25 Long Knotless Braids That Are Trending Now


Long knotless braids are a trending hairstyle for women. They are similar to regular box braids but without the knots at the base of each braid. This creates a smoother, sleeker look that is stylish.

Knotless braids are also much easier to take care of than traditional braids because there are no knots to come undone. They are also lighter and more comfortable, making them an excellent choice for hot summer days.

If you are considering getting long knotless braids, check out these fabulous ideas for inspiration.


We only have one question for you, readers. And that is, Each variant of these long knotless braids trend has a different personality and vibe. Isn’t the hairstyle so pretty? Aside from being extremely fabulous looking, the jumbo long knotless braids are efficient as they can be done way quicker than the more refined variant of the look.

2. Small Long Knotless Braids


Speaking of finer variants, we have here lengthy small knotless braids look. İt may take longer to finish due to the small size, but it doesn’t take away from its magnificence! Each variant of these long knotless braids trend has a different personality and vibe that it exudes.

3. Platinum Long Knotless Braids with Curls


These knee-length, long knotless braids are indeed living up to their name! On top of that, the platinum braids are such eye candies, and we can’t take our eyes off them! The curly ends are such a nice touch to the whole ensemble!

4. Jumbo Ankle-Length Long Knotless Braids


Now, while we’re on the topic of length, you can’t wish for more than this ankle-length knotless braid look! The jumbo long braids are such a spectacle to gaze upon! You couldn’t get enough of the length and the spectacular braids!

5. Black Long Knotless Braids with Blonde Money Pieces


Show off your edge and swag with this hairstyle right here before you! Blonde money pieces are added to the front as if a complete jet-black braid look is not enough. İt gives a stunning contrast against the dark-hued braids, and it is fabulous!

6. Long Knotless Braids with Butterfly Pattern


This is a hairstyle with just the right twist! The butterfly-shaped pattern at the roots is the base of the gorgeous long knotless braids. And it is just a cherry on top of a rainbow cupcake as it completes the whole look perfectly!

7. Brown Long Knotless Braids


The brown hue of these medium-sized long knotless braids is so fabulously gorgeous. Alongside the lovely shade, the length and the medium braids all contribute to making this look such a hairstyle that it took our breath away!

8. Blonde and Brown Long Knotless Braids


Here we have the perfect mix and combination of the right hues! As shown here, the blonde and brown colors of the braids depict a fabulous vibe, and it is the perfect element to an eye-catching hairstyle!

9. Long Bohemian Knotless Braids


Here is a look that looks like you have gotten off beachy summer vacation! The bohemian style gives a fun texture to the whole look. And in addition to that, the dark and blonde hues juxtaposed gives an extra oomph to the look!

10. Vibrant Red Long Knotless Braids


If this is not striking for you, then we don’t know what will! This vibrant red shade is a jaw-dropping hairstyle that would take off the crowd’s attention wherever you are!

11. Black to Blonde Ombre Long Knotless Braids


I bet you get this ombre braid style that we are obsessed with! The look starts with a dark shade, and flowing from the middle are these blonde braids. Such a fantastic look!

12. Half-Up Red Long Knotless Braids


This is a fresh take on the knotless braid hairstyle trend in this article. Add the fabulous red hue flowing all over the strands and the pronounced edges, and you have a spectacular hairstyle! The bun is indeed a fun element to the whole look.

13. Orange and Yellow Long Knotless Braids


Here we have a very hot and fresh hairstyle that will pique the crowds’ interest wherever you go! That’s thanks to the dual-toned yellow and orange braids and the magnificence of the long knotless braids style! 

14. Long Knotless Braids with Pink Highlights


Who doesn’t want a pop of color for your braid style, right? So, we are offering that in this hairstyle we have right here! Against the jet-black braids, the light pink highlights greatly contrast the whole look!

15. Long Knotless Braids with Pink Ombre Highlight


While we’re on this gorgeous highlight topic, we have another hairstyle to offer you! This long knotless braid style has a lone strand of highlight with a pink ombre hue. This is undoubtedly an edgy and stunning look!

16. Long Knotless Brown to Blonde Braids


This OG color combination of brown and blonde are everywhere! They are for a reason, though! This time, in this particular hairstyle, we have a brown to blonde ombre flowing throughout the hair strands.

17. Long Dark Brown Knotless Braids with Crisscross Pattern


One look at this hairstyle, and we automatically think, ‘why haven’t we tried this look before?’ The dark brown shade of this look speaks to us. And not just that, the fabulous crisscross detail pattern also is a stunner!

18. Long Knotless Braids with Multicolored Peekaboo Highlights


Nothing can say, but this is such a cute hairstyle! The long and colored knotless braids are styled and even upgraded with funky-looking peekaboo highlights! Red, pink, green, and gray are the colors in this charming braid style!

19. Green Long Knotless Braids


These extra-long knotless braids are perfect for some women who prefer lengthy braids! On top of these long braids being gorgeous, the long knotless strands are dyed with this stunning shade of green, and we can’t be happier!

20. Side-Patterned Long Knotless Braids


Usually, long knotless braids are parted from the middle. That’s the classic version. We have a different version here, but it doesn’t mean it’s less gorgeous! The long knotless braids are with a side-patterned braid base, and it couldn’t be any edgier than that!

21. Boho Long Knotless Braids with Blue Highlights


We can’t get enough of the Bohemian braid trend, so here we are with another take on this beautiful hairstyle! Side-swept long knotless braids are styled in this Bohemian style, with great blue highlights! Such a charming look!

22. Tri-toned Long Knotless Braids


İn this specific look, we have not one, not two, but three colors on these lovely long knotless braids! The look consists of blush pink, magenta, and purple shades. The juxtaposition of these shades gives such a great contrast, and we love it!

23. Long Knotless Braids in a Ponytail


We are here to cater to every woman’s hair preference, and that’s why we are here with a varied look! The long knotless braids are put up into a high sleek ponytail. Be ready to show off your edge and flair with this look!

24. Long Knotless Braids with Blue Ombre


The beautiful shades of blue in this look take this look apart from our other looks. Halfway through the dark locks, we have a deep, dark shade of blue followed by a light shade of it, and this ombre on braids is what we are looking for!

25. Long Knotless Goddess Braids


The detail and precision of this look are just absolute genius! With the goddess braid style on point against long knotless braids and the mini bun on top, this is one fantastic way to end an article like this! 

We have officially arrived at the end of this article. But let’s not be sad because it is now time to try and attempt one of the hairstyles we showed you earlier. Let us know which one of these you are going to sport!

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