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100+ Creative Peekaboo Hair Ideas for Your Next Big Change

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Would you believe it if we told you that you might color your hair perfectly without overdoing chemicals or losing your natural color? Peekaboo hair coloring is an excellent coloring technique.

This name knows these highlights since it comes out with a beautiful peekaboo moment when it is hidden in your natural hair color. This style, which may be classified as current fashion, is ideal for women seeking naturalness and uniqueness.

Furthermore, peekaboo highlights are a one-of-a-kind hairstyle that you can customize to suit your style.

What Is Peekaboo Hair Color?

Peekaboo hair color is a technique that uses light and dark colors to create a two-toned look. It is often used to create highlights and lowlights in hair. The method is achieved by applying light-colored highlights to the hair, then using a darker color to create shadows around the highlights.

Peekaboo hair color can be used on any hair, but it is most commonly used on light-colored hair. It can be used to create a variety of different looks, including highlights, lowlights, ombre, and balayage. This creates the illusion of depth and dimension in the hair.

The results of peekaboo hair color can vary depending on the colors used and the technique used. Depending on the person’s preference, it can give hair a subtle or dramatic look.

Who Should go with Peekaboo Highlights?

Peekaboo highlights are perfect for you if you want to add some fun and excitement to your hair. They are also a great way to brighten up your look, and they can make your features stand out. They are perfect for any woman who wants to add a little color to her hair, but they are not recommended for women with very light hair.

Pink Peekaboo Hair

Are you looking for a fun and flirty way to add color to your hair? Try pink peekaboo hair! This trend is all about adding pops of pink throughout your hair, usually in the form of highlights or lowlights. It’s a great way to add personality to your look without going too crazy with color.

1. Dark Brown Hair With Pink Underneath

As you can see in the picture, the pink hair color is almost hidden under the dark brown hair.

2. Light Pink Highlights

Nothing can stop the pink hair trend. Many celebrities and Instagram influencers are rocking pink hair. The shades once considered too extreme and bizarre are now women’s most popular hair color.

3. Silver Blonde With Pink Highlights

The “Peekaboo” hair trend, a silver blonde with pink highlights, has been one of the most popular hair colors of 2021, and we expect it to continue leading the pack in 2022.

4. Blonde & Pink Hair

These blonde highlights will make your friends go green with envy!

5. Black Hair With Pink Highlights

Black hair is already so popular because of its versatility and variety of styles, textures, and colors. The peekaboo hair color trend is no exception, and you can easily combine it with any other hairstyle or texture you like.

6. Pink Balayage Peekaboo

The best peekaboo hairstyle would be one that blends well with your skin tone and eye color. The trick here is to ensure that your skin tone does not contrast too much with your hair color. Otherwise, the effect will look odd, unnatural, and artificial.

7. Braided Pink Peekaboo

I love looking at different variations of this trend.

8. Pink Hair Underneath Brown

It’s perfect if you’re looking for something slightly more subtle than other colors beneath your brown hair!

9. Brown Hair With Pink Peekaboo Highlights

The peekaboo trend is all about showing off your edgy side while still looking put together. Many women feel they have to go crazy with their hair color to make an impact, but that doesn’t always mean you have to do something drastic. There are tons of ways you can show off your unique personality or style by maintaining a balance between bold and subtle.

10. Black Hair Pink Bangs Highlights

All eyes will be on the pink hair trend. Pink highlights will stand out against dark hair colors like black and brown. Some hair stylists predict red, purple, and blue will also start appearing.

11. Straight Hair with Pink Highlights

The best peekaboo hairstyles usually have muted colors that blend well with your natural color. If you have dark hair, it is best to avoid colors like red and black because they will not contrast well with your natural color.

12. Brown Hair With Light Pink Highlights

Hair colors are getting brighter, bolder, and more vibrant each year. To get peekaboo highlights, ask your stylist to add softly-placed color around your hair or create a multicolored ombré effect.

13. Dark Brown Hair With Pink Highlights

An easy way to update your look at home is with hair color. A fun way to do this is by adding highlights and lowlights. Highlights are a great way to add dimension and brightness to darker hair, while lowlights add depth and dimension to lighter hair.

14. Pink Underlayer Hair

As you can see, even the darkest colors can work well with this trend! I love any look that creates dimension to your hair and offers a bit of variety when it comes to color. If you’re looking for something more daring, try adding pink or purple highlights beneath your hair!

15. Half Brown Half Pink Hair

The half brown half pink hair color combination is the most popular peekaboo hair color in 2021 and will continue to be so.

