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30 Icy Blue Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Feel Cool

Written By: Yesim Cetiner


2022 is a wonderful year for hair in a variety of colors and styles. Icy blue, on the other hand, with its unique and vibrant appearance, quickly became our favorite! With its modern stance, this fresh and cold undertone blue color will highlight your beauty and win your heart. You will fall in love with icy blue in every option, in a wide range from bright tones to silvery shades. We’ve collected a list of 30 gorgeous icy blue hair colors for all types of haircuts and styles.

Legendary Ice Braids

By touching your hair in the magnificent Elsa style, the cold and elegant tones of icy blue will suit your hair perfectly. With the hair completed with a romantic braid, you will have the style of the snow queen!


Shines of Poles

One of the most stunning blues you may catch is blue tones that reflect the breathtaking shine of the poles on your hair. The sparkle in your eyes will come out with these icy hues!


Ice Blue For Black Women

With the fresh style of icy colors, the stunning contrast between your skin color and hair will astonish those who see it. Your long hair will look great in this sleek and modern style.


Winter Hair

The ombre is far from boring, going from navy blue to icy blue. This color, which will fit white-skinned ladies in particular, will bring out the attractiveness of your face.


Ice Blue Highlights

Small touches to platinum hair can create quite different and remarkable results. If you do not want to lose your blonde tone, but need a change; this is the style for you!


Icy Bob

By dyeing the ends of your hair icy blue, you may achieve a simple yet striking haircut! This haircut is simple to maintain, but the look is gorgeous!


Romantic Waves

With its exquisite tone, the icy blue hairstyle, enriched with turquoise sparkles, looks enchanting. Romantic hair waves are unquestionably one of the best ways to complement this great color!


Beach, Please!

Your style will mirror the impressive mood of a perfect beach with its wonderful tones! This hairstyle is ideal for women with long hair since it can be achieved without disrupting the structure of your natural brown hair. The sands of the beach are bright brown, and the stunning icy blue will symbolize the sea’s powerful color.


Match Blue

This hairdo is not to be missed if you have blue eyes. It creates an amazing look by matching the dark blue hue of your hair roots with the color of your eyes.


Icy Blue Balayage

Icy blue, a unique hue that is far from being classic, has stunning results when used in non-traditional ways. One of the best examples of this is balayage. Furthermore, when applied to both dark and light colored hair bases, this beautiful icy blue color looks harmonious and gorgeous.


Natural Root Ice Bob

Icy blue, which will suit your natural auburn hair color, is complemented by the modern stance of the bob cut.



A magnificent palette that progresses from dark navy blue to icy blue. Attention, do not try at home! We recommend that you consult a professional hair stylist for this astounding hair color.


Half Dark, Half Icy

With their stunning and daring looks, half-and-half haircuts are one of the most popular alternatives this year. This is the hairstyle for women who want to be fashionable while also expressing their uniqueness!


Masculine Shortcut

The heavily textured short hair is the perfect blend of pixie and shag styles. This distinctive hairstyle is a great accompaniment to the distinctive color: icy blue!



Even the most ordinary hair may be styled and produced remarkable results with a simple braid. Take a look at how great the icy blue color and braids look together!


Blunt Cut

The term “blunt cut” refers to hair that has been cut straight and without any layers. Although this haircut is attractive, we do not recommend it for women who have thin or weak hair. Layered and textured haircuts will be more realistic possibilities for a more voluminous and healthy aspect to the hair, which will be more likely to wear out due to the icy blue color treatments. If your hair is healthy and thick, however, you should absolutely consider this style, which you should not skip!


Denim Hairstyle

Denim trend has hit the fashion world like a bombshell in the early 2000s. For women who want to feel nostalgic or enjoy the pastel tone of denim, the only alternative that should be considered is icy blue in these tones!


Cool Ice

You’ll amaze those who see it with your distinctive hair color by combining icy blue tones with cold green! Extra bonus for this hairstyle: a trendy and young look with light hair waves!



A shortcut and forward combed hairstyle would look great on you if you have an angular and smaller face. The ice blue color will take your style to the next level!


Long And Straight

Long and straight hair is a great option to showcase this perfect color!


Ice Side Bangs

It is possible to make the icy blue color even more stylish easily. Matching perfectly with silvery tones, icy blue is one of the hairstyles that should be evaluated with its colorful side bangs style.


Lavender Undertones

Lavender undertones are one of the colors that complement icy blue perfectly. These hues are both romantic and cold, and if you have warm skin tones, they will look fantastic on you!


Silver Ice Blue

One of the most eye-catching metallic tones is silvery ice blue! With its fresh stand, the magnificent colors that will be applied after a decent hair bleaching will make you enter the summer like a bomb.


Smooth Waves

The ice blue hue applied to the ends of the long and layered haircut produces an exquisite style.


Jessica Rabbit Style

This attractive and feminine look is reminiscent of Jessica Rabbit’s unique style. We recommend you to evaluate the style, which has gained a more modern version with the color of Icy blue.


Light Waves

Starting with a deeper tint, the roots take on a fully natural appearance as they progress to an icy blue color at the ends.


Perfect Makeover

How does a bob cut in ordinary blonde tones turn into a modern and dynamic style? Here is the icy blue answer!


Inverted Bob

With its icy blue color, the inverted bob is one of the most classic and exquisite forms of the bob cut, creating a flawless style that appeals to women of all styles and ages.


Vibrant Ice

You will get an unforgettable and stunning style by pairing your wonderful icy blue hair with your makeup!


Cool One Sided Bob

Your favorite part of your face will be revealed with a bright and glamorous icy blue short haircut!


If you’re looking for a fresh and modern hair color, icy blue is the perfect choice! With its unique and vibrant appearance, it’s sure to make you stand out from the crowd. From bright tones to silvery shades, there’s an icy blue hair color to suit everyone.

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