30 Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50 and Overweight 

You may completely transform your appearance with the correct hairstyle. You can draw attention to the parts of your face you want to draw attention to and elegantly cover the parts you want to hide. 

After a certain age, it is critical to have hair that is fashionable, practical, and easy to maintain. However, the hairstyle you choose will be crucial in making you look stylish while also practical!

Our list includes practical and trendy styles for women over 50 who are overweight. Various haircuts and styles will inspire you, from long to short hair, layered cuts, to straight cuts. 

Pearl Blonde 

This hairstyle is a must-try since it highlights the beauty of your face, adds shine with its color, and has a rejuvenating impact. 


Long & Silver 

You may grow your natural, lustrous silver hair in a lovely and healthy way without chemicals and be pleased with the results! 


Messy Blonde Look 

Because of its natural volume, a messy bob will make your hair look denser and reduce the size of your face. You will finish your look with beautiful bangs, which will give elegance to your appearance. 


Sporty Lob 

It will be ready in minutes with this sporty, energetic, and rapid style; you will be the casual style’s star.


Thick Bang 

Thick bangs will make your face look smaller while also emphasizing the beauty of your eyes.


Brunette Shortcut 

The versatility of short hair and the dynamic posture of this style created by the folded cut will please you. 


Asymmetric Brunette Pixie 

Are you ready to spice up your pixie look? With this brunette style, all eyes will be on you.


Stylish Pixie 

Punk isn’t just for teenagers! For those who are young and crazy in spirit! The perfect hairstyle to let out the wild side of your soul.


Princess Diana Cut 

Princess Diana’s signature style is in perfect harmony with the elegance of women over 50. In addition,  thanks to the layered cut and bangs, oval faces will look thinner. 


Over Pink 

You can use different colors to emphasize your youthful energy! Pink has been our favorite hue in this alternative, where you can be pretty comfortable by diverting attention away from parts you don’t want to be seen with vivid colors. 


Curly End Blonde 

Curls placed to the ends of the hair will give it more volume, keep it from sticking to your face, and give it a trendy and striking appeal. 


High Bun 

Thanks to the high bun, your face will appear longer, and you will complete your look with this useful and stylish hairstyle. 


One Sided Pixie Bob 

The pixie bob haircut is a hybrid of pixie and bob hairstyles that incorporates elements from each. In the one-sided style, this elegant and trendy look will provide dimension to your face. 


Free Silver Hair  

Rely on the natural shine and elegance of silver hair. This style will draw all the attention to the beauty of your hair! 


Combed Back Bob 

A hairstyle that will never mislead you on your special days. The hairstyle that highlights your face and shows a thinner face line with the volume of wavy hair has become our favorite. The hair shaped with waves is combed back with the help of a comb. 


Natural Half Up Half Down 

With gentle bangs that frame your face, you may achieve a more natural and messy half-up, half-down look. This style will minimize your face and draw attention to your healthy glowing hair. 


Messy Bob 

With the messy bob, you will get an expanding style and minimize the double chin look, thanks to the hair that is fluffed to the sides. 


With Chic Hat 

You can make your style unexpected and stylish with great styling add-ons. The hat you bring down to your eyebrows will make your face look smaller. At the same time, your long hair falling over your shoulders will give a romantic and vintage vibe. 


Natural Waves 

You will get a perfect style that you can prepare in a few minutes by making your naturally wavy hair more movement and voluminous with the layered haircut. 


Layered Cut 

Thanks to the layered haircut that starts at the level of your cheekbones, your face will look thinner,  your cheekbones will be higher, and you will get a younger look. 


Cool Silver Bob 

You will dazzle with your style by delivering a stylish mood to the trendy bob haircut with a natural silver hue. 


Daily Blonde Style 

You will get a radiant and trendy hair color with the sandy blonde tone you choose. Moreover, hair care will be effortless, thanks to this short haircut. 


One Side Parted Blonde 

The hair wave, which is shaped to emphasize the place close to the eyes, spills over your shoulders and creates a sophisticated look. Thanks to the style that emphasizes the eyes, the double chin problem is no longer noticeable. 


Layered Shortcut 

Women over 50 like short hairstyles because they are easier to maintain. This layered cut variation adds volume to the top of the hair and shows the effect of slimming the face. 


Nostalgic Vibe

The hair is styled with waves to give it even more volume and frames the face. It neatly camouflages the surplus parts of the face when finished with long bangs; it is a perfect choice for overweight ladies. 


Pixie Bob With Bangs 

The pixie cut, which is combed to the sides, produces a sporty and practical look by framing the face.


Asymmetric Free Cut 

Hair that is added freely according to the shape of your face is a unique look for you. Thanks to the haircut to frame your face, you will achieve a more complete and camouflaged style. 


Thin Haircut  

Women with fine hair have the opportunity to conceal features of their faces that they do not wish to draw attention to. You’ll realize how good wispy bangs, which are thinner and less trimmed, are! 


Graceful Curls 

You will get a deep look while maintaining your naturalness thanks to the lowlight procedure with darker tones without losing your natural silver hair. 


Cute Bangs 

Thick bangs that end just above your brows will undoubtedly slim your face and refresh your image!

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