16. Dark Hair With Pink Highlights

Hair color is an essential part of your overall hairstyle. And while most people think they can only have a single color, you can have more than one color in your hair. Hair colors like blonde, red or black can be mixed with other colors to create unique and exciting effects.

17. Blonde Hair With Pink Highlights Underneath

This classic peekaboo hair color technique is most popular among blondies but looks good on all hair colors. The main goal of doing this style is to create dimension in hair by using two or more colors to highlight your hair.

18. Black Base With Pink Highlights

This is the perfect look if you want to accentuate your natural highlights.

19. Blonde Hair With Pink Peekaboo Highlights

Peekaboo hair color is becoming increasingly popular. It is a way of showing your actual hair color, but with a little bit of variance. The hair still looks natural, but it has a splash of color added to it, which is subtle enough not to make people feel like you’ve had your hair colored but bold enough to stand out from the crowd.

20. Black Hair With Pink Bangs

An ombre effect is created by gradually changing the hair color from lighter shades at the bottom to darker at the top of the strands. For this look, you’ll need a few different colored dyes in pale, medium, and dark pink for a more dramatic effect.

21. Brown Hair With Pink Bangs

There are a lot of different ways to try out this hair trend. The main thing is that it should look natural and not too harsh. Pink can be seen in many different shades. It can be subtle, or it can be bold.

22. Orange Base Pink Peekaboo Highlights

You can get this marvelous hairstyle by using any colors you want! We love mixing in some pinkish or salmon hues or even going with a bolder orange or red.

23. Dark Hair With Light Pink Highlights

The trendiest peekaboo hairstyle gradually fades from dark to light, letting you experiment with different colors.

24. Half Blonde Half Pink Hair

Half blonde, half pink hair is a look that you will love. It is chic, trendy, and a perfect way to stand out from the crowd. This color combination can be seen in several celebrities and models, many of whom have enthusiastically adopted this style.

25. Blonde With Pink Highlights

Pink highlight in blonde hair creates an exciting style by adding an exquisite color to the relaxed stance of blonde hair.

26. Black Hair with Pink Highlight Bangs

This peekaboo coloring below your bangs is the perfect example of black hair with pink highlights.

27. Brown Hair with Dark Pink Highlights

Are you ready to dramatically change your dark brown hair color? Although pink highlight in brown hair is an option often requested from hairstylists, this coloring is quite a unique and striking adaptation.

28. Hot Pink & Light Pink Peekaboo Hair

The perfect peekaboo made with shades of pink has become one of our favorites.

Blue Peekaboo Hair

Looking for a fun and daring way to add color to your hair? Blue peekaboo hair is the perfect way to do it! This trend involves adding blue highlights to your hair, usually around the face, for a pop of color. Peekaboo hair is a great way to experiment with color without commitment, and it looks amazing on all hair colors.

We’ve got you covered whether you want subtle or bold blue highlights. Keep reading for our favorite blue peekaboo hair looks to try.

The emergence of neon colors under the dreamy blue hair gives a perfect peekaboo.

1. Ash Blue Peekaboo Hair

Add ash blue highlights to your naturally dark hair for an insanely gorgeous finish. For the majority of ages, you can sport your natural-colored hair with ethereal blue highlights such as this one!

2. Blue Peekaboo on Purple Hair

Hold up! İs there a unicorn lost right here? No! İt’s just your stunningly eye-catching purple hair with electric blue peekaboo highlights on it! This is an array of gorgeous colors that would break the necks of the crowd!

3. Peekaboo Blue to Purple Ombre Hair

Here we have a hairstyle that best complements the peekaboo hairstyle beautifully! This half ponytail is a base for a blue to purple peekaboo highlights look. We can guarantee that this look is suitable for any season!

4. Turquoise Blue Long Hair

This look is ideal for you if you enjoy the peekaboo effect of experimenting with color. The blue tone that comes from beneath the long, straight, light brown hair, which is generally plain, is given a charming pastel surprise.

5. Blue Peacock Peekaboo Hair

Do we need to explain why this look is called a peacock look? Well, it’s because the deep, bright blue to green ombre depicted right here is reminiscent of the beautiful feathers of the peacock bird. Meanwhile, it makes a great peekaboo highlight!

6. Northern Lights Peekaboo Hair

One glance at this magnificent hairstyle would remind you of the Northern Aurora Lights, but in a peekaboo manner! This turquoise blue flows beautifully to an electric, striking green, thus making this look that’s worthy to be called a piece of art!

7. Blue and Green Peekaboo

The dye placement is unique about this look compared to other two-toned peekaboo highlights. Instead of the usual ombre, both colors are placed in a vertical strand manner. Just look at that blue!

