30 Hairstyles for Long Hair to Make You Look and Feel Fabulous

Long hair is cool, eye-catching and awesome. But styling long hair is sometimes challenging and choosing the right hairstyle can be annoying. You may shape your beautiful long hair to reflect your style, or you can experiment with different looks thanks to a variety of options.

Hair is one of the most important assets that women use to beautify themselves. Most ladies make use of hair extensions, wigs and other accessories in order to add beauty to their natural hair. In fact, when it comes to hair styles, most women find it hard to choose a single hairstyle to wear for the rest of their lives. This is probably why we see so many different hair styles on Instagram, Twitter and other social media sites every day. However, it is important that you know that long hairstyles are always at the top.

We’ve put together a list to help you by giving you some ideas. Here are 30 gorgeous long hairstyles to try.

Extra Long Thick Hollywood Waves

The timeless huge wavy retro style of old Hollywood is perfect for long hair! This romantic style is especially recommended for women with thick hair.

Straight Platinium Ombre

What’s more head-turning than straight blonde hair? This haircut looks great with ombre. However, we recommend consulting a very professional stylist because even the tiniest error might draw unwanted notice.


Vibrant Pink Big Waves

With vibrant hair coloring, you can make your long hair even more remarkable. Pink in this tone has become one of our favorites.

Caramel Highlights On Brunette Waves

Making minor changes to your perfect dark hair can end in amazing results. This style is for you if you’re bored with keeping the same color for a long time and don’t want to lose your natural appearance. With caramel lighting, you may keep your natural hair color while highlighting it with little amazing caramel lights.


High Ponytail

Ponytails that are long and high are back in style. It is possible to see this hairstyle, which is often preferred by Khloe Kardashian, on the screens every day. This style, which is both simple and stylish, should be tried out!

Green Long Curl Ends

Many shades of green are one of the most preferred options for hair coloring techniques. This tone, on the other hand, is really distinct and looks fantastic. Curly ends soften the sharpness of the style by adding romance.


Half Braided

You may achieve a fairy-tale look and a hairdo fit for any style by adding braids to your hair.

Low Ponytail With Accessory

It’s unique and excellent. The hair accessories you use will give ordinary or easy hairstyles an entirely different look, and those who view it will be amazed.


Two Strand Dutch Braids

This well-known hairstyle creates a perfect look with Dutch braids used with long and thick hair. It is ideal and excellent for both sporty and romantic occasions.

Loose Braid With Scarf

The scarves you will use on your hair create a soft and poetic look. Scarf, which you can combine with loose braids, are underrated and amazing hair accessory.


Knotted Half Up

A perfectly tied knot will increase the value of your style.

Long Jumbo Braids

Large jumbo braids are another style that works well with long hair. Jumbo braids are typical box braids that are quite thick. This hairdo, which is popular among ladies wit Boho and sporty styles, looks fantastic.


Romantic Loose Waves

Light waves complement flawless blonde hair so well… Whether you have thin or thick hair, this style is simple to achieve with long hair, a hair styler, and hair spray.

High Bun

As the volume of the high hair bun increases, so does the style. For high volume, long and thick hair is a natural and effortless choice.


One Side Parted Volumious Waves

This hairstyle, where you can emphasize the favorite aspect of your face, is one of the number one preferences of women with its modern and self-confident stance.

High Half Up Ponytail

The popularity of high ponytails was previously stated. In half up half down hairstyle, high ponytails are also preferred and look stunning.


Face Framing Braids

Many celebrities, like Hailey Baldwin and Perrie Edwards, favor this simple yet spectacular style, which has recently been at the top of the trend list. Braids are quite fashionable since they call attention to the beauty of your face.

Huge Waves

Extra long, extra volume, extra wavy. And, of course, extra stylish.


Center Parted Ombre

A little romantic, a little Bohemian. This exquisite hairstyle has the signature of professional hands behind its effortless look. This hairstyle, which is one of the perfect examples of the ombre technique, will suit your long hair very well.

Loose Half Up With Ribbon

You can add a cute atmosphere to your long hair with colored ribbons, specially red ribbons!


V Cut Blonde With Tiarra

This v cut is for you if you want to get rid of your split ends and rest your hair without sacrificing length. You can combine it with stunning crowns to highlight the beauty of your V-cut hair.

Low Ponytail With Hair Jewlery

Hair jewelry is the perfect choice to take classic hairstyles one step further.


Long Layered Waves With Bangs

This haircut, which will add volume to your hair, attracts attention with its cute appearance when combined with bangs.

Crimped Long Hair

The favorite hairstyle of the 90s, crimped hair, is one of the perfect choices with its nostalgic, remarkable and different style.


Extra Long Box Braids

While box braids are already beautiful, the extra long mode is even more beautiful and eye-catching. These perfect braids, which you will combine with many hair accessories, are a very nice choice for your long hair.

Face Framing Layers

While waves that frame your face are especially advised for women with wide faces, its great appearance elevates your style.


Messy Long Blonde

Long, messy hair may be styled in a variety of ways, but it looks wonderful with the half- up, half-down look.

Mohawk Ponytail

By bringing the rebelliousness of the Mohawk style to your long hair in this way, you can create distinctive styles.


Beachy Waves

While light beachy waves attract attention with their charming ambiance, your lengthy waves will leave a deep impact.

Autumn Copper With Loose Waves

The exquisite color of fall leaves will look great on your hair. The hair color is an incredible option for unforgettable styles, especially when combined with the passion of loose waves.

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