30 Ideas For Light Blue Hair Color You’ll Want To Try Right Away 

If you want to change up your look and start with your hair color, we have a terrific idea for you. Light blue! This trendy and fresh color will give your face a healthy shine.

Apart from its flawless appearance, light blue is a challenging hue to create. As a result, achieving this tone at home is nearly impossible.

Your hair will go through a beautiful removal process before being left in the hands of a skilled hairstylist. After the general pro care is finished, the hair, which will be tinted bright blue later, is entirely ready!

This hair color creates perfect looks with many styles. Here are 30 ideas for light blue hair color you’ll want to try right. Thirty of them are now on our list.

1. Romantic Waves


Luminous and attractive. You will fall in love with the irresistible appeal of this baby blue color.

2. Aqua Blue


This perfect tone will renew your style and add fresh vitality to your face. Especially for women with cool undertones, this bright color will complete their look.

3. Light Blue Hair For Black Queens


The perfect contrast between the light blue color and your skin will fix admiring glances on you!

4. A Messy Ponytail


How stylish can a simple messy ponytail be? This is a light blue messy ponytail style, which answers this question and so much more!

5. Icy Blue Waves


This flawless hair reminds me of a pure sea, combined with the hair color that best complements the beach wave style.

6. Icy Blue Bob


Achieving this bright and glittering look is much easier than you think. Right now, go to your closest hairstylist and request icy blue, one of the light blue tones! This is something you will love.

7. Transformation To Ice Princess


Your hair, which is extended with hair extensions that are the most similar to the structure of your hair, will transform you into an ice princess when it is dyed light blue tones!

8. Light Blue Pixie


It’s a bold hue with an equally bold haircut. The pixie cut’s strong stance pairs perfectly with this vibrant light blue color.

9. Long & Pastel Light Blue


Is it possible for a bad look to come out of the combination of long hair and pastel tones? With this style, you will show people what simple elegance is.

10. Natural Roots


In this style, where your natural hair roots are protected, your hair, which is exposed to fewer chemicals, will grow healthy—an excellent alternative for healthy and stylish hair in light blue tones.

11. Cold Tones Of Light Blue


Lavender tones are mixed into this colder blue color. The bangs lend cuteness to the style and are one of the style components that young women should try!

12. Masculine Light Blue Style


We loved this choice, which will be an excellent inspiration for light blue hairstyles for women with masculine styles.

13. Mid-Length Light Blue Hairstyle


Women with medium-length hairstyles will boost their looks by incorporating this gorgeous light blue color into their hair.

14. Lavender Highlights On Light Blue Hair


Lavender sparkle can add a wonderful dimension to your light blue hair. Who wouldn’t love this fabulous look?

15. Metallic Light Blue


One of the unique light blue tones is this bob in metallic tones. We strongly advise you to do so if you want to be one of the best in your style.

16. Hearts On Light Blue


More different and more striking hair! This perfect look, which you can get from the hands of master stylists, is completed with a dark blue heart-shaped dyeing technique on light blue hair.

17. Long & Straight And Ice


Long and straight hair, combined with the color of ice blue, creates an unforgettable look.

18. Messy Lob Blue


With its lob style, messy and light blue create the number one look for young ladies.

19. Inverted Bob Blue


The feminine haircut of the inverted bob, combined with the bright appearance of the light blue color, creates a modern and attractive style. This style, which will be an excellent choice for women of all ages, is among our favorites.

20. Light Blue & Silver Ends


Check out the light blue and silver duet if you’re looking for the perfect fit! When it comes to current hair coloring, this combination is one of the first that comes to mind, and its cold undertones are a great match!

21. With Dark Blue Roots


A dark blue root and light blue hair will capture the perfect dimension. You’ll get a trendy ombre appearance with these two hues and adore it!

22. Light Blue Ends


Your brown hair with light blue ends will look like a lovely beach! These one-of-a-kind hairstyles can turn you into a style icon.

23. Light Blue Bangs


How different would you like a style to be? For a unique and different look, shine your thick bangs with a light blue color!

24. Half And Half Color


Lose yourself in the perfect contrast look; although this style takes proper attention, it is well worth the effort for the distinctive look.

25. Chopped Bangs


Experimenting with new haircut styles for your unique appearance will open your mind! This light blue color and cropped bangs style will offer a style that is far from monotonous.

26. Ashy Baby Blue


You can obtain a beautiful style that will achieve a cooler hair color by using more ashy tones of light blue.

27. Light Blue Hair Color For Fair Skin Women


For fair-skinned women, the light blue color will be a very harmonious hair color option that will reveal the beauty of their faces and create integrity.

28. Extra Light Blue


Much lighter blue, much more exciting style! You will fix your eyes on you this color! Especially when combined with a short haircut, the modern style rises and impresses.

29. Blunt Cut Light Blue


There can’t be a better match for each other than current colors and haircuts! A straight haircut with no layers is known as a blunt cut. This excellent color and haircut will look great on you.

30. Silver Blue


Silvery blue is a great color that will bring out the beauty of your eyes, especially if you have colored eyes.

Yesim enjoys sharing new style trends with her friends and is excited to offer her knowledge to the readers of HairstyleAndMakeup.com. She currently lives in a peaceful touristic town in the USA with her husband and two children.