8. Long, Blonde Hair with Blue Peekaboo

Did someone order a pop of color? Here we are delivering your order right to you! This hairstyle we have right here can go easily from a day look to a night look in a blink of an eye! The pop of blue is something to spark a conversation among a crowd!

9. Hybrid Blue Peekaboo Balayage

This look has a hybrid name because it combines the peekaboo-balayage highlight trend. This long hair right here is adorned with a stunning deep blue peekaboo highlight and as you can see, scattered throughout the look are light and dark shades of blue. A technique that we ultimately love!

10. Navy Blue Peekaboo on Brown Hair

We have right here mid-length brown hair with this fabulous navy-blue peekaboo hairstyle. This look is perfect for women who want to spruce up their brunette locks and dive into the wonders of this blue peekaboo trend!

11. Cool Blue Peekaboo Hair

One shade of blue that’s just really so mesmerizing is this cool blue. Paired with your natural hair, this blue will stand out very well. Add to that these luscious, bouncy waves, and you will be all set for a look that won’t be easily forgotten by the crowd!

12. Gray Blue Peekaboo

The wonder that this look may give you is that even though it is a shade of blue, it is very subtle and mellow, so it can be great on any occasion and gathering, whether formal or friendly. This gray-blue shade is underneath a bed of natural locks, and it makes one stunningly gorgeous peekaboo highlight!

13. Blue and Green Peekaboo Hair

This pair of dark, deep colors look extravagant in juxtaposition with the natural hair color depicted right here. The peekaboo highlight starts with a deep blue in the middle, fading into an even deeper green, creating this peekaboo look everyone would talk about!

14. Side Blue Peekaboo

The lack of regulations regarding peekaboo hair is another appealing feature. You are generally free to place your concealed highlights wherever you wish, either beneath or only on one side. In this picture, the magnificent blue contrasts beautifully with a striking brunette.

15. Subtle Blue Peekaboo

Do you want that only want the tiniest bit of your peekaboo hair to be recognizable? We’re here to tell you that it is possible! You ought to consider a subdued peekaboo lowlights strategy. Focusing on the bottom half of your hair, your streaks will seamlessly meld into your natural locks.

16. Blue on White Blonde Peekaboo Hair

Such a great combination is platinum blonde and blue. Even though some women appear beautiful with highlights that complement their skin tone, many look fierce in clashes. Your character trait and how you intend to show it through your hair will determine everything. 

17. Blue and Purple Scattered Peekaboo

What people term “peekaboo highlights” are precisely what they are! They are positioned beneath the top layer of your hair so they can peek out and give your hair some sass and flair without requiring a full commitment to the color. İn this case, we have a scattered blue and purple that’s been placed in a strand manner.

18. Cobalt Blue Peekaboo on Gray Hair

These cobalt blue coils will undoubtedly enthrall the masses to the hilt! This look is perfect for upgrading naturally gray hair. You’d be amazed by how fantastic it appears and how long it will remain on the hair!

19. Blue Side Peekaboo on Blonde Balayage Hair

Want to spruce up your already fabulous blonde hair to another level? Why not consider trying this side blue peekaboo highlight style. This will ultimately give that blonde look a fresh pop of color with just one glance. What a look to try!

20. Blue Peekaboo on Golden Blonde Hair

The look we have right here is a testament that even hairstyles with vibrant colors such as this stunning blue can be sported on any occasion possible! This wedding-appropriate style is achieved by dying your hair a bright blue in streaks underneath your golden blonde. Add some luscious waves, and get ready to go!

21. Blue Frontal Peekaboo Hair

As an option, in contrast, you might concentrate your highlights on particular sections of your hair. For example, in this case, placing peekaboo strands only at the front is a pretty way of framing your face. You can get some insight from this photo right here. Polish your styling and get ready to go!

22. Shades of Blue Peekaboo on Blonde Hair

İf this is worn down, this hairstyle might just seem your usual, day-to-day blonde look, but it’s a huge no on that as one shove of the hair will reveal this gorgeous multiple shade blue! We have a deep, light, and ash blue mixed here to make this ever-so-stunning peekaboo highlight!

23. Blue Peekaboo on Short, Dark Hair

Choosing a hue for your peekaboo highlights that complements your naturally dark hair may be a good idea. We claim that it offers the ideal proportion of sweetness, spiciness, and other pleasant ingredients for peekaboo hair. For instance, this steel blue looks fantastic with hair that is either black or dark brown. Such a stunning way to style your short locks!

