25 Pastel Blue Hair Color Ideas for Your Next Look

Pastel Blue Hair

Thanks to lovely and envious-worthy hues like pastel blue, pastel hair color is trendier now than ever. Pastel blue tones are cheery and youthful, not to mention a pleasant change from the flood of vivid colors we’ve seen recently. Bold hair colors like pastel blue are undoubtedly only for the most courageous people, but if you dare to try it, you might get a lot of praise and head-turns.

You are on the proper track if you have been considering adding a pastel blue to your tresses. Before you, we have pastel blue hair color ideas for your next hair color adventure! Let’s check these out together!

1. Cool Pastel Blue with Curtain Bangs


This look reminds us of the ice castles in Frozen, which we all adored! This pastel blue is in the line in the spectrum between blue and white. The styling and the flowy curtain bangs make it such a sophisticated yet stunning look that you need to rock!

2. Pastel Blue Ombre Long Hair


We don’t even know where to start with this look! The pastel, periwinkle overall hue of this look, the warm pastel base transition to the extreme cool blue, or even the length and the straight texture of the hair! All of them make the whole look so gorgeous!

3. Blunt Blonde Bob with Pastel Blue Highlights


This futuristic, edgy look is realized with the pastel blue highlight that served as a pop of color. The bangs, the blonde color, and the styling, not to mention the surprise pop of gorgeous pastel blue, all contribute to this sleek and stunning look!

4. Cool-toned Pastel Blue Wavy Hair


This sort of muted, cool-toned pastel blue is what you need if you want something that is not out there but, at the same time, equally stunning. The fade from the dark-hued roots to the gorgeous pastel blue is what we’re here for!

5. Pastel Blue to Blonde Ombre 


Pay attention to all you bold women out there—this one is definitely for you! Check out this pastel blue hairstyle if you want to make people’s mouths drop open with awe upon one glance. The face-framing sleek and wavy layered cut highlights the pastel blue to blonde ombre hair.

6. Pastel Frozen Blue Angled Bob Cut


Every skin tone will look beautiful in this angled frozen pastel blue bob cut, drawing attention. With a whole head of this stunning pastel blue hair, it’s guaranteed that you will be the belle of the party!

7. Blonde and Pastel Blue Fadeout 


You may say this unusual yet quirky hairstyle is one for the books. From a majestic honey blonde transitioning to the eye-catching pastel blue, this hairstyle is one for the women out there who have some bold personalities!

8. Icy Pastel Blue Hair


Be ready for compliments! Take out your jackets because everyone will surely freeze with just one glance at this icy pastel blue hair! Although this look might need a fair amount of maintenance, it will be worth it, and that’s for sure.

9. Intricate Pastel Blue Braids


A talented colorist and a talented hairstylist are the equation you need to achieve this stupefying hairstyle! As if the dark roots that blend seamlessly into the gorgeous pastel blue are not enough, we are greeted by this intricate braid job! What a look!

10. Steel Pastel Blue Highlights


A trendy choice should be to wear essential and elegant hair, but just because your hair color is a little unusual doesn’t mean you can’t still bring it in. This stylish hairdo with short, gorgeous waves looks cool with pastel steel blue highlights.

11. Pastel Pixie


Here we have not just the stunning pastel blue but also an array of colors that make it seem like you have holographic hair! The length of this look is perfect for accommodating the incredible pastel goodness on top!

12. Cool Pastel Blue Lob


Be ready for compliments! This hairstyle takes the short hair, don’t care mantra to the next level! The subtle, muted blue on this look is perfect if you do not prefer the vibrant hues on your hair. Your lovely, relaxed pastel blue hair will make everyone awe in envy.

13. Pastel Blue Highlights on Blonde Long Hair


One way to display your personality without going out with a full head of vivid hair is with this simple yet playful pastel blue highlight on blonde hair. It’s a fantastic method to explore the world of fashionable hues. 

14. Metallic Pastel Blue Pixie


Holographic and metallic colors have dominated the hair industry for the past years. Metallic pastel blue can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for an edgy color that isn’t used often. It ultimately looks perfect on this pixie! It’s time to give metallic pastel blue the recognition it so richly merits. 

15. Long and Wavy Baby Pastel Blue Hair


With all the slight undertones it adds, baby pastel blue hair makes you pause and take a second look. The length and the wavy texture of this look are just so delicious it makes you think of cotton candy at first sight!

16. Pink to Pastel Blue Hair


Nothing screams Barbie goodness more than this pink to pastel blue hair look! The pink roots blend flawlessly with the gorgeous pastel blue for a majestic final look! Take out all your tight, pink dresses and high heels because it’s time to bring out your inner doll!

17. Pastel Blue Highlights on Brown Hair


Can’t say no to your brunette hair but still want that pop of color? Fret not now because we’ve got you covered! The pastel blue streaks glisten against the lovely brunette as the base color. Perfect for women not yet ready to face a full head of vibrant hair!

18. Pastel Blue to Silver Hair


The pastel blue to silver ombre hair color that provides depth, texture, and sharpness to a relatively modest and elegant style makes these locks stand out. A head full of delicate waves — particularly when a vibrant hue accentuates them- screams femininity and ease. Talk about depth!

19. Pastel Blue Streaks on Platinum Blonde Hair


There are several different shades of blue to pick from, such as the charming pastel blue streaks visible here. This hairstyle’s spotlight is a mound of enormous, dazzling curls that are accentuated with platinum white blonde hair as the base.

20. Silver to Pastel Blue Hair


Astray from the usual dark to light ombre, here before you, we have silver to muted pastel blue hair that is ever so attractive and gorgeous! This look is reminiscent of the icy winter. If that’s what you want for your vibe, go for this look!

21. Pastel Blue to Gray Hair


This stunning pastel blue to gray hairstyle is angelic, delicate, and charming. This hairstyle contains blue color with just a tinge of gray at the bottom, giving a subtle ombre hair effect, which is complemented by luxurious soft waves.

22. Curly Pastel Blue Hair


Girl, we got you covered! If you are a woman blessed with luscious curls, this look is for you. This pastel blue curly hair is one way to accentuate your hair while still retaining that tight curliness of your locks. 

23. Dark to Pastel Blue Ombre


The dark blue at the base of this stunning blue color combination softly fades into a paler, pastel blue. This would demand various shades of blue dye products, but the effort is worthwhile. This is an exciting and enjoyable blues fusion that is going to draw a great deal of interest.

24. Blonde with Pastel Blue Money Pieces


If you don’t know by now, money pieces are bits of hair at the front that are usually different in color than the rest of the hair. In this case, we have gorgeous blonde hair paired with the equally beautiful pastel blue in the front as money pieces. So trendy!

25. Pastel Blue Tips on Blonde Hair


This light blue significantly pops on the platinum blonde hair! This look is preferable if you want a stunning hairstyle with just about enough pop of color! If you don’t want the vibrant pastel blue dip-ends, check out these subtle blue tips.

And that’s it! You’ve now viewed several of the most beautiful, risk-taking, seductive, and fascinating hairstyles you can create with pastel blue hair colors. Don’t forget to tell us which one of these lovely hairstyles you would wear! Solely one thing more to do is test one, or even all of them to see which one suits your character and way of life the greatest.

Sitti is a beauty journalist on HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She is passionate about all things beauty and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others. She loves trying new products and trends and is always on the lookout for the next big thing in the world of beauty.