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How To Get Back to Blonde From Dyed Pink Hair – Will Blonde Hair Dye Cover Pink?

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A pink to blonde hair transformation isn’t as easy as it sounds. It’s not the easiest thing to put a lighter color over a darker one, or in this case, to put a less nuanced color over one that has more and different bites of color. Consider that blonde is a natural hair color that’s really brown, only lighter. But pink is red and white mixed. Here lies the problem.

Will Blonde Hair Dye Cover Pink?

In short, no. You can’t expect a blonde color to result if you use blonde hair dye on pink hair. Depending on the color pink you have and the color blonde you want, you can end up anywhere on the color spectrum between orange and dark pink. In other words, it will almost never turn blonde. It will be some strange color you weren’t expecting.

The Results of Applying Blonde Dye on Pink Hair

The results don’t just depend on the pink you have but on how recently you dyed your hair pink. If you recently bleached your hair and used a permanent pink hair dye, your hair is likely very porous. So when you color your hair again, it will soak up the color you apply. The pink will still be there, though, so you’ll have an intense color that hasn’t yet been named. 

Even if that doesn’t happen, here’s what probably will be based on hair color:

  1. Light pink with cool blonde: Adding a cool undertone to light pink could get you somewhere close to a dull lavender. 
  2. Light pink with warm blonde: Using a warm tone with pink will bring out the red and mix it with the gold-ish color from the warm blond. That could give you a light orange color.
  3. Medium pink with cool blonde: In this case, an ash blonde color will sit on top of your pink, and that could make it a dull pink that’s close to a light, muddy mauve color.
  4. Medium pink with warm blonde: This might make an orange color.
  5. Dark pink with cool blonde: A cool blonde here can dull your dark pink color into something that looks purplish.
  6. Dark pink with warm blonde: The color you’ll get depends on how porous your hair is. If it’s very porous, you might get a screaming orange color. If your hair isn’t too porous, the result could be red or orange.

How to Fade Pink Hair Dye

The solution to these rainbow colors is simply to fade the pink first, then apply the blonde color. This will be easy if you have light pink hair that is dyed with semi-permanent pink. It will be more difficult if you have dark pink hair that uses a permanent color. So the difficulty varies. Try one of the following options, giving your hair a rest of three days between each try to see if you are able to fade your color without going to a salon.  

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Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoos are typically made with sulfates that strip the hair. They work especially well on semipermanent colors, as those types of colors sit outside of the hair shaft. But if you use very warm water, it will open your hair cuticles to work on the inside of the hair where permanent hair color resides. This is more damaging, though.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can help to remove the dye by breaking it down to remove it from your locks. Crush tablets and mix the powder with water to form a paste. Some people apply the paste directly to the hair, but this can produce uneven results. It’s best to mix the paste thoroughly with shampoo and then apply it to the hair. For the best results, leave the shampoo mix in your hair for a half hour before rinsing thoroughly. Rinse slowly using very warm water.

Warm Oil

Oil is a great way to remove semi-permanent hair dye. It works on the outer part of the hair, where the dye is stuck and loosens it. Warm your oil in a double boiler until it’s slightly warmer than your body temperature. Apply it liberally to your hair, and wrap it in plastic wrap to seal it. Wait for three hours or leave it overnight. This is the only method that’s conditioning and can be used in conjunction with one or the other of the two methods listed here.

Dyeing to Blonde

If your hair isn’t stripped of the pink on the third try, throw in the towel and head to a salon before using blonde dye. If you were able to strip your hair successfully at home, then you can proceed. Now you can choose the color blonde you want without worries.

How to Care for Dyed Blonde Hair

Once all the pink is out, and you’ve recolored your hair, you can consider yourself blonde for the long haul. Well, that’s until it fades, which it does. To keep your color fresh, use a purple shampoo to correct the color and a blonde color-depositing shampoo and conditioner to keep the color. 

To dye your hair to a color that’s similar in shade, like pink to blonde, isn’t an easy task. If the color doesn’t completely fade with a home technique, you’ll still have to go into a salon to get it bleached. The two processes can be very damaging, so sometimes it’s better to just go to a salon.


What color cancels pink in hair?

If you’re looking for a color that you can dye pink hair without having to strip it, stay with a color in the same family, like a darker pink, red, or purple. This way, the pink you had will become fully covered by another color.

What happens if you put the blonde dye on your pink hair?

The colors will mix if you put blonde hair dye directly onto pink hair. The result will depend on your hair’s porosity, your pink color, and the blonde color you are applying. See above for more details.

Will dark ash blonde cover pink hair?

Ash blonde is a cool blonde color. It won’t cover pink hair, but it will make the red color inside the pink dull. So whatever color it changes to will be dull.

How can you get pink blonde hair?

You can get pink blonde hair by adding pink highlights to blonde hair. Or you can try blonde with copper lowlights and pink balayage. Beautiful! 

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