides give! 

And there you have it! You now have inspiration for your next chop. Don’t forget to let us know which one of these looks will you sport!

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