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30 Midnight Blue Hair Color Ideas for the Trendsetters out There

midnight blue hair color idea

We can’t deny that there are a lot of colors that are on trend right now, and this striking midnight blue is for sure on that list. This midnight blue shade is ideal for women who have a rebellious side in their personalities. 

The midnight blue carries the power of every blue shade. No one can deny the beauty of the other blue shades like royal blue or icy blue. However, midnight blue is on the next level.

The brilliance of this color craze is that you can make it fit your skin tone perfectly, albeit the more black there is in the mix, the more complimentary it is to all skin tones. This bold midnight black color should be your next hair goal if you’re obsessed with odd fashion colors, sticking out from the crowd, and being the trendsetter!

Read on to see our midnight blue hair color ideas for the trendsetters.

Medium Length Midnight Blue Hair with Bangs

This look screams sophisticated but edgy bangs and all!


Midnight Blue Pixie

Allow your hair to speak for itself by coloring it in this midnight blue. If you know how to rock intense colors, you’ll love this one for any occasion. Keep in mind that you’ll be able to pull off this pixie haircut with comfort during the summer months.


Midnight Blue Long Bob

By simply adding a modern twist of blue to the classic long bob, you can make it even better. The roots are left black to blend in with the hair’s gleaming blue tint and delicate layered style.


Nightfall Blue

Scrunch your locks and savor this gorgeous appearance. The ultimate result is excellent for women who need a hairdo that is both outgoing and workplace-friendly.


Midnight Blue and Black Balayage on an A-line Bob Cut

This one is for you if you appreciate shorter hairstyles and bob cuts. It’s playful and feminine, and it’s perfect for girls who aren’t frightened of color. If you’re looking for a feminine twist, this is the thing for you.


Midnight Blue Highlights

Try this style out and appreciate the midnight blue highlighted cut if you are into dark-colored roots. The final product will resemble something out of a Hollywood movie!


Dark Midnight Blue on Straight Hair

This blue-black dye job has virtually undetectable midnight blue tones, giving it a gleaming, all-over blue shine that still enables many black colors to peek through.


Bright Midnight Blue on Long, Straight Hair

Sport your long, silky straight hair with this striking tint of bright blue, and all eyes will be on you!


Denim Blue Streaks on Long Hair

Add denim blue streaks to your hair if you want to go for a midnight blue look but don’t want the look to seem too dark.


Midnight Blue Ends on Long Hair

If you don’t want to color your entire head, retain your dark roots at the top of your hair and go with this stunning midnight blue on the bottom half. The result would be an excellent finish that’s both bright and smoldering. 


Ash Midnight Blue on Short Hair

This smokey midnight night blue has just the right amount of softness for a “less is more” look. Adding some ash tones to your short hair midnight blue look will take it to the next level.


Moonlight in the Midnight Blue

This hue of midnight blue is a terrific choice for your hair color. It pops on naturally dark tones, which is usually difficult to pull off with bright colors.


Deep Navy Midnight Blue

This midnight blue combined with your dark hair color could be your cup of tea! Others would be stupefied upon gawking at this look.


Midnight Blue Shaved Undercut

This layered shaved undercut by itself is a showstopper. Add vivid blue color to the mix, and you’re surely in for the next level.


Midnight Blue Front Streaks on Short Curly Hair

Want to make a statement with short blue hair dye? Dye the front parts of the hair this gorgeous midnight blue. As we all know, curls and midnight blues are a fantastic match.


Midnight Blue Short Bob

Short-defined bob cuts are ideal for women who want minimal styles and low-maintenance looks. You’ll like this hairdo if you’re going to seem polished but don’t have a lot of extra time to invest in your appearance.


Metallic Midnight Blue on Long Hair

This striking midnight blue gives off a subtle light purple sheen to it. Long hair with bouncy waves at the ends provides more drama to the overall look.


Midnight Blue with Neon Green Streaks

With this midnight blue hair color idea, prepare for a splash of creativity and uniqueness. Dye some strands in a vibrant neon green tint to raise attention.


Shoulder Length Midnight Blue

Why try to reinvent things when a single hair color can make all the difference? Make a massive statement by cutting it to shoulder length and dying it a deep bluish midnight tint.


Muted Midnight Blue Streaks on a Straight Bob Cut

This is just an ideal style. The haircut is a straight bob with muted midnight blue streaks that is stunningly beautiful.


Purple long Hair with Midnight Blue Ends 

Want the best of both worlds? Or should I say, best of both colors? Try rocking this look by dying the top half of your hair a striking purple and the ends with the complimenting midnight blue.


Natural Hair to Midnight Blue Blend

On black hair, these midnight blue ends are to die for. The midnight blue is a dark color, but it pairs perfectly with another dark hair color, particularly your natural one.


Midnight Blue on Short Hair with Bangs

The most excellent part about this look is how simple it is to maintain. Short haircuts are the way to go. Add the striking blue and the bangs, and we’re ready to sail!


Midnight Blue Highlights on Layered Bob

Take a look at this fabulous black and blue color scheme. Most girls would love it for their ferocious night-outs because it is such a seamless look! Wear your stunning layered bob cut and flaunt these highlights at any time of day.


Midnight Blue Braids

Midnight blue is a charismatic color to wear with braids. Even if we are not seeing them too much, women with blue knotless braids are gorgeous.

Midnight Blue Highlights on Wavy Hair

If your hair is naturally wavy and lustrous, you’ll love this style, plus the eye-catching highlights. It’s exquisite and inspired by today’s Hollywood glam looks, and it’s perfect for women of any age.


Midnight Blue on Curly Hair

This is for all the curly-haired queens out there. This would be a stunning look to pull off and, at the same time, retain your tight, bouncy curls.


Bright Midnight Blue Ombre on Apple Cut Hair

To give your hair a distinct dimension, try combining some magnificent tones of black, midnight blue, and a dash of purple hair color. Sport these colors on stunning apple-cut hair, and you’re good to go!


Dark Midnight Blue Beach Waves

Like this rich midnight blue, Radioactive tones have a galactic feel. The bouncy beach waves enhance the shiny sheen. This would be a highly eye-catching style if done with long hair.


Blonde with Midnight Blue Ends 

The transition from golden blonde to dark midnight is a fabulous beauty. The blonde will lighten the weight the dark blue conveys, and it will be a magnificent aesthetic altogether.


Half and Half Purple and Midnight Blue

Split-colored styles are ideal for trendsetters. Give these half-and-half colored hairstyles a try? Many young women enjoy this trend because it is powerful, unique, and unusual. If you want to wear something that others might not want to, this is your style!


And now, we’ve come to the end of the page. We hope you’ve gotten an idea of what midnight blue hairstyle you’ll go with. So, if you’re undecided about what color to dye your hair, consider this excellent midnight blue shade, as it is making a name in the hair trend right now. If you are not sure about darker tones, you can go to the opposite and try a color like turquoise on your hair. All of the shades of blue are gorgeous and deserve a try.

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.