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30 Beautiful Homecoming Hairstyles for 2022

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


One of the events where you will be pleased to receive praises on your elegance is homecoming hairstyles. It can be difficult for you to prepare for this special day and choose the proper style. To help you get ideas, we’ve collected a list of 30 distinct hairdos in various styles and types. You can be sophisticated, stylish, simple, and outstanding on this nice day.

When it comes to homecoming style, a sleek and easy bun is usually the first thing that springs to mind. While a low bun or chignon may appear attractive, you might draw attention to yourself by making unusual or even different choices. Braids, waves, and ponytails can all be used to liven up your look and your homecoming event. All you have to do now is pick one from our selection that best meets your needs!

Chic Chignon

The chignon draws its name from the nape of the neck in French, making it one of the most noble styles available. The hairstyle, which we can describe as a low bun at the nape, is a perfect and harmonious choice for women of all styles.

Bohemian Half Up Half Down

Being fashionable does not always necessitate the use of well-known models. You will not compromise on your style while drawing attention to yourself with this Bohemian hairstyle.

Hollywood Waves

The feminine and beautiful style is enhanced by retro waves. Furthermore, you may create this hairstyle at home in a very simple manner. You’ll need a comb, hair iron and fixing spray.

Dazzling Box Braids

On this special night, you will shine with your special hairstyle. This hairstyle that allows you to communicate with your traditional roots; it will also be admired for its excellent appearance.

Elegant Half Up

Although the half up half down hairstyle is usually used in sporty combinations, you can adapt this simple but effective hairstyle to your special days with comfort.

Classy Pearl

You’ll have a perfect and classy look with the pearl hair accessory when the hair is shaped by giving it a modest volume and fixed with a fixative hair spray. With this gorgeous hair, even a modest outfit of your choice will produce a star look.

One Sided Curly Ends

This hairstyle, which gives off the Mariah Carey vibe, creates a feminine and attractive style with its bronze color and remarkable curls at the ends of the hair, creating a style that amazes. Mini black dress and this hair combination; classic, simple, perfect.

Voluminous Low Bun

This hairstyle, which is similar to the Chignon hairstyle but prepared with more volume, is a perfect choice for women with small faces.

Messy Updo

If you have long and thick hair and are worried about how to style it, this messy updo is for you. Eyes will be fixed on you with its romantic and stylish stance!

Simple Yet Effective

Even the most basic hairdo may be transformed into a spectacular special event look with the right hair accessories. With stone embellishments, a low updo, one of the simplest updos, glows like a star.

Cute Ponytail

For a beautiful homecoming look, you don’t have to choose feminine hairstyles. You may get flawless and eye-catching appearances while remaining true to your own personal style. This adorable ponytail is one of the best examples of this. Because your style is cute and easygoing, it doesn’t imply you don’t have hair that is appropriate for formal occasions. The braided ponytail adds dimension to the ponytail and look just perfect.

Natural Low Bun

For natural styled women who don’t want too much exaggeration, this is a modest and beautiful option. Women with long faces, on the other hand, should be cautious while picking this hairstyle because it will make their faces appear even longer.

Voluminous Braid

When finished with a stunning ribbon, voluminous braids, which are hairstyles that you can easily make at home, will display your elegance.

Long Side Bangs

While the long side bangs make a slimming effect on your face, they make the perfect pair with a stylish bun.

Boho Ponytail For Long Hair

Another excellent option for long-haired ladies. One of the most popular looks in recent years is a satin dress with a Bohemian hairdo. If your hair isn’t long enough, add hair extensions that look virtually natural to finish the look and catch all the attention at homecoming!


Make a half-part in your hair. Fix with a fixing spray. Brush the remaining hair with a comb to fluff it up. Finally, the hair, which is embellished with pearl hair accessories, makes a stunning beauty that can’t stop staring.

Just Ponytail

The ponytail is perhaps the most popular of the hairstyles with the widest range of use, from the gym to the wedding. You can use the ponytail, which is also a perfect alternative for homecoming, at home without any cost and effort.

Gatsby Vibes For Short Hair

The Great Gatsby movie captivated us all with its portrayal of 1920s short hair. You can use this beautiful style as a homecoming style to wow it with its vintage and unique look.

Braided Updo

Braids fit almost anywhere and perfectly with any hairstyle. This updo with braidsis absolutely dazzling.

For Mid-Legth Hair

Mid-Length hair is generally very popular with women as it is easy to style. You will shine with your medium length hair with this wonderful and simple hairstyle.

Effortless Fancy Ponytail

Separate a lock of hair before making a ponytail, and use the last hair to cover your hairpin. You may give the ponytail model a more exquisite look by using this easy but effective way. Furthermore, amazing accessories are a plus!

Tiara Style

It is the perfect choice to feel like a prom queen or to reminisce about the old days on this special day where you will refresh your memories.

Sleek Hairstyle

This hairstyle, which will reveal the beauty of your face, creates an eye-catching style when combined with a beautiful make-up.

Tight Half Up

The hair, which is tightly gathered and fixed, creates a fairy-tale look with the remaining hair falling on your shoulders.

Wavy Updo

Without any effort, your naturally wavy hair transforms into a lovely homecoming style.

Simple Knot

You might think that perfect buns require long hair, but that’s not true! You don’t need long hair for this elegant style.

Elegant Floral Updo

It’s that easy to make this timeless and ageless model. Hair decorated with flowers to match your dress will look more romantic and elegant than ever before!

One Sided Voluminous

The hair, which is separated in one direction, is embossed by giving volume. Hair shaped in sleek style by the other side with fancy bobby pins; ready to create an unforgettable homecoming style.

Effortless Hair Clips

For simple, effortless and understated elegance, there is no better choice.

Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are one of the best braids for women of all ages and styles. Women who are looking for both stylish and attractive appearance should definitely review for homecoming style.

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