24. Mermaid Blue Peekaboo

Do you feel that you have a natural calling from the sea? Unleash your inner mermaid alter-ego by doing this mermaid-colored peekaboo highlight! With one simple flapping of your hair, you can easily go from a mermaid to a normal 9-5 working woman. But just look at these colors for a bit! Such a beauty, aren’t they?

25. Blue and Purple Panel Peekaboo

This look is called a panel style because the colors are placed in specific, straight panels in the hair. Not so much of a brainer in that. But the look itself is enough to strike conversations in a crowd! The placement of the blue and dark purple colors beside each other makes the look go into another dimension!

26. Steel Blue Peekaboo on a Blunt Bob

İf you are a fan of blunt, short-cut, uniform bobs and is looking for a way to add a little something to your look, then look no further. We have a steel blue peekaboo that is meticulously placed on the side portion of the hair. Such a gorgeous look it is!

27. Blue and Purple Peekaboo on Pixie Hair

İn the look we have right here, we have a short pixie cut dyed with a blue and purple peekaboo highlight. If you think that a short hairstyle can’t pull off a peekaboo style, think again. This fantastic hairstyle can spark conversations wherever you may go!

28. Well-hidden Blue Peekaboo

This look is one of those peekaboo styles that just live up to its name. When worn down, this cold, deep blue would look like the rest of the hair. İf you sport this look, It can accomplish its goal of peeping through your hair while remaining partially invisible.

29. Blue to Violet Ombre Peekaboo

Where do we even start with this look? The carefully applied dye job, the styling, the length, all that to contrast on the natural dark locks. All of it makes the look fly to another level! The braid style in the middle adds a little pizzazz to the whole ensemble!

30. Aqua Blue Peekaboo on Platinum Hair

Are you one of those platinum ladies? Don’t worry because we have a peekaboo look tailored just for you! This blue peekaboo highlight complements the platinum blonde so beautifully. Doesn’t this remind you of gorgeous aquatic beaches?

31. Ice Blue Highlights on Ice Blonde

Ice blonde and ice blue, you will feel perfect with this peekaboo highlight that adds a Frozen vibe.

32. Electric Blue Blue Highlights on Ocean Blue Hair

The coloring created with beautiful shades of blue looks like a natural ocean wave. A little courage is all you need for this exquisite hairstyle, and you will be amazed by the result!

Blonde Peekaboo Hair

This sultry style is perfect for those who want to add a little spice to their look. The peekaboo hair trend is all about adding pops of color to your strands, and what better way to do that than with a bold shade of blonde? This style will turn heads whether you go for a platinum hue or a more natural-looking blonde.

1. Blonde Under Hair

Adding a pop of blonde hair under your brunette locks is a great way to change
your style without completely committing to a new color.

2. Brown Hair with Blonde Peekaboo

Add just a touch of blonde highlights to make your brown hair pop!

3. Peekaboo Highlights on Blonde Hair

You don’t have to dye your entire head blonde to enjoy these icy highlights!

4. Black Hair with Blonde Underneath

This color combo is best for those looking to brighten their look!

5. Two-Tone Brown Hair with Blonde Underneath

A great way to add dimension to your hair and show that you’re not afraid to

6. Copper Hair with Blonde Peekaboo

This color combo gives a warm and sunny vibe, perfect for summer.

7. Pixie Cut with Blonde Peekaboo

This playful cut will show off your spunky personality and unique highlights!

8. Red Hair with Blonde Peekaboo

Gorgeous combination & it will turn a lot of heads!

9. Straight Blonde Peekaboo

A touch of blonde will accentuate your features and brighten up your look.

10. Hidden Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

Add some blonde highlights to your dark brown hair to give it some life.

11. Wavy Curls with Blonde Highlights

Blonde highlights are a great way to brighten up any dark brown hair!

12. Sun Kissed Halo Highlights

This ethereal style is perfect for blonde highlights on brown hair!

13. Short Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights,

This razor cut is perfect for showing off your new highlights!

14. Light Brown Hair with Blonde Peekaboos

A delicious color combo for light brown hair!

15. Purple & Blue & Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

This rebellious style is perfect for younger women who want to experiment with their hair color.

16. Short Burgundy Hair with Blonde Peekaboos

This is a playful and fun look that is perfect for summer!

17. Long Hair with Blonde Peekaboo Highlights

This is a great look for when you want to add some interest and pop to your long locks!

18. Dark Brown & Blonde Highlights

On a dark brown base, these light highlights will pop!

19. Braided Hair with Blonde Peekaboo

You will have all eyes on you with this intricate hairstyle!

