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30 Mexican Hairstyles for Women to Try in 2022

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


Mexican women are attractive not only because of their beauty, but also because of their hairstyles. The lustrous and strong hair of Latinas is an excellent foundation for their unique and intriguing hairstyles. This year’s list of the most popular hairstyles seen by Mexican hairstylists includes some amazing options that will inspire you.

Frida Kahlo Style

Frida Kahlo, one of Mexico’s most well-known faces, is also remembered for her unique style. The hair is divided in the middle, braided, and tucked into an attractive bun. Frida Kahlo’s signature look is this beautiful hair, which is adorned with huge, vivid flowers.

Amazing Curls

Curly hair looks even more gorgeous on Mexican ladies because of their thick hair. This rich and stylish hairdo achieves great results with minimal effort.

Retro Waves

The hair is parted on the side and styled with large, vintage waves. You will have one of the most popular styles for your special days if you acquire an even more stunning look with natural and dark hair color.

Half Up-Half Down

The tight and sleek half-up-half-down hairdo, which will reveal your big and dramatic eyes, is an option that women of various styles can choose in any circumstance such as special or a gym day!

Long Balayage

Never be frightened to color your hair if you have long and thick strands! Blonde balayage can give you a new style by adding gloss to your hair. Bonus of that, your hair will never be harmed as a result of this.

Pearl Blonde

One of the most exquisite examples of blonde is pearl color blonde. The hue is one of the most eye- catching of the cool tones since it never has any orange or reddish undertones. Please remember to use purple shampoo to keep your hair looking ashy and cold shades.

Red Balayage

Red balayage, one of the favorites of Mexican women, creates a feminine and elegant style by adding a sweet shine to your hair.

Low And Wet Look

You’ll find that a wet-looking low bun is a terrific way to highlight your face’s beauty! With its glam, this look, which is both trendy and in style for the summer season, will carry your style forward.

Natural Mid-Length

Sometimes all it takes to attract attention is naturalness. With this natural and thick strong hair, it is very easy to achieve effortless beauty.

Copper Mexicana

Copper-colored hair is an option that attracts attention every season and time period. It is more suitable for fair-skinned women due to the reflections and tone of the hair.

Low Ponytail

It will accompany you both in your daily life and on your special days; an easy and non-tiring hairstyle: the low ponytail. It is also one of the number one choices of Mexican women.

Mid-Parted Natural Glam

The thin but huge wavy hair, which is split in the middle, adds a touch of elegance. This haircut should be considered at this period when naturalness is quite fashionable.

Curtain Bangs

Since last season, hairstylists have been requesting curtain bangs as one of the most popular styles. This haircut, which is particularly popular among Mexican hairstylists, is a good way to give your hair some movement.

Glamorous Before-After

One of the best examples of the glow that blonde hair adds to your face must be this change made by Mexican hairstylists!


Honey-colored sparkles create a risk-free difference by adding natural shine to your hair.

Balayage For Thin Hair

Mexican hairstylists have the perfect solution for fine hair. Balayage adds movement and dimension to the hair, making it appear denser and more lively.

Copper Ombre

Ombre in copper tones produces a very different and interesting look than ombre in blonde tones. We adored this style, which is popular among Mexican hairstylists, for women seeking a unique look.

One Sided Mid-Length

The medium-length haircut is popular among middle-aged ladies because of its ease of maintenance and youthful appearance. The look, which includes blonde shimmers, will give your face a unique radiance.

Thick Bangs

Thick bangs surrounding your face are both a very useful solution and an exquisite style item, especially for women with large foreheads.

Caramel Highlights

Don’t give up your natural beauty with caramel highlights that look great on bob cut hair in any season, and get compliments on your style!

Colorful Bubbles

Made with colorful rubber bands, the bubble ponytail offers a very dynamic and youthful style! Moreover, it is very easy to make.

Shakira Style

Shakira’s characteristic haircut, which hasn’t changed in years and has become her signature, is one of the choices that Mexican women, like all Latin women, find most appealing. There is no one who does not look good with this hairstyle!

Purple End Bob

Purple ends applied to a bob haircut elevate your hair to a new level and signal a more youthful look.

Dark And Mid-Length

The long layered cut that you will add to your dark and thick hair will give you a more energetic and cool look.

Traditional Style

The thick and long braid, which is perfect for Mexican women’s thick hair, is embellished with enormous and vivid flowers, giving it a traditional appearance.

Caramel Highlights

Hair color softened with caramel colors provides a more youthful and stylish look.

Deep Sided Natural Tones

The hair, which appears to have been lightened in the sun, completes the summer look by providing a natural and eye-catching look.

Messy Cut

Shortcut hair shaped as a messy way is the number one choice for women who love to be comfortable.


Bunches, the element of youthful style, creates a harmonious hairstyle for young girls with modern make-up and style.

Sleek Ponytail

At a business meeting, a tightly styled ponytail hairstyle is a lifesaver; it’ll also be a stylish option for a friend’s wedding! This hairstyle, which is both versatile and simple, is also a favorite of Mexican women.

Mexican women are famous for their lustrous, strong hair. It is an excellent foundation for their intriguing hairstyles. This year’s list of the most popular Mexican hairstyles includes some amazing options that will inspire you.

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