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30 Hair Tinsel Ideas That Will Make You Look Cool

Written By: Sitti Nor Atheer Basucao


How about adding a bright difference to your hair without damaging it? Hair tinsel is our pick for this eye-catching, sparkly, easy, and spectacular look. Hair tinsels are great alternatives because it’s simple to apply, lasts for 4 to 8 weeks, and is easy to remove. Hair tinsel, which was most popular in the 1990s, is a trend that has resurfaced nowadays. You will get a style that you will be very pleased with after choosing the hair tinsel that is suitable for you, which can be applied to different styles that are fun, attractive, cute or classy. Moreover, it is completely harmless! We have compiled a few of the exquisite looks you can achieve with hair tinsels.

Glowing Lavender

The perfect charming look is created by brightening lovely pink hair.

Blonde Sparkles

You can make your ombre hair even more remarkable by adding champagne-colored sparkles. An even more striking result is obtained, especially on long straight hair.

White Sparkles On Red

The magnificent red tones and the vivid and distinctive hair tinsels of the 1990s are a winning combination.

Intense Shining

This intense sparkling hairstyle can be the star of your style or it can complement your stunning and striking style on special occasions. You can mix and match the look by using different colors of various hair tinsels.

Blue Shades Reflections

Hair tinsel, when applied heavily to thick-stranded straight hair, creates a flawless reflection of blue tones in daylight.

White Highlights On Brunette

You can achieve a striking hair style by using hairtinsels intensively in only one direction. Especially, the tinsel colors that you prefer in contrast tones with your hair color will create even more perfect results.

Rare But Colored

Hair tinsels, which is rarely used in different colors, will catch the eye with its excellent reflections.


Frequently applied tinsels in different colors create a different and perfect style while drawing attention to your hair.

Pink On Pink

Pink tinsels added to a pink wavy bob give a striking effect with the pink sparkles they produce when combined with color harmony.

Long Blonde

A great option to make your perfect long blonde hair even more fairy: hair tinsels.

Glowing Peach

This one is for you if you want to achieve beautiful sparkles that will bring out the energy of the exquisite peach tone even more.

Blue Glitter On Bob

The nobility of the wavy brunette bob cut and the blue reflections are in perfect harmony.

Glam On Bob Cut

The subtle sparkles between the bob cut look like the natural shine of your hair, offering a fairy-tale look.


You are ready for any celebration with this hairstyle that looks like confetti rained down on your hair.

Sparkling Large Waves

This hairstyle is among the favorites to shine with shimmering big waves.

Mid-Length Blonde With Little Sparkle

With a little shine, you can make tiny touches to your style and create small but impressive differences.

Silver Blonde With Pink Shines

Colored hair tinsels, which make the cold blonde tone more vivid, look perfect.

Shines On Vibrant Purple

Just add a few sparkles to make the vibrant purple color even more eye-catching and exquisite.

Fire Orange

Bright orange hair, bright sparkles, shiny and perfect style.

Rare Spark On Sweet Pink

Using sparkly hair tinsels to make this charming pink tone, which blends pink and red shades, even more eye-catching, would be an amazing choice for your perfect style.

Asymmetric Bob With Red Shines

The use of the asymmetrical bob cut in noble red tones creates a perfect style that stands out even more with the wonderful shimmering hair tinsels.

Classy Brunette

With a few sparkles, classy brunette thick hair with a long layered cut looks wonderful.

Rose Gold

With the exquisite shine of a few hair tinsels, the auburn hair, which sparkles with the rose gold color, stands out even more.

Shining With Hair Bangs

With the use of hair tinsel, the modern and charming look of the haircut with bangs is interpreted differently, creating a sparkling look.

Bright Copper

The hair color obtained with bright copper colors and sparkling red hair tinsels are in perfect harmony.

Glowing Lines On Bob

If you want to make the classy bob haircut with perfect cute bangs stand out a little more, contrast colored hair tinsels are very useful.

Blue & White

Blue and white reflections are both contrast and harmonious. Perfect for gorgeous shine on your dark hair.

Purple Twinkles On Purple Ends

It is an excellent idea to use it with purple-colored ends and purple-colored hair tinsels with your natural hair color.

Brown Shines On Brown Shades

Champagne colored hair tinsels paired with a wonderful shade of brown look glamorous.

Blue Gleam

Intense blue glitters on your dark hair offer a fun, attractive and radiant look.

We hope you enjoyed our selection of hair tinsel looks! Let us know in the comments which one was your favorite, and don’t forget to tag us in your photos if you try any of these styles out for yourself!

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