30 Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women Over 40

Women over the age of 40 have developed a strong sense of style and self-awareness. You’ll want to choose hairstyles that will boost your energy and bring a breath of fresh air to your face throughout these years, now, which are one of life’s most beautiful period. We’ve gathered 30 distinct hairstyles for you, some of which will win you over with their ease of usage, while others will win you over with their attitude.

Although short hair is often advised for women over the age of 40, it is not required! You will look amazing in both short and long hair, depending on how you want to see yourself. However, while short hair draws attention due to its ease of use and youthful appearance, it will be tough not to be persuaded by the flawless models that are all unique.

We’ve put together our list of regenerating hairstyles to help you find the one that suits you best. Here are 30 Short Hairstyles & Haircuts for Women Over 40.

Silver Blonde Lob

With its sparkle, the silver blonde color will give your face a youthful look. This color, when combined with the lob cut’s modern stance, results in a stunning hairdo.

Pixie Bob

With its ease of use, this style, which combines the features of Pixie and Bob haircuts, will capture your heart. Your preparation time will decrease to only a few minutes, especially if your hair is straight.


Pink Curly Pixie

Let us show you how wrong you are if you assume colored hair is only for teenagers! With the perfect pixie cut and vibrant pink, this youthful and energetic haircut looks amazing.

Voluminous Pixie

Hair loss can be a bother as you get older. You can make your hair look denser with a great cut, as frustrating as drooping hair might be. The back of your hair is extensively layered in this ideal haircut, giving you a natural voluminous look.


Soft Layered Bob

With the soft layered bob, you can add an elegant movement to your hair.

Short Bob

With layers of hair chopped upwards, you can make your round face appear slimmer. This haircut will be useful if your double chin and round face bother you.


Straight Shortcut

If you’ve been battling with your hair for years and it’s thin and straight, here’s a wonderful haircut that will give you peace. With its ease of usage, you will be unable to give up this hairstyle.

Vintage Cut Pink

The Farrah Fawcett vibe of the extra-layered cut is undeniable. This vintage haircut with its modern bright pink color perfectly combines old and new elements.


Asymmetrical Bob

It’s never too late to match your style to the millennium and try out unique haircuts that stand out.

Comb Over Pixie

Pixie’s fashionable attitude can be used to hide undesirable forehead wrinkles! You will have found the appropriate hairstyle for you when the density of the bangs is modified according to whether your hair is thin or thick.


Natural Curls

Leaving your curls naturally is enough to create a stunning style. Having remarkable hair without any extra treatment will also be very good for your hair health.

Undercut Silver Purple Pixie

The fresh look provided by the pixie cut provides a youthful stance. The long top pixie gives a slimming effect by shaping the face by making it more elongated.


Short Bob With Bangs

The short bob, which frames your face in a modern way, creates a youthful hairstyle with wispy bangs.

Modern Shortcut

Short-cut hair, elegantly combed to one side of your face, adds a noble air to your face by making it look thin.


Bold Pixie

Is it possible to make the pixie cut even more daring? Long top, undercut, a contrast color! With this bold and young haircut, you will wow everyone who see it.

Wavy Blonde Mid-Length

The perfect haircut and the perfect color meet. Soft waves add a perfect movement, creating a completely fresh look.


Soft Inverted Bob

This hairstyle goes well with a mature and powerful look. It is one of the best options due to its ease of usage.

One Sided Bob

This hairstyle, where you can highlight the favorite part of your face, is completed with a slightly layered cut.


Choppy Pixie

The choppy cut, which adds light volume to your hair and helps the pixie style stand out even more, is a terrific choice.

Layered Long Pixie

This cut, which is one of the most exquisite hairstyles for women over 40, is ideal for women who have straight hair. You can also create amazing looks with this excellent style in finger coil or beach wave forms.


Platinum Silver Bob With Shadow

The purple color shading adds a new dimension to the hair, giving it a deeper and more dramatic appearance.

Natural Shortcut

Natural silver hair adds admirable nobility to the face. You can help your hair grow naturally by cutting it short.


Purple Ends

The modern color you will add to the ends of your hair will provide an energetic touch to your hair, like purple, one of the most fashionable colors of recent times.

Youthful Pixie

You can use your pixie haircut in an exquisite way with different and bold colors. All you have to do is decide on your favorite color.


Soft Layers

Blonde in cold tones can create a perfect look by balancing your warm undertone skin. You should give a chance to the color that integrates with the modern stance of the bob cut.

Voluminous Back

The voluminous cut, which looks stunning when paired with natural glossy silver, is one of the trends to explore!


Natural Highlights

Highlight in sweet tones that give a natural look will add an elegant glow to your face.

Blonde Bob

The blonde color, which increases towards the ends without touching the color of your natural hair roots, adds a fresh vibe. This hair, which is a complete summer style with its tone and cut, looks quite beautiful.


Layered Vintage Cut

The long layered bob cut, together with the combing and coloring style, creates a complete vintage hairstyle.

Silver High Ponytail

Your natural silver hair will look great in the long form too. Long silver hair that you can use with youthful styles like the high ponytail will look stunning!


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