30 Natural Hairstyles For Short Hair You’ll Want to Copy

Black women have some of the most unique and beautiful hair in the world. And while we love experimenting with different hairstyles, there’s nothing like rocking our natural hair.

Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with long, flowing locks. But that doesn’t mean we can’t still rock our natural hair with pride. In fact, there are plenty of gorgeous natural hairstyles for short hair that are easy to maintain and style.

Naturalness has become a popular trend recently. Natural hair fascinates those who see it with its characteristic and robust stance. Celebrities like Solange Knowles, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, and Zendaya openly flaunted their natural curls on social media, further supporting the trend.

The Natural Hair Movement encourages women and men of African origin to embrace their beautiful curls in their natural form. This movement, which first appeared in the 1960s, returned in the 2000s. You will love your phenomenal curls by rejecting the chemical process and hairstyle products used to straighten the hair.

So if you’re looking for inspiration, here are natural hairstyles for short hair that you’ll want to copy.

1. Extra Layers With Curly Bangs


Your hair, which is cut according to the shape of your head, surrounds your
face due to the extra application of the layered cut. Some of your curls fall into bangs on your face. A terrific option for a natural and cool hairstyle.

2. Short Natural Pixie


The pixie cut is sometimes looked at with suspicion for ladies with curly hair. However, we can see in this example that the pixie cut is also a good choice for curly natural hair. The pixie cut, which you may accessorize with various hair accessories, will highlight your face’s excellent structure.

3. Updo For Natural Short Curls


You can create stunning updos with your short hair and excellent curls. The curls that gather at the top of your head and fall towards your face can be transformed into a bridal hairstyle that will dazzle anybody who sees it.

4. Messy Red


You can leave your large curls completely natural and get an eye-catching hairstyle with a unique coloring process.

5. Extensive Curly Bob


You can transform the trendy bob cut into a gorgeous hairstyle with a natural volume that looks great on curly hair.

6. Natural Bob


With the curls that frame your face, the shorter cut towards the top of your head and the bob left at ear level look excellent.

7. Pink Shortcut


Your shortcut curls are already a fabulous and eye-catching hairdo, but the sweet pink hue will take your hairstyle to the next level.

8. Undercut Pixie


Undercut pixie is one of the most daring haircuts. This bold haircut looks perfect with curly hair.

9. Face Framing Blonde Curls


The curly hairstyle that frames your face is custom-made for you. A layered cut is used to surround your face, according to the shape of your head. You can create a unique look by catching excellent contrast with exquisite blonde tones.

10. Layered Bob


The bob, cut in layers and shaped into a round shape, also looks great with headbands.

11. One Side Slicked Short Curls


If you want to give your shortcut natural hair a different vibe, this easy but effective hairstyle is a must-try. Spray the hair that has been divided to one side and decorate it with beautiful hairpins to keep it in place.

12. Corkscrew Pixie


One of the attractive options for displaying your corkscrew curls. This hairdo is one of the most famous Afro curl alternatives and looks stunning.

13. One Side Shaved- One Side Accessorized


It is an example that you can use your short curly hair with one side shaved on special occasions. You can make your hair, which you will decorate with attractive hair accessories, even more, enjoyable with the curls falling on your face.

14. Bronze Twisted Curls


Your twisted curls look fantastic with a bronze pixie cut. You will have a new and refreshing style without any effort.

15. Free Layered Afro Pixie


This afro pixie, which does not require extra processing, is very easy to use and is one of the most preferred natural hairstyles with its characteristic features.

16. Middle Part Apart Short Curls


Your curls are perfectly displayed when you separate your hair in the middle and drop it on your face. This sporty and energetic look will make you feel youthful.

17. Undercut Designed Pixie


The natural hairstyle of daring and wild women is the punk haircut. With designs, the deep-cut undercut hairstyle becomes even more attractive.

18. Tapered Afro Bob


This hairstyle, one of the icons of the 70s, comes to life again in the 2020s. Eye-catching with its retro and characteristic stance, this cut is one of the most suitable hairstyles for natural hair.

19. Voluminous Layered Pink Curls


This bronze pink is one of the perfect colors for the extra voluminous curls surrounding your face. All variations of the color pink have been trendy lately, and the combination with the freestyle layered haircut looks exquisite.

20. Mohawk Style Afro Curls


Perfect curly hair is one of the hair types that the Mohawk style looks great on. You can achieve this style with hairspray and a few bobby pins or with an undercut haircut. In both ways, it looks fantastic.

21. Sunkissed Bob


Graduated bob, one of the classic bob cuts, is also suitable for curly hair with its long front and shortened cut to the back. To make this perfect hairstyle even more striking, you can add blonde sparkles with the coloring process called sunkissed.

22. Voluminous Side Parted


With the help of a comb, separate your natural hair, which is more voluminous, to one side and fix it with hairspray. That’s all it takes for a stunning style.

23. Afro Bob With Bangs


Your hair is chopped in layers to make an almost round shape, and the style is finished off with messy bangs.

24. Curly Side Bangs


With your curly hair cut as a side bang, the curls falling on your face create an even more striking look.

25. Long Top Coiled Pixie


One of the daring and easy-to-use hairstyles for your coiled curls is the long top pixie. You can create an eye-catching look by adding stunning blonde tones to this style.

26. Deep Side Parted Messy Curls

With its voluminous stance, this deep-side parted hairstyle adds a little more modern flair to the classic Afro bob cut.


27. Round Afro


A gorgeous hairstyle for your corkscrew curls. We can say that this timeless and ageless style is the 2020 reflection of a model that has become quite classic.

28. Tapered Natural Hair


One of the most amazing natural short haircuts is this masculine-style pixie cut. It will only take a few minutes to get ready with this simple hairstyle.

29. Coiled Blonde Pixie


One of the hairstyles that will show off your coiled curls to their full potential. With your blonde curls and natural hair, you’ll be ready to wow people who see you with this stunning cut.

30. TWA


TWA is a popular style for those with great natural hair. TWA is for Tiny Winy Afro and is one of the most popular hairstyles since it looks well on almost everybody. Your hair, which you can accessorize with beautiful hairbands, will be fascinating.

From low-key styles like buns and ponytails to more out-there looks like space buns and colorful hair, there’s something for everyone in this roundup. And the best part? These styles can all be achieved without any heat damage. So if you’re trying to grow your natural hair or just looking for a break from your usual style, give one of these looks a try.

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.