spring white nails

30 Spring Nail Designs You Need To See

The days are growing longer and warmer, so spring is on its way! Why not wear your favorite springtime colors and patterns to welcome the change of seasons with some sassy nail art?

With the arrival of warmer weather, it’s only natural that we’d want to coordinate our manicures with our new spring clothing. Changing up your nails is a great way to welcome a new season and prepare for the coming months.

brown nails

90+ Brown Nails You Should Try in 2022

While brown is a beautiful color representing reliability, it is still an underused option. If you’re looking for a nail color that’s unique and classic, consider brown nails. This rich hue can range from warm to cool, and it looks great on all skin tones. Whether you choose a light latte shade or a deep chocolate brown, you can’t go wrong with this trend. Brown is the perfect shade to add a touch of sophistication to your nails. You can

red acrylic nail designs

30 Red Acrylic Nail Designs You Will Want To Show Off Right Away

Nails are essential if you want to achieve a particular look. They can perfectly complete an outfit if done correctly. Well-done nails can be what stands out about an outfit sometimes, and they can make the overall look amazing. There are many ways to get a snatched, classy red nail look. Even though there are numerous nail designs you can do to complete your overall look, red nails never get old. It is a versatile color to use on nails.

dotted birthday nails

30 Birthday Nails Ideas for Your Special Day

Is your birthday around the corner? Are you looking for cute birthday nail ideas for your special day? If so, you will love these nail ideas we have gathered today. This vast and significant day will look fantastic, especially if you try and make an effort with your appearance. Make sure you choose a manicure and nail design that complements your personality, preferences, and the dress you’re wearing that day. It is your special day, and it happens once every

30 Neon Nail Designs You Will Want To Wear This Summer

Do you think neon nail trends are out of fashion? Think again! In this blog, you’ll see that neon nails are a huge trend this summer – and for anyone who loves bold colors and versatility, we have a whole lot to offer. Whether you’re hitting the beach, dining downtown in the city, or headed for a night out in Hollywood, neon soak-off gel polish enhances every outfit. Matte Neon Orange and Red Neon colors can be matte too. As

30 Black Marble Nail Designs to Make You Shine

Having a fingernail design that looks elegant and impressive can positively affect your whole style. If you want to have a classy look, black marble nails can help you. Here are 30 black marble nail designs that can genuinely make you shine. These Nails Are the Perfect Mix of Black and Shiny Marble nails are the perfect mix of black and shiny and will turn heads. These are the chic alternative to a classic French manicure. A marble manicure can

baby blue nails

30 Baby Blue Nail Designs That Will Make You Feel Breezy

Picking a stunning nail design is a beautiful way to complete your style. While good nail art can significantly affect a woman’s style, it is often overlooked. However, you can create a stunning style by choosing a versatile and beautiful color such as baby blue and a design to bring the charm of this color to light. As a trendy color that can complete a lively and colorful design, there are many ways to incorporate baby blue into your style.