30 Pastel Pink Hair Ideas to Sweeten Up Your Style

pastel pink haired girl

If you want to sweeten up your style, you can do it through many different ways. For example, you can pick clothing that reflects this choice or you can do this with your accessories, too. Aside from these options, you can easily get this sweetened up look with a new hairstyle and color. As it is a unique and bold color, pastel pink hair can be perfect for this.

Since it is a rather unique and uncommon hair color, you might not know how to incorporate pastel pink into your style. However, this hair color can be used with many different styles. Here are 30 pastel pink hair ideas to sweeten up your style and give you that unique look that you are after.

Elegant Pastel Pink

If you want to achieve an elegant look for a special occasion, you can do it with pastel pink hair color.


Straight Long Pastel Pink

Another way to achieve an elegant appearance with pastel pink is with long and straight hair.


Beautiful Pastel Pink Hair

In this example you can see a beautiful pastel pink tone with a manageable hairstyle.


Graceful Pastel Pink

Here you can see great pastel pink hair with a graceful style.


Short Pastel Pink Hair

When you want a more casual looking pastel pink hairstyle, you can go with this one.


Pastel Pink Pixie Cut

If you want to combine pastel pink color with a pixie cut, it can be a great idea.


Wavy Long Pastel Pink

This awesome hairstyle is another way to use pastel pink hair color for a classy look.


Swirly Medium Length Pastel Pink Hair

You can also wear pastel pink hair with beautiful swirls if you want.


Short Casual Pastel Pink

As you can see with this example, it is possible to use pastel pink with a casual hairstyle as well.


Pastel Pink Ombre

Here is a great example of a pastel pink color combined with a darker pink tone.


Pastel Pink with Beachy Waves

This hairstyle combines beautiful beachy waves with a wonderful pastel pink color.


Easy-Going Pastel Pink

While it is an unusual hair color, pastel pink can sometimes be incorporated into a casual hairstyle.


Pastel Pink with a Short Haircut

Another great combination of a short hairstyle with pastel pink color.


Majestic Pastel Pink

In this hairstyle you can see pastel pink used in an absolutely stunning way.


Summer Pastel Pink Mix

With this one, you can see an incredible combination of many colors with pastel pink, creating a great hair color for summer.


Rogue Pastel Pink

Here you can see pastel pink combined with a darker tone utilizing the rogue style.


Blonde Pastel Pink Combination

Pastel pink goes great with blonde, as you can see with this hairstyle.


Red with Pastel Pink

You can also combine pastel pink with red, too, as seen in this hairstyle with bangs.


Pastel Lilac Pink

If you want to incorporate pastel pink into a wavy hairstyle you can use another color for a wonderful combination.


Long Straight Pastel Pink

With pastel pink hair color, it is possible to achieve a beautiful result on a long hair.


Rebellious Pastel Pink

This style shows us the rebellious side of pastel pink.


Short and Casual

Pastel pink can create an amazing effect when used on a short and casual hairstyle.

Courtly Pastel Pink

Here is a beautiful example of a courtly looking pastel pink hair.


Swirly Pastel Pink


Magical Pastel Pink

If you want to look like a fairy with pastel pink hair, you can try out this one.


Pastel Pink Mohawk

Here is another unusual and rebellious pastel pink hairstyle.


Pastel Pink on Short Hair

Just like other short hairstyles with pastel pink, this is another great one.


Fine Pastel Pink

A great hairstyle that is unique and manageable at the same time.


Straight Medium Length Pastel Pink

If you want something simple yet noticeable, you can go with this one.


Refined Short Pastel Pink

Lastly, here is another short haircut with pastel pink, looking highly refined and classy.


Final Words

Pastel pink hair is highly unique and uncommon. However it is still a very versatile hair color that can fit many different styles. Here we have shared beautiful examples of this hair color so that you can sweeten up your style easily with it.

Maria Guillere is the Chief Editor of hairstyleandmakeup.com She has more than 6 years of experience as a beauty editor at various prestigious magazines. Her work has been featured in many international beauty campaigns and publications.