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How To Go From Pink to Brown Hair? Can You Apply Brown Dye Over Pink Hair?

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You can put brown over pink hair, but there’s a set way to do it so that you actually end up a beautiful brunette. If you do it incorrectly, your hair might come out with a reddish color or even an orange one.

You might even get a purple or mauve color depending on your pink color. So it’s important to know how to do it right. Below, we’ll discuss how to successfully go from pink hair to brown. Ready? 

Quick Answer

You’ll need a permanent brown dye to change your hair from pink to brown. If you use a semi-permanent brown dye, you’ll have to fade the pink first, or you might end up with a muddy color. Use this guide for successfully adding brown dye over pink hair.

What Color Do Pink and Brown Make?

If you’re wondering, “what color do pink and brown make,” it yields a gloomy mauve color from the semipermanent dye. That’s because brown is a dark color. It will always be in a higher concentration than pink if it’s light or medium.

The shade of dull mauve you get will depend on what shade of pink you’re starting out with. 

  1. Pastel-pink and brown: If you mix a cotton candy color with brown, you’ll get a dark, dull mauve. If you try an ash brown over pink, you’ll get a lighter, cooler version of the same color. 
  2. Bubble gum pink and brown: This will land you near an actual mauve. It will be a lighter mauve if you try light brown, and the pink might still show through in some places.
  3. Dark pink and brown: This will give a dirty plum color. If you use a light brown, it will probably just fade your dark pink to look lackluster.   

Can You Dye Brown Over Pink Without Bleach?

You don’t need bleach if you can leech the pink out before tackling your hair with a brown semi-permanent dye. Usually, a few washes with a clarifying shampoo are enough to remove pastel pink from your hair.

If it’s a darker color, and you choose semi-permanent brown dye, you should probably bleach the color out first.

But be prepared. A stylist had to bleach the natural color of your hair first, then add the pink to make the color come out correctly.

If you went through the whole bleaching process once, bleaching it again to remove the pink can cause some noticeable damage.

But a semipermanent fashion color, like pink, is almost the same as a temporary color. It will begin fading in a few days without using color maintenance hair products or putting hair color in your conditioner to keep depositing the same color.

So a semi-permanent pink will be much easier to leech.

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How do Semi-permanent and Permanent Brown Dye Differ

If you’re trying to use semi-permanent brown dye over pink hair, it will pose a bit of a problem. Semipermanent dyes are designed to coat the hair and stick to the hair cuticle. So the two colors will blend and be unsightly. You’ll need to completely fade the pink first.

Permanent dyes, on the other hand, enter the hair shaft and chemically change the color of the hair. So if you plan to use brown dye over pink, it will be easier if you choose a brown permanent hair dye.

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You can do pink to brown hair transformation at home.

How To Dye Your Hair Brown From Pink at Home Using Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

If you use a semipermanent brown dye over pink hair, remember it’s only going to coat the outside.

What will be the results?

Unless the pink is completely removed from your hair, you’ll end up with a dull pinkish-brown color.

What to do before coloring?

To remove the pink first, you’ll need to wash your hair with clarifying shampoo a few times or bleach the pink out of your hair.

How to strip your hair at home?

Wash your hair with clarifying shampoo and, after massaging it in, allow it to sit for twenty minutes. Massage every five minutes in an effort to remove the color, but always be gentle.

After twenty minutes, rinse your hair. After it is fully dry and the color is removed, you can use semipermanent brown dye.

If the pink dye didn’t completely come out of your hair, wait three days, then try the clarifying shampoo again. Do this for three cycles if necessary. If the pink is still there, head to the salon for a bleaching treatment.

If it’s gone, you can dye your hair with either light or dark brown semipermanent dye.

What to do after you color your hair?

To help the color to set, don’t wash or condition your hair for a few days after coloring your hair. Try only to wash your hair once a week to preserve the color.

You can use conditioner midweek to cleanse your hair, but you should add a bit of semi-permanent brown hair color to your conditioner. This will deposit a light layer of color onto your locks to keep your hair from fading too fast. 

How To Dye Your Hair Brown From Pink at Home Using Permanent Hair Dye?

If you use a permanent brown dye over pink hair, the brown will enter the hair shaft to recolor your hair. What you have to be most aware of at this point are the shades of color you’re using. You’re fine if your hair is a tone lighter than the dye.

If your hair is darker than the dye you’ve chosen, you need to choose a color that’s darker than your hair for the permanent dye to work well.

What will be the results?

If you use permanent hair dye over pink hair, the results should come out brown, as expected, as long as you remember to color your hair a darker tone than what you currently have on your head. 

What to do before?

You need to do nothing before you use a permanent dye, again, as long as the color is darker than your hair. If it’s not, and you’re set on the color, use clarifying shampoo to get the pink out as much as possible.

But don’t bleach your hair, and use a permanent dye at home. It’s best to go to a salon for that. 

How to do it at home?  

Just follow the instructions on the box to dye your hair brown from pink at home with a permanent hair dye.

What to do after?

Your aftercare will be similar to the aftercare of a semi-permanent dye. Wait a few days before you wash your hair. Only wash your hair once weekly if you want to preserve the color.

Use conditioner midweek to cleanse and freshen your hair, but you shouldn’t add permanent hair dye to your conditioner. Instead, add a bit of semi-permanent brown hair color to it so that it will deposit a light layer of color onto your locks each time.

This will preserve your hair’s rich color and keep it from going lackluster too fast.

Coloring over Pink Hair Can Be Tricky 

So there are quite a few rules to follow when dyeing over pink hair. Even still, good results aren’t guaranteed at home. Successful coloring depends on many factors, including the brand of dye you choose and the condition of your hair.

If you want perfect results, consult with a colorist first at your local salon and have them do the job. 

If you’re a person who likes to change colors frequently, try to go with the lightest tone of color first, then gradually get darker with a permanent dye.

This way, you don’t have to go through the process of stripping your hair before dyeing it.


What Color Cancels Out The Pink In Hair?

If you’re using a semipermanent dye, it will fade too fast to cancel out the pink completely. If you use permanent dye, you can use almost any color over it, as long as it’s darker in tone.

What Is Rose Brown Hair?

Rose brown is a salon technique of coloring that you won’t be able to achieve just by dyeing pink hair brown. If you want a lustrous color instead of a muddy one, you’ll need pink highlights put onto brown hair. Your stylist can tell you more about achieving it on your hair. Always be forthcoming about any chemical treatments you have in your hair, so the results will come out as intended.

What Is Rose Gold Hair? 

Rose gold is a color that’s mixed in a salon as one coloring treatment. It might have pink or blonde highlights added, depending on your preference. It can’t be achieved at home by coloring pink over brown or brown over pink.

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