20. Red Swing Bob Cut with Blonde Highlights

This hairstyle shows you’re sweet and spunky personality; it’s perfect for ladies who enjoy life!

21. Violet Ombre with Blonde Peekaboo

This is the ultimate look for a fashionista and will turn heads everywhere you go!

22. Bubble Gum Pink with Silver Blonde Peekaboo

This is the perfect hairdo for you if you want to stand out in the crowd!

Unicorn Peekaboo Hair

Peekaboo highlights of these unicorn colors generally consist of blue, purple, and pink highlights on blonde hair. Do we need to tell you how stunning it is?

Rainbow Peekaboo

This multicolored peekaboo highlight looks excellent, adding a different excitement to your black hair.

Brown Hair With Blonde Highlights

With the contrast of blonde and brown tones, peekaboo highlights in the form of lines accompany the beauty of brown hair, creating an attractive hairstyle.

Cruella Style – Wavy Blonde & Brown Peekaboo

Cruella became one of the biggest hit movies of 2021. Of course, the style of Emma Stone, who plays Cruella, has also become very popular. This Cruella-inspired peekaboo highlights; look stunning.

Purple Silver Hair with Crimson Ends

Wouldn’t you like to make a unique touch to your excellent purple-silver hair color? A great choice for women looking for even more difference and appeal.

Blonde Hair with Peekaboo Color

Pink highlight in blonde hair is one of the styles applied in many ways; this face-framing style is one of the most popular choices of recent times.

Black Hair with White Highlights Underneath

Did you think this contrast would look so perfect? You should try it for a real peekaboo moment!

Dark Hair with Purple Peekaboos

Purple peekaboo highlights will add a different vibe to your dark hair with their eye-catching looks.

Peekaboo Curly Hair

Rose gold hair color and pastel silver peekaboo highlights create an unforgettable style with perfect curls.

This coloring process is beyond our imagination if you want to add an exquisite touch to your naturally dark hair.

Dark Brown Hair with Peekaboo Highlights

Blonde Hair with Light Blue Underneath

The harmony of light ocean blue and blonde tones comes to the fore even more with magnificent hair waves.

Brown Hair with Multicolored Highlights

You can turn your brown hair into a very eye-catching style with colorful peekaboo highlights.

Green, Blue, and Purple Peekaboo Highlights

One of the most professional types of coloring, this peekaboo highlight style looks as perfect as it is difficult. It can be your number one choice for a unique and inimitable style.

Purple Hair with Green Highlights

The contrast of green and purple creates an exquisite style.

Dark Green and Purple Reflections

You can create your eye-catching and fresh hairstyle with purple reflections among your wonderful green tones of hair.

Blonde Peekaboo

We think this perfect example will inspire you if you want to add a difference to your blonde hair with heartwarming fresh colors.

Purple Peekaboo Hair

This unique style, with the touch of professional hairstylists, is an excellent example that you can adapt to your favorite colors.

Pastel Peekaboo Hair

It will be impossible not to admire your long hair after peekaboo highlight with pastel tones.

Contrast Peekaboo Bob

Contrast peekaboo highlight, which you will apply only to the front of your hair, will allow you to achieve a perfect style without spoiling your natural hair color.

Silver Peekaboo Hair with Colored Highlights

A fairy hairstyle is created by the flawless coloring method based on silver-purple hair color.

Blonde Bob with Colorful Highlights

This excellent peekaboo highlight is enough to take the fresh and youthful look of the blonde bob one step further.

Ginger Peekaboo with Highlights

On its own, vibrant ginger is a striking color, but peekaboo highlights in pastel tones make this hairstyle much more attractive.

Brown and Blonde Peekaboo

This hairdo, a reversal of the face-framing coloring method, keeps your hair’s natural brown color in the front while applying blonde to the rest.
Is Peekaboo hair high maintenance?

No, it is not high maintenance.

What is the difference between peekaboo hair and highlights?

Peekaboo hair is a highlighting where a small amount of hair is lightened to a lighter color than the rest of the hair. Highlights are streaks of a more golden color that are wider than peekaboo highlights.

What is the difference between peekaboo hair and ombre?

Peekaboo hair is a highlighting where a small amount of hair is lightened to a lighter color than the rest of the hair. Ombre is when the hair gradually becomes softer from the root to the end.

How often should I get my peekaboo hair touched up?

Getting your peekaboo highlights touched up every 4-6 weeks is typically recommended.

How much does peekaboo hair cost?

Prices for peekaboo hair will vary depending on the stylist, the amount of hair that needs to be lightened, and the color of the lightener. Generally, prices start at around $75.

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