30 Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Women with Short Grey Hair

You know there is a phrase ‘‘50 is the new 40’’ after these haircuts phrase will be updated as ‘‘50 is the new 30’’. From Bobs to Braids here are 30 hairstyles for women over 50.

Grey Pixie Cut

One of the most modern combinations is pixie and gray shade. Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk is representative of this hairstyle.

Blunt Bob Cut

Bob cut is a popular choice, but blunt bob is best. Blunt means the haircut is the same length in all sides without any layers. In 2021, we saw this style on very popular names like: Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron.


Assymetric Pixie Cut

With asymmetric cut, you can achieve style without any effort. Also, this haircut offers you to bold choice of color shades. You can mix color tones from dark to light very easily.

Short Angled Bob

If you have thin hair, this is the best option for you! With choppy layers and dimensions, your hair will seem much more than it is.


Medium Length Sleek Side

Medium Length hair is very practical for choosing of style which wavy or straight. Combination with sleek side gives a more modern look of this cut. Diane Lane has been using this hairstyle for years, and it looks pretty cool.

Salt and Pepper Long Haircut

This one makes the sophisticated shade more feminine. What a combination! Salt and Pepper is a term for using as a combination of silver, grey and darker shades of hair color.


Red Medium Bob with Bangs

Are you ready to make a bold decision? Here is both wild and stylish haircut & color combination for you.

Messy Long Blonde Hair

With messy wild hair, you can have a younger and fresh look than before. We saw a lot of hairstyles of Sarah Jessica Parker during on Sex and the City, but now her all time favorite is messy long blonde hair.


Textured Bob

If you want to add some volume of your hair effortlessly, this should be your choice.

Pixie with Sleek Side

Not all pixies are really short. You can make a difference with adding a sleek side to your new modern pixie cut.


Classic Red Hair With Curly Ends

If you have lighter skin tones and looking for an elegant look, this look suits you very well.

Asymmetric Bob With Natural Grey Shade

Naturalness is a sign of beauty that is longed for today. With combination of modern cut and elegant natural grey shade; you have power of beauty.


Layered Pixie With Dark Shades

If you have lighter skin tone and colored eyes, this one is perfect for you. Layered Pixie, adds volume in hair and dark shades bring out the color in your eyes.

Extra Short Fluffy Pixie Cut

This one offers ultra volume on top and easy maintenance. Great choice for oval and small faces.


The Lady Diana Haircut

Princess Diana, who was on the agenda with everything, was also iconic with her hairstyle. This cheekbone cutted with several layers style, even popular today and suitable for any elegant woman.

Natural Silver Curls

No matter what type or shade you have; who can be that naturalness and curly hair don’t suit?


The Marilyn Monroe Bob with Silver Shade

Marilyn Monroe is still very popular on these days, so her hair too! Combination with natural silver shade, becomes a different type of beauty.

Straight Angled Bob

Due to Easy-shaped with no layers features; straight Bobs are favorite match for thicker hairs.


Long Shiny Silver

The romantic air of long hair meets the sophistication of silver shade.

Silver Curl Buns

This one is youthful and suitable for mid-length all haircuts. Whether sporty or classic, this hairstyle fits every style.


Medium Length with Slightly Flicked Out

With this haircut you will add some grace to a simple model.

Feathered Mid-Length

Feathered cut was very popular in the 70s. Hair salons were overflowing for the cut known as the Farrah Fawcett Haircut. Here is the moment of a little nostalgia, specially for thinner hairs.


African American Braided

It is never too late to do anything in life! And never say never, before see gorgeous African American braided hairstyles.

Wavy Bob With Warm Shades

Even a Wavy Bob is enough for coolness; sun-kissed shades are plus. You can have an energetic look with this hairstyle, which is especially suitable for the joy of summer.


Little Sparkles with Classic Short Hair

How about a little fun and youthful look? You can add hair tinsels on every haircut and it is easy to remove them either!

Mid-Length Blonde Curls

Medium-length hair will make your curls fall out wonderfully over your shoulders. You can fluff your curls to add volume to your hair or fix it with a hair spray for a romantic look.


Romantic Silver Mid-Length

Slight layers in the front of hair turns it into a more romantic and elegant look.

Layered Bob

With the volume of layered cut, your face will look fresher than before.


Meg Ryan’s Shaggy Haircut

The shag cut may not be known by everyone, but there is no one who does not know about meg Ryan’s haircut! With choppy ends, layers and textures, this one is very wild and rock’n roll.

Perm Hair with Angled Bob

If you bored with your hairstyle and using hair straighteners, perm is one of best options for you. It is a chemical treatment for 4-6 months permanent curls.

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