30 Hairstyles For Big Foreheads

big forehead

A big forehead is not always a feature we wish to highlight on our faces. High foreheads can be covered with proper hairstyles in such cases. Thanks to hair stylists and a variety of hairstyles, you can choose from a range of attractive, modern, and practical hairstyle options. Among many options such as long bangs, baby bangs, side bangs, asymmetrical bangs, curtain bangs, shag cut, and layered bob hairstyles, large foreheads will be the last thing you worry about.

Layered cuts and bangs can add a new dimension to your face and help you highlight the facial structures you desire to attract attention. Thanks to the list we have prepared for you, we do not doubt that you will find the most suitable one among many options from curly hair to straight hair, from long hair to short hair. Here are perfect hairstyles for the high foreheads.

Thick Hair Bang

These thick and bushy bangs are ideal for ladies with a lot of hair. It’s an excellent way to hide big foreheads, especially if you choose a hair color that complements your skin tone.

Colored Long Bang

Long bangs will be a part of your striking style with modern hair coloring options such as silver and purple.


Disconnected Layers With Micro Bang

The haircut is probably one of the most essential factors of a modern and unique style. With disconnected layers and a micro bang, this groundbreaking hairstyle looks amazing.

Middle Parted Chic Bob

This stylish bob is an exquisite choice for women of all ages.


Extra Shag

With curly hair, this 80s and 90s hairstyle create a striking look. A terrific haircut for women that is unique, wild, and brave.

Thin Pixie

The modern pixie cut and small bangs create the perfect hairstyle. Offering a fresh and youthful look, this style is among our favorites.


Medium Length With Cute Bangs

Hair color in natural tones that add caramel shine creates a natural style with a chopped bang cut. This hairstyle, which is especially suitable for autumn and winter months, will cover the size of your forehead stylishly.

One Sided Bang

One sided bang is one of the most modern ways to hide the size of your forehead without attracting attention. Especially complete with a short cropped bob, this hairstyle looks great with modern hair colors.


Deep One Sided Choppy Bob

Layered haircuts will add volume to your hair and give your face a new dimension.

One Eye Sleek Bob

With this perfect haircut and great color, your big forehead will be the last thing to stand out.


Curly Bangs

Curly-haired ladies are generally hesitant to have bangs, but this ideal example proves them incorrect. This wonderful and gorgeous haircut is just stunning.

Long Top Pixie

While this gorgeous pixie cut is eye-catching on its own, it looks even more gorgeous with eye-catching coloring.


Messy Afro Curls

One of the best ways to hide the size of your forehead is with a messy Afro curl. The curls around your face will make you seem lovely.

Thick Bang on Pixie

The front-combed pixie cut is a great choice for straight-haired ladies. Colored with red and orange tones, this hairstyle will suit women with cold skin undertones.


Colored Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs that cover your face will take your blonde hair to a whole new level with colorful touches.

Long Pixie Falling On The Face

Your hair falling on your face is one of the wonderful forehead closure methods promised by the long pixie cut.



For ladies with fine hair, this trendy shag cut is one of the best huge forehead closures.

Long Side Bangs

Long side bangs are a very elegant way to draw attention to the size of your forehead.


Asymmetric Bang

Asymmetrical bangs will not only bring attention to the beauty of your face, but they will also elevate your style above the ordinary with their unusual appearance.

Wispy Bang

These soft bangs create a breathtaking style by surrounding your face without tiring your hair.


Straight Bob with Thin Bang

With long bangs, you can completely cover your forehead and draw attention to other elements of your face. Your style, which will be completed with make-up techniques, is a very practical choice as it is easy to use.

Long Curtain Bang

Long curtain bangs are not only one of the most preferred haircuts of recent days but also a very useful hairstyle as it covers your large forehead.


Straight Bang

For straight-haired ladies, this 2020s hairstyle is a very easy-to-use and modern hairdo.

Mid-Length Shag Cut

This shag style is one of the most stunning vintage medium-length hairstyles.


Layered Cut

Cutting the front of your hair in layers, not only adds dimension but also covers your big forehead. Your style will be unforgettable with stunning red hair color.

Modern Shag

Symmetrical and layered cut and striking blonde tones make this hairstyle even more modern. As a 2020 interpretation of the vintage style, this hairstyle is a versatile choice for women of all styles.


French Bob with Cute Bang

With its nostalgic look and ease of use, the French bob is one of the most popular hairstyles. It’s also one of the most fashionable options for women with the huge forehead.

Korean Style Long Side Bang

This haircut, which is one of the most preferred hairstyles of Korean women, is one of the perfect options for your long dark hair. Your thick hair will delightfully cover your big forehead.


Wavy Curtain Bangs

The perfect harmony of long wavy hair and trendy blonde tones creates a modern and youthful style.

Textured Bob with Baby Bang

For ladies of all ages, a textured bob is a great option. With its youthful aspect, it is especially suited to middle-aged women. Baby bangs, on the other hand, are a lovely option for covering big foreheads gracefully.

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