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Will Green Hair Dye Cover Pink?

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Tired of your pink fashion color already? It’s normal. We get so hyped about new hair color and then want to can it in a week. Well, if that’s you and you’ve chosen green as your next color and are raring to go, not so fast! Green hair dye can neutralize your pink or give you green hair color. How can it turn out so differently? Read on to find out will green hair dye will cover pink and how.

Quick Answer

Because green is on the opposite side of pink on the color wheel, you’ll need to know exactly what color to choose to make your pink hair green. Green neutralizes pink, so you might end up with a muddy brown for all your effort. Always choose a green that’s at least one shade darker than your pink.

Will Green Hair Dye Cover Pink?

A green dye can cover up pink easily, as long as the green is a darker shade. And the good news is that it doesn’t have to be a permanent green dye to take over the pink completely. Normally, you would have to use a permanent hair color to take over another color. But green neutralizes pink. It’s on the opposite end of the color wheel, so it converts the pink color even if you use a semi-permanent dye, like Manic Panic.

Even if you have a different fashion color, you can effectively color over it with the color on the opposite side of the color wheel. If you have gold-colored hair, you can color it purple. Orange hair is covered over nicely by blue. As long as it’s opposite on the color wheel and you use a shade darker, it can be done.

Here are some examples of how that works when you’re putting green over pink hair:

What color is green to use over light pink?

If you have pastel pink hair, you’re going to avoid pastel green which is the Sea Nymph color at Manic Panic. Sea Nymph is the same shade or lighter than pastel pink, so it will neutralize your pink and leave you with sort of a dishwater blonde. Instead, use Electric Lizard or any true green that’s a darker shade than pastel.

What color is green to use over bubblegum pink?

Over a medium-colored pink, you should be able to use Venus Envy or a darker shade like Green Envy or Serpentine Green. 

What color is green to use over dark pink?

To color over dark pink hair, you can try Serpentine Green, provided that your shade of pink is lighter. If it’s about the same color, you’ll need a very deep green color from another brand besides Manic Panic. 

How to Dye Pink Hair to Green Hair

Simply choose your preferred green semi-permanent hair dye. Make sure it’s a shade darker than your pink, and apply it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. You should be able to put green dye over pink hair and get the perfect green color.

But you don’t have to use hair dye directly. You can also go green by using a color-depositing shampoo. Here’s the process for that:

Choose a Green Semi-permanent Hair Dye 

When you add green hair dye to a shampoo, and the green is not darker than the pink, it will fade the pink gradually, but it won’t turn green. If you use a darker green than your pink shade, as suggested above with the Manic Panic color examples, your hair will turn green.

Mix the Semi-permanent Green Hair Dye with Shampoo

Choose a moisturizing shampoo. If you use one that is clarifying or even one that isn’t moisturizing, it might strip the hair more than necessary to get it clean. This might prevent the hair dye particles from sticking to your hair.  

Use a liquid, gel, or cream semi-permanent green hair dye and add it to your shampoo at a ratio of 50:50. After you mix it well, it’s best to add it back into a clean shampoo bottle, as it will probably sit in your shower for a while to refresh your green color. More on that later. 

Wash Your Hair with the Green Shampoo

It’s key to allow the green shampoo to sit on your tresses for at least five minutes before rinsing. That’s because the green particles need time to deposit onto your hair cuticle and between the cuticle shingles. 

Even if your pink is a permanent hair dye, the green semi-permanent hair dye will take over. This is due not so much to the green dye actually taking over as to the trick that happens with our eyes when two colors cancel one another. The pink is still there, but it’s canceled.

Keeping Your Green Hair Dye Over Pink

Fashion colors tend to fade more quickly than natural colors. So to keep your green from fading back into pink, it’s a good idea to continue using the same green shampoo. But you don’t want to shampoo your hair too much with the green shampoo, or the dye can build up in your hair, causing dry, listless strands.

You also don’t want to put an excess of green dye on top of the pink because the green will become very difficult to remove when you’re ready to change your hair color again. A weekly wash is sufficient to maintain your green hair.

Here are some other tips:

  • Don’t stay out in the sun without a hat. The sun can fade your green color and leave you with a pink undertone. 
  • Avoid chlorine pools and beach swims if you want to preserve your color.
  • Use color-safe products. 
  • Don’t use a clarifying shampoo to remove buildup; you’ll also end up removing your hair